Lip Sync Battle - Julianne Hough

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La batalla comenzó... ¿quién ganará?
Prepárate para la batalla del año: Lip Sync Battle. Un famoso vs. un famoso. Una canción. Un micrófono. ¿Quién ganará?
Todos los Lunes 11 PM (MÉX) / 9 PM (ARG)

Kathia Gedeon
Akon my man ✌
Иван Зимин
Glensky Masangcay
She probably had sex after this
Brieana Hilgar
I love hairspray
Happy head
Derek was like "someone kill me"
Señor Nibbles
I think we may need to start a Go-fund me page for Derek to find a therapist
Uuhmn julianne n derek are odd as siblings.. they have danced together like couples do... and now this of all songs... and she sucked compare to channing tatum.. lol dereks face
jaduu jae
alright but can we talk about the song choice???? idk v much about her but damn i already like her for choosing a lonely island song!!
soyab mahmud
that was totally lit 😂
the best performance and she good at it!!!
Daniela Abby
Well...she definitely scared her brother for life...😂😂😂
Carly Johnson
Derek's expressions during this is what makes it the absolute best.
N- Riv
2:02 That face XD
she has some serious thighs
Xander M
love lonely island
Sabrina Moor
hes her brother he must be so uncomftorbale
The best show ever
I showed my mom and she smacked me
Ivana Weigl
WOW! I could never do this to my brother
Nicole He
I watched it so many times! Still great!
Craggy McJunior
dat moment when you laugh so hard you forget that she's your sister
Melanie Jones
why womens always look like sluts to be famous?
Karen Hidego
I literally want to be best friends with her and Nina Dobrev 😂😂😩💗
her body is weird her
snuggly face
i was wondering where the song was from and then it dawned on me when the line came and confermed "& i csalled my parants right after i was done" ITS LONELY MUTHAFUKEN ISLAND
cause who the fuck else
Youur Niightmaree x3!
Teguh Bawono
what is this song titel? somebody know?
Adriana Aguilar
I love how funny this is without any complicated props
Denise Carter
I Think She Choose That Song To Do Something Hilarious... Always Love Her, She Is Very Talented And I Love How She Had Fun Doing It
sweet alibi
derek was like WTF just happened
John Marcano
Was their any kids
LOL :D that was weird
Unda Z
A great song to sing while your big brother is present.
Chara Dreemur
his face im crying hahaah
Ahmet Kurum
So that's where "doesn't matter had sex" comes from.
success popoola
Worst song
hafsa Abdi
that face at the end though... hahaha
Classe quartaF
Ma perchè le femmine fanno le canzoni con le voci maschili e viceversa, i maschi cantano le canzoni dove in realtà canta una femmina????
kitsu kitty
aaaannnddd now I'm fully a lesbian
königs blau
his face in the end😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
kate olsen
dereck uncomfortable with the idea of his sister singing about sex lmaooooooo
kate olsen
i thought as she always claims she is still a virgin lol
Justi Siempre
Definitely the BEST performance ever on ;this show. The entire segment was spot on! The HOUGHS are amazing! Julianne and Derek are Royalty!!
OMG 😂😂😂 Derek is totally gonna need therapy after this
Kelly ellis
lv Derek's face and how he kept turning around so that he didn't have to watch
Klára Leblochová
I died.
Katie Hambrick
If I did this in front of either of my brothers, they would bang their heads into the table until the passed out.
Amber Ramharack
OMG d dancers hotttttttttt😅💥
Epic JoKenshi
Abby 10
Omg at 2:02!!!! Priceless😂😂😂
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