Charlotte Weir
Pause at 5:01πŸ˜‚
ThatOneGuy 4
Anderson Cooper is smart and handsome
c king
I, too, love his laugh! CK, Toronto, Canada.
c king
I love Anderson Cooper! CK, Toronto, Canada.
Sin Heart
Just 4 months I can't remember what bullshit Trump tweeted to make Cooper speechless. There's so much bullshit we lost track.
John Ransom
He giggles like a bottom
Olivia Smith
I ship Colbert and Anderson Cooper so hard.
Names Names
beat your dick Mr trump, it's better for everyone. we all know you if you tried to screw your wife again she'd slap your little hands away
YF Zhang
Anderson Cooper makes me want to be gay. And be a man too.
Traci Hill
Anderson Cooper is hot!!!!
Petra Welter
A seismograph!!! LMAO!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Angele Simoneau
Oh goodness,two really sexy men........oh la la la
The magic of colbert. What an awesome conversation
Tuxie Wuxie
A threesome with these two would make my entire life worthwhile
anderson is so cute his laugh is unreal!
Mesrop Madxharyan
He is gay as hell ..
Club HTown - Dat Houston Heat
I love this man so much.
Thomas Tremain
That guys got scrapes on his knuckles
It's not the size of your hands it's how you use them.
connor nimmo
I think Anderson smokes weed. You can tell by his mannerisms and the things that he laughs at. Lmao
Alexandra Bain
I wouldn't want to be friends with that stupid Kellyanne Conway either
Trump won. Faggots. Eat one
Violeta FernΓ‘ndez
Orange you mad that you're muted?
Skylar Rae
I would let Anderson Cooper be my sugar daddy
How there are people like him living in america and no one came up with anyone better for president then these 2 brickshits you had to chose from ?
Tomas Soejakto
anderson cooper has a bruised knuckle. i guess he boxes.
Ur Nonya
clueless libtards. the only thing they no is there gonna finger bang each other back stage.
Kritika Kothari
All the people saying Cooper is sexy.. Thanks for objectifying men!
Coby Scully
my 2 favorite men ok
Anderson Cooper x Stephen Colbert ship T_T
Lucy Lu
Best pair ever! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Iris Garibay
ugh he's so tol
Remember when Colbert was funny, and not a political, cheap sellout?
Nick Gar
His hair is white but he doesn't look old
Who did Cooper punch. His right hand knuckle is damaged. One you get from punching someone. 08:35
Stephanie Lennon
He sounds like bill nye
alternative relationship
I'm so sick and tired of mainstream media covfefe, can we have quality news coverage please?
Bart 'Daredevil-The Master of Courage' Hill
Never thought I will find an old person attractive but Andy is hot.
Sandy W
stop interrupting Anderson
Connor Phebus
Ironic because, an im sorry, but CNN an Cooper are the liberal side of the United states media propaganda machine. you really think propaganda died off after a Vietnam? No it just evolved into something more terrifying. advancing technology an new discoverys in psychology have made todays propoganda harder to discern from fact and more powerful than ever.
Sara Weissinger
"you get to eat them" lmao
Noctifer De Mortem
Glanderson Booper!
Salwa Najmi
Dave Murphy
nice how you haven't had the President on yet, only corrupted leftists like you.
ging king
He is always sexy and has a lot of charm
PLEASE HELP, at 1:56 I need to know what word Anderson says!
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