Emily Williams
I Love Freddie’s look tho! It’s really cute!!! And I would where Jens look everyday in a different color!!
Kiki Cat
Shellz G.
jen is so cute, i'm gay, help
MunamoVlogs Dude
"Where's saf" Is already the new "where's ashdrew"
megan casiano
"Lady tested, Lady nah"
Mariana Braga
i hate how people are so freaking normative about clothing and makeup. get out of the regular stuff box, people. i wear makeup like this every weekend at the underground artsy parties i go and everybody respects me, nobody gives me weirds stares or anything. its cool to be different and express yourself.
Jen's looks like JOSH DUN!
Foxlovefox es
Lady tested... Lady RunAWAY
Nyaziah Lovelace
The one Chantal did is like "damn I messed up my liner let me just keep going until it balances out" *covers whole eye"
Grace Mensah
jen looks like josh
Fun Family
D Grady
the person with herry styles as thier computer background at 4:35 is me
Amy Lou Rogers
U look like a sexy batman hahahaha
Olivia Holden
How many people yawned when Jen did? Cause I definitely did.
Jen is always dropping things haha
Reagan Johnson
0:16 youre welcome
Bro, It's Kass.
I love curly so freaking much.
Yocelin Rodriguez
I saw Harry Styles in the background and I wanted to scream of how proud I am
Hamad Ali
I love your makeover
I love Jen so much she just is the best
caitlin is phan trash
Can someone please make a Jen dropping things compilation
Lee Brav
Runway? More like,,, runAWAY
GeMitchTV I guess
Jen is going for the spicy cheeto look and I fully support it
Holly Comulada
Lady tested , lady confused
scuseme couldyoupleaseleave
Jen was channeling her inner josh dun
Who else thinks that Jen is really clumsy
Like if you agree
Shianne Wolfe
I'm actually Jen
Kelsie Stepick
Um, I'm digging the Waco shirt from magnolia market Chantel.
Lily Marie Smith
I'm sorry does Jen have a hikey on her neck
Haley Jo
one of chantels wings angled downward and the other angled up did anyone else notice that?
Meow Meow Maddie
"you look like a sexy batman" literally liked this video as soon as freddie said that, so good lmao!
when jen is trying to correct herself to say "sephora" and devin corrects her by saying "sapporo"
Hello YouTube
I think on the runway they would look stunning, but in real life they make me want to run away😉😂...ok I'll leave
Jen lowkey just looks like Revenge Era Frank or Gerard with this makeup
Melissa Llamas
Does Jen have a hickey?!
Kayla - Azuro
"But it's only for the runway"

I'm dying. I want to be his best friend 😭😭
can we please have a compilation of everytime Ken dropped a mirror. Or anything in general? Please! XD
Riley Goes Rawr
Chantel looks better in that makeup than the model, lmao
Jasmine Kirby
Rather than Freddie, Devin, Chantel and Jen

Freddie wirh a weird makeup look, Me in the morning, a confused panda and Josh dun
God Daddy
jen turned into josh dun like if u agree loll
Aviana Strunk
is this still buzzfeed?
jen: "i used to wear eyeshadow every day. but then I ran out of it 3 months ago and now I don't wear it anymore"

omg I'm dying!!!!!!!!!! that's one of the best things i've ever heard lol
Niamh Winters
Urrrm Jen is my spirit animal😂
Castiel Winchester-Novak
4:14 the girl sitting next to Chantel looks like Betty from Riverdale
Anime Trash
Jen is Gerard Way revenge era
†Pvnk Bat†
I kinda liked Jens look. I mean all of the girls looked amazing as always! But the extreme look that Jen had was probably one of the better ones.
Jen looks like Josh Dun with the red eyeshadow
Andie Cooley
Jen is like the meme of ladylike
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