Woman Gets Kardashian-Inspired Makeover

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"People always think I’m sick because I never wear makeup."

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Yukina Mitsuhashi

mickaylia thompson
really good this time
Light Ror.
I don't know why, but she reminds me of Halsey way too much
Madeline Harper
is it just me or does the makeup artist have the most soothing voice ever?!
zoe snitzer
omg yukina is adorable
comics geek
She has a really pretty smile, I look like camel when I smile, LOL.
Irish Potato
the kardashians are number one on my list of people are who are famous for no reason
Kerim Kizilaslan
she's like Bayley
Yukina is my fave!!!!
Why does she end up kinda green ?
Viola Jones
honestly tho this gal is gorgeous
The girl getting the makeover is gorgeous either way 😊 she's a natural beauty 💖
Michelle Quiroga
awwwww she looks prettyyy
Cattarts Nicole
I would love to have that makeup artist as a friend she sounds fun and very out going
The BrowGal
She looks more like Jenna Marbles than a Kardashian
Reginald Delacruz
Troop act memory user near designer rapid victim
donja van Amerongen
she looks like tammin sursok (jenna from pll )
Bianca Jéssica
She says she hates the Kardashians but she sounds like Kourtney Kardashian kinda that annoying sexual voice lmao
Lisbeth Basnett
She looks lovely but I love her more for not wearing makeup and being her own person, that it saddens me that they feel the need to 'convert' her to the Kardashian way of life :(
Fernando Torreblanca
It's sad that we live in a society where natural beauty isn't valued and in order for most of us to feel confident, we have to wear intense make up because our society plus marketers psychologically made us think that way and thus leading to more psychological problems. I say lets just do a more natural look and as time progresses natural beauty will be valued and we will no longer feel uncomfortable in our own skin. It just made me cringe when she said she feels like a woman and has more confidence after she has all that make up. It shouldn't be that way. Her more natural self looked pretty. Of course I'm not against people wearing make up but when you use a lot that you end up looking like a whole different person; just doesn't seem right in my opinion and if you want to look healthy with a glow just eat right and exercise.
Ariana Espinoza
I love her!!😭❤️💞 ugh so cute !
Brittany Kassler
Her nose contour made her nose look larger than normal! Which is the opposite of the point of contouring! She's gorgeous without makeup tho. Don't make her feel like she needs it!
zoe magnolia
she looks so gorgeous :')
Martha Gasser
she is so cute
. Dan
The makeup artist is giving me CL vibes please tell me im not the only one
Ariana Smith
she looks like Jenna marbles
I'm not just saying this to be nice, but she looks way better without makeup!
iiim. laylay
that look like normal mackup
Angelica Tosi
omgggg the make-up artist is so cuuuteee
Yujin Son
She reminds me of Halsey for some reason
Women Get Drag Queen Inspired Makeover**********

kardashians did not INVENT tht makeup look. started from drag queen community..
Anna Lama
Sometimes, it sounds like she's high😂
Clorex Bleach
Buzzfeed got a damn good makeup artist this time. Damnnn she good.
Paula Hart
BieberWifeu Hearteu
that make up artist kind of look like Tina.
G Es
She looks older. Very pretty if she did a light dewy look instead.
Renesha Ellis
She looks beautiful with and without makeup. This is what makeup supposed to look like, it enhances what's already there and make you feel more confident which is win win in my book.
saleema z
She is pretty without makeup
Shanaz Rahman
lmao, is it me or did she start speaking slower after the make up
Red 28
the jacket ruins it
Yurina san is so gorgeous😃
Fareez Daniel
she looks amazing with or without makeup
Chloe Lee
There is no difference
Juno Boy
I'm not a fan of kardashian but I love Kendall Jenner
Anna Hendrell
she looks absolutely stunning with or without makeup
Laura Nwogu
She looks the same
angela burt
yet hannah sounds like one
Meglomaniacs Anonymous
Hannah is so cute I could just put her in my pocket.
Miss. Shrewd
I don't wear make-up thus I'm by no means an expert so when ever my friends are talking about contour lines, blending and baking, I'm just like: "So....how about that Pythagorean Theorem, crazy right" like this if your like me
all she said was she's not a kardashian fan, doesn't mean she's a kardashian hater
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