Juan G
Who did he punch? What happened to his knuckles?
Ember Flame
I blocked Donald Trump on Twitter.
Michael Updike
Trump is a shell of a man
Grant Wallace
Fake news.... who in the world has ever actually seen "an elephant"..... Same on you, CNN..
Frank Reading
I couldn't believe what a funny guy he is outside of the news. Mad props.
cooper the popper is a fag!!!! likes to get fucked in the ass!!!!
hitlary asked me last night if she could suck my dick and I told her to go to hell and suck o bama's little black dick!
lupe220 s
Dammnn he is fine
Vinyl V
thats like the 3ed time they used a grateful dead song as and intro. how many other deadheads noticed that??
Todd Prifogle
I remember seeing this. I hope we all live long enough for this to become a true classic. in my mind it already is.
Yeah CNN used to be the mid range. FoX Republican-owned phony news* . MSNBC facts reported by passionate civil rights and 1st Amendment advocates
*anyone who doesn’t want to believe how creatively FOX News fictionalizes What should not be fictional. ... check out their coverage of the Wall Street protest. And notice the palm trees 🌴 in downtown Manhattan. Some astute viewer noticed this during a FOX report wanting to depict a more violent movement t than reality would oblige them so what did they do ? They took footage from the Los Angeles Rodney King protests - after the LA cops beat an unarmed man to a pulp and it was caught on some cameras ... the all white jury found these officers not guilty and it was a disgrace ... that caused some pretty passionate protest, some of which because harmfully violent but THIS old footage was what a self proclaimed ‘news’ organization presented as video from the anti Wall Street movement. ? That’s called fake news. Palm trees in Manhattan is the result of one pretty dumb editing staff. Thank God their lousy at being dishonest. Or dishonest about being lousy. Or both. But CNN was never the epitome of the ‘liberal media’ which is in itself fiction. The media has slanted towards truth and That’s never been a friend of the far right hypocrisy. Just like voter suppression helps only the Republican candidate. Very sad. Patriots against our democracy.
Wendy! Are you watching this? The original ‘alternative facts’ hysterical video is a little over a minute long ... it’s wonderful. It’s made me a big fan of this guy ... Anderson Cooper His laughter is contagious. And kellyanne so indignant ! ‘You can laugh all you want. I’m bigger than that. I’m bigger I’m bigger I’m bigger ...’. It’s nightmare material from Groundhog Day.
Kellywise: Hi stranger. Thank you for booking me
It's good to be back. Let's give a good show, right Coopy?
Anderson Cooper: Kellyanne? <SCREAM>

All credits to SNl writers, Alex Moffat & the amazingly talented Kate McKinnon.
Clubland Exrcixe
I also MUTE the POS liar Trump - his disgusting pathetic gab makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Anderson giving Trump Liar Lapdog Machine Gun Kelly Conway a spanking for all her daily lies? She won't be able to sit with legs tucked under her for many months to come -- if he spanks her ugly arse for each lie she's told.
Lea Wang
“There’s things you can do.”
Anderson Cooper, I love you.
Mike kendar
Anderson Cooper would be a great actor
Shelli Stephens-Stidham
mitch thompson
Trump 2020. This time he will get the popular vote as well. Then another 4 sweet years of watching you salty fucks.
Nx Doyle
I can't watch Anderson Cooper because he makes $12 million a year and slurs like a fucking drunkard.
white haired homo makes fun of the POTUS - didn't anyone teach him respect- even if TRump is the worst person alive he is still our leader- how would this albino feel if they talk about how he sks dk, eats cum, takes it up the butt and licks azz- would that create the same amount of laughs and chuckles as how he ridicules the President and his tweets. No wonder his family went from cream of the crop (billionaires) to the cream of the crap( a gay newsman)and a failed fashion label
Ariel a
I guess you can delete tweets from others on your timeline when you have millions of followers
gloria oh
Hahahaha...Anderson..yes mute it...don't get polluted.
gloria oh
Anderson cooper you are great!...we need more men like u in America.
AC is alright but that "I have friends who are bipolar and don't wanna witness their ups and downs" was kind of a dealbreaker
who would want to be friends w a gay albino
Schwindsichtiga der Echte
4:57-5:14 Did Anderson Cooper just suggest that Trump should be jerkin' the gherkin more often?
Mikael Palmqvist
Who are those idiots yelling in the background!!!!!!!!
Crazy Horse
CNN will NEVER Report on DAPL or any oil companies committing crimes against people or environmental crimes happening now. .. Be nice if these News organizations would,.. Could see some "Beat downs , people shot & arms blown off. Lol?
Sid Chandran
AC 360
samfeyo rozo
Love Anderson
Marybeth Kszystyniak-hamblen
It's not emotion it's EGO.
Kurly Kayla
Anderson Cooper is Bae. He doesn't age, I swear.
Is it just me or is Stephen Colbert wearing really pink lipstick that is way too light for his skin tone?!? Is that sad that I was actually wondering that rather than what they're talking about?!? Lol!!! I'm so sorry - but I could not help it!?!
There's something about senior citizens that really turns me on, I think I'm bi-curious... When I see gray hair on top of a mans testicle and hot foreplay with battery powered shilldos... I get SHILLS up n' down my spine! The 'Human'ality at 8:27 really kicks the kink up a notch but I find myself sympathizing for animal as 'Beast' takes the poor creature from behind.... anyway, keep crankin out the edgy ghay porn for fans before the channel is flagged Steve'ums! Danka!
thadeus Mmari
COOPER IS A (something bAD)
Patricia Morin
I LOVE Anderson Cooper, for all he is! What a man!
Arturo Juarez
Every guy on earth want to age as Anderson Cooper... whoever does not agree he's such good-looking guy, is just wrong...
12 34
So the people who hate identity politics and political correctness, attack this man just because he rolled his eyes and accuse him of being a left wing activist journalist? But it's wrong when African Americans cry racism when they perceive it to be true? 25% of Criticism to Obama was filtered through the idea that he was attacked for being black, 90% of criticism to Trump is filtered through the idea that he is being attacked for being a republican. Who is really playing identity politics here?
ronin one
Anderson Cooper worked for the CIA and you are going to believe him. Eyes wide shut. Come on people think about it. Two paid actors.
Amber Aerts
Ease grace existing accurate personal dress inflation parking.
Jim Ronsivalli
This settles it, Kellyanne is in drag.
That song intro is greatfull dead right?
marlene grippin
Anderson a journalist who doesn't want to be "friends" the political establishment so that he remains objective...WOW WHAT A CONCEPT!! Well done!
Mae Hinds
I get it...I have unfollowed people just so I do NOT have to be a part of the drama!
Victoria's Secret Channel
chicfila ad? are you kidding me?
Dale Pelton
bout only thing this show actually said true they fake news
Christine Claiborne
"It's a large distraction." Much like Americans feigning anger over statues that inherently have no meaning other than the meaning they put upon them. Sometimes people like to just stir the pot just to stir the pot. Sometimes people just want to be the loudest voice in the room but forget why they are yelling. Hashtag Sad. I sure am glad I'm not losing sleep over this issue as there are more pressing issues going on in the world. Like real slavery.
Milchek J
Hay Stephen Couldbe!!! You like to play house with Michelle Obama the transvestite!!! Don't you you!!! You're so ugly can't stand your show down under, please get your show cancelled I throw up every time you're on. I have to change the cancel every time running 🏃 for the remote control, your voice is so unoying. 👿😈
VNV Girl
I love Anderson - his glasses... horrific.
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