SPICY FIRED? Kimberly Guilfoyle talking with Trump administration about press secretary job!

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Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former first lady of San Francisco and current Fox News host, is in conversations with the Trump administration about becoming White House press secretary, she said in an interview with the Bay Area News Group on Monday night.

Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/05/16/kimberly-guilfoyle-white-house-press-secretary/

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Rob Bobcat
eyes up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randy Stalcup
why not have both of them?
Helen Gentile
No...No...No I love Spicer !!!!
It sure sounds like your saying Spicer will be fired....This is why people are sick of the news media !!
Peter M
Spicer is good. Huckabee is good. Guilfoyle can hold her own. She could be good.
Marteh TVeh
Marteh TVeh
Marteh TVeh
Marteh TVeh
so what your saying is that this isn't real news? so it's fake news?.... nice way to try and confuse your viewers
Dee Mir
they're all fuck ups
Breasts....Your talking about it because of her breast.
Eva Andrews
Wish we could just receive the news. Not assumptions, not commentary, not opinions. Just the news!
Joyce Bagby
I like Sean Spicer but it seems as if perhaps Kimberley's hard edge would be more effective with the bloodthirsty lying majority of the WH Press Corp. Sean does a great job but I would hate to see him turn ugly as a person from dealing with those vultures.
jarry Dee
Screw the 2nd term. Trump needs to clean house NOW!!
martha High
I want Sean to stay on , as he can speak up to the lying fake news
Walter Palmer
Kimberly can handle this. In fact, she'll dish it out. Perfect fit.
Wow. I didn't know about Kimberly's former career. Interesting.
Eileen Vogel
Kimberly Guilfoyle would be FANTASTIC! Sarah is great BUT NOT seasoned enough. Communications definitely needs uplifting and more organized and they would be a far better team than what is going on now. My only issue with Sean Spicer is he is Reince Preibus choice and Reince needs to go!
you say he's not being fired but you put it in the title can you people please get real with these stupid clickbait titles blocked your channel this is ridiculous
hide in the bushes easter bunny boy.
Saittek MANG
I don't really like your misleading titles to be honest.
Spicer and Huckabee do a good job. KG would be a fine addition.
WY Chinsg
Just shut down.
napoleon smith
are you stupid or what???????????? next admin??? spicer wont make it a week is the talk, and you are talking 3+ years from now he MIGHT change press secretaries???
I have seen her go from joking around with the rest of the five to laser beam aggressive focus in a millisecond.
Sabrina Parton
I really try to like Sean.. BUT he needs to go. He stumbles on answers and lets ppl get to him and gets obviously frustrated. Which then affects the way he answers back, ugh. I think Kimberly would be great actually, smart, latina, woman, whose on top of her game. If the liberals bitch about her AT ALL then they are racist and sexist, lmao.
Lorrie Bell
She is good..
Enjoy listening to her on the 5.
Fake News
The media needs to be told to call 'this president' PRESIDENT TRUMP. And the so-called questions need to be devoid of condescending terminology. If they won't show respect, they should not get an answer. The press secretary shouldn't stoop to their level by answering questions dripping with disrespect.
Michael Shapiro
shane murphy
Dude the President doesn't have to wait till second term for a new press secretary. He can fire Spicer tomorrow and have Guilfoulye giving briefings next Monday.
She would be great at that job and keep the libtards in check.
Frank Oliva
Dude, Trump is gonna fire him sooner or later. He can't handle the press
I like Spicer!
Marie Fremlin
This is really not cool.
OMG! 916
He needs to
1) firm statement
3)don't entertain questions
4)comfortably move on
5)Be the Boss
Show Us What You Got!!!
unsubbed click baiter
ha, prez comacho.
Mom Rosen
Fake news...
Patty Cakes
I'm sorry but Kimberly would not be a good fit. Her voice is incredibly annoying and she's not firm enough. You need someone that's going to kick some Press A*S over and over again. She's too nicey nicey and we don't need someone like that. Sean is very good but he's too vanilla. We need someone with Big Cohones! But the media press conferences really needs to be shut down bcz they Hate Trump and they're getting too big for their bridges. They have ZERO Respect for our President, therefore, SHUT THEM DOWN!
Lesa G
Sean Hannity or Sarah Huckabee will have my vote. If there is an open. Sean Spicer is a Navy Reserve Officer, whenever he comes back from duty he has to catch up with all the briefings at the White House over again, not an easy task. He's doing very good job, no need to replace him, really.
MAGA ❤️🇺🇸❤️
K & E Fleming
Kimberly is very good , watched her on the5 for 5 years untill the 2 liberals Juan wms. and the old loser-alcohalic Bob Beckle got the 9:00 prime time show, Beckel has gotta know some hi-up in Fox. His only accomplishment was 1 of the campaign mgrs. for Walter Mondale for pres. WOW, Mondale lost 49 states against former PRES. REAGAN. KEEP SPICER THERE, YES !!!!!!!
Trump isn't likely to select her. It isn't anyone's business until Trump makes a final decision. Only a fool would let it be known that she's talking to the administration. It wishful thinking and irresponsible to state that one is being considered for a post.
cancel out press briefings
don't bring in fox people in trumps admin
clickbait crap dude. you're better than this
User Specialist
i would LOVE to see any of you Spicer critics do HIS damn job better than he does. None of you have a CLUE of what pressures that position entails; moreover when 90% of the country and the press are all hell bent on sabotage. Damn simple minded civilian ass judges. Get off it!
OH Yeh!
Sarah did a great job but spicer should not be fired - perhaps they should both appear at press meetings on alternate schedule so he or neither one of them get beat down
It's really taken a toll on him
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