They call me Crybaby
Jeez,somebody has to give you a nobel.
Now I can download it😍
Kyla Estoya
It sounds like a Killers song-- Idk, like if Brandon Flowers will cover it, they would nail it
Josh SkeletonSparkle
it reminds me of Weird Science by Oingo Boingo! I approve! Paramore is back!
Who's here before 50,000 Views?
still want the old band back. this is crap
gerard arthur way
Depression: Cancelled
Nick Corby
Paramore has HD quality video on their own channel. Stop stealing.
Bluest of Blueberry
im just gonna put this on loop for the next hour dont mind me
korra aang
Delete this video! You just wanna cash in in the monetization!!!
ChampagneCocaineGasoline AndMostThingsInBetween
Thanks so very much. You just made my day.
james tangpua
Davi Gomes Gomes Dias
Luan Alves da Silva
GO and see the oficial video!
Chihuahua Rocks
Oh my god the beginning of this song really does sound like a Crash Bandicoot song
Grace Yunk
I can't stop listening to this masterpiece!
mariah cares
thanks darling β™₯
Susana Valadez
thank you so much!!! 😍😍
good night moon
this is high quality! thank you so much
thankss :-) gonna convert it ahaha
April Lindsey
you're a life saver!!
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