Anderson Cooper And Kellyanne Conway Are 'Rethinking' Their Relationship

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Before CNN mainstay Anderson Cooper was aware of it, his relationship with White House advisor Kellyanne Conway came to an abrupt end.

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Muting the President is better than being ashamed of him. =\
She would put Anderson in a camp if she could
david trystman
I would try elephant
just shows you how personal relationships affect our news. Anderson you don't THINK you want a good relationship with politicians?? Duh. Journalsim 101?
Things Liberals Say
Only the most basic, simple mided people can watch this without noticing all the BS propaganda.
lucy lastic
two very smart delicious men:) enjoyable interview
Madeline Ratnavale
20 seconds in when colbert says "anderson cooper" there's just that one guy who goes "YEAH"
Muzzy WozHere
I feel like there were at least five sexual innuendoes in this clip.
Katharina Farina
Does he remind anybody else of Tim Gunn? But less stylish
Stephen's interview segments are too short.
I love how two guys can be honest and just respect each other and have fun
Green Gob
Is it weird that I find Anderson Cooper adorable lol
Tricia Mamaril
i love this silver fox
2:35 - LMAO i said the same thing to my friends.
Music when Anderson walks out? I sorta recognize it...but not quite.
Glen Beck and anderson coopers love child, Glanderson Booper
Michelle Godwin
Didn't Colbert once call Anderson Cooper an "immortal news elf" on the Colbert Report?
Evgeny Larionov
u get to eat them... i mean feed...
Anderson is a fucking legend
Barta Bhaus
Coopers vibe is no good.
Clifford Orji
Schwarz NIGGER !
Clifford Orji
Anderson Cooper loves Semen !
Fit n Fab
love him for being so real!! and he's so gorgeous
Liberals are dumb af.
Stephen Colbert is dumb af.
Anderson Cooper is dumb af.
Reecha Dixit
Really really dumb question but why do people nickname President Eisenhower as 'Ike' ? Colbert used it, 2 history teachers at my school used it, can anyone explain?
Drumpf can "have release" by writing poetry! That's what I do. I think he could handle a haiku."I am Donald Drumpf.CNN can suck my c--k.Fake news, that's so SAD."LOL!
Blerim Elshani
Anyone else reacting to the bruises on his right knuckles?? Any explanation?
C. Malone
LOVE Anderson, will not watch his show because they insist on having that asshole Jeffrey Lord on, and he serves no purpose whatsoever.
Kellyanne Conway is rumored to have said she needed a shower after going on TV and defending Trump. She got that from her husband.
Michael Grafl
Anderson Cooper is fucking ripped.
angie oshields
LoVe his Man!!
If trump sees this, he´s gonna tweet about having better ratings than shwarznegger.
Lőcsei Bence
08:49 - Anderson Cooper hidden reptilian agent confirmed.
Eliott Deschamps
Society deal company significant circle
Wendy Reis
Just get Trump a punching bag.
That seems practical. You fatten the elephants up by feeding them to get that nice marbling of fat through the muscles then you eat them.
Rebekah Wiles
Anderson cooper hates (aspects of) his job. Be free and report the reel news! Kellyanne has a very weak soul.
Lana Barley
OMG, i've been sayin' trump needs to get LAID for months now! That's just not healthy for anyone, let alone someone with his power. #HumansNeedToCum :)
Urassmus B. Black
Where is the part when cooper sucks off colbert?
Deborah Burke
karina andersen
love his top half
karina andersen
I love Anderson Cooper
Phil O'Shaughnessy
I want to mute Trump and I've never been on twitter.
red dawn
colbert got andersons dick in hiss ass
Megha Rethinasamy
I'm strangely attracted to Cooper and Colbert. Like an extremely confusing lady boner exists rn. Please stop it.
McGee Fio
MUTE Trump!
Anderson Cooper is so damn fine.. Wheww!!! But with that aside, he's right. I don't think that reporters should have personal relationships with the people they are covering either. This keeps them unbiased.
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