Jennifer Lawrence Challenges Jimmy to an Axe Throwing Contest

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Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy take turns throwing real axes at a classic Johnny Carson Tonight Show target.

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Jennifer Lawrence Challenges Jimmy to an Axe Throwing Contest

Daveey Pablo
Challenge Jason Momoa in this. Hahahahaha.
Most of the young people watching this video are probably unaware that this bit was taken from an iconic moment during Johnny Carson's reign at the Tonight Show. Ed Ames's infamous tomahawk throw is regarded as one of the funniest moments in television history, and produced one of the longest sustained periods of laughter on any show.
Linda Morales
She sucks
Dusan Duka Dimitrijevic
she is the PERFECT WOMEN!
Duarte Silva
Why the protection glasses? Afraid that an axe might hit you?
Chris Lee
I always find a way to read the title incorrectly...
Wolf Guy
Funny As Hell
Target looks like Roy Moore.
uno is one
omg you have to do it with Harry, he's surprisingly good at it 😂
Earl Grey
Nothing like plagarizing stunts from Johnny Carson. Try being original.
tiffany mayer
you're katniss everdeen
Jason Momoa would be proud
Jimmy should have starred in the hunger games lol
Sure safety goggles are gonna protect us from a damn axe
Right down the peepee!
Arianas Grandes Moonlights
Katniss is now johanna mason
Ashutosh Joshi
But why is she moaning?
Miriam Fournier
The French don't say uno....
Emiliana Costa
Katniss atirava flechas, não machados. Tá tudo bem, Jen
Maria_KR #ARMY
fowad khan
That's WHY men make more money in Hollywood...and women dont.
Lydia Demnetyev
That's exactly how anxiety flies towards me.
jimmy u cheat....had that in studio for hours you must have practiced!!
Stephen Dobson
Double head shot
Chloe Bahrami
UNO’s not french😂
Jennifer Lawrence can suck my dick
Berserkir af Óðinn
It's not that hard to throw an axe tbh
they do this in WV as a contest.
Aimê Souza
You guys should call Johanna 😂
Jimmy cut that mans weewee off
Emma Mazza
i love her
Fun game, but dangerous, the axes sometimes fly backwards when they bounce off the board. Lucky they stopped in that tray on the bottom and didn’t go any further.
Spencer abecia
Jimmy should have been in the hunger games.
Git him in both heads
Fricking endboss.
Ginga Ninja
Someone get Jason Momoa to help these poor bastards.
Bio Bomb
He interrupted her at 1:50 lol
That's what happens when a feminist throws an ax
Lip singin' Redneck
😂 Jimmy would be good dauntless
jack travis
Maybe Jimmy should’ve been in the Hunger Games
Izzy Wright
Uno is Spanish not French
Samyak Kumta
Rip hunger games
Najma dolé
HAHAHAHA She is sick i love it
Cons and piracy Theories
Jennifer Lawrence should help Christ grow up large
Patrice Johnson
Of course I'll marry you Ms. Jennifer Lawrence, I thought you would never ask!
That Marshmallow
Although jimmy got the axe to stick, his technique was very poor. I threw tomahawks and axes competitively so I know. And Jennifer did everything wrong
Nuno Soares
She's so gorgeous
Rémi Savard
I know nothing about axe-throwing. But them glasses? They couldn't protect them from SHIT.
The goggles, they do nothing
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