FailArmy Presents: People Are Awesome! Wins vs. Fails #2

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Enjoy another round of Wins vs. Fails with People are Awesome!!
Let us know your favorites in the comments section and as always, submit your funny fails to us on!! Cheers. 

Music: Stephen Walking - Hey


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Original Videos:
Girl Dives Off Fifteen-Meter Bridge
Girl Lands on Back in Water
Man Impressively Dives into Pool
Double Flip off Diving Board Ends in Belly Flop
Jet Skier Lands First Ever Double Backflip on Stand-Up
Man on Jetski Fails at Backflip
Mountainboarding at Treacherous Skate Park
Kid Eats Grass while Mountainboarding
Skier Pulls off Amazing Double Flip
Guy Faceplants After Ski Jump
Man Climbs All Over Girlfriend
Girl Tries to Run Across Slackline then Slips
Basketball Acrobats Perform Dunking Tricks
Guy Attempts Basketball Trickshot on Trampoline
Summer Rail Skiing
Summer Ski Training Fail
BMX Rider Fails Trick and Slams Head in Bowl
Ice in shoes April Fool's prank
Guy Does Tricks on Jumping Stilts
Powerbocker Loses Balance Before Crashing into Camera
Tiny Gymnast Practices Moves on Balance Beam
Spotter Lets Gymnast Faceplant on Balance Beam
Guy Does High Hurdles on Sunny Day
Girl High Jumper Falls during Meet
Skateboarder Jumps over Limbo Bar
Skateboard Over Chain Fence Fail
Rock Climber Exhibits Outstanding Abilities
Rock Climbing Goes Wrong
Girl Performs Hypnotizing Dance with Hula Hoop
Aggressive Girl Plays with Hula Hoop
Cyclists Ride Down Abandoned Bobsled Track
Cyclist Rides Bike into Grass then Crashes
Girl Does Tilt Jump on Subway Platform
Look At My Pet
Guy Performs Crazy Tumbling Combination
Gymnast Falls on Neck doing Double Backflip
Guy Attempts Frontflip off Orange Yoga Ball
Bar Skills
Beach Monkey Bar Backflip Fail
Man Juggles with Five Balls
Baby Duck Eats Soup Out of Bowl
BMXer Hand Shovels Series of Dirt Jumps
Bicyclist Fails to Spin 180 Degrees
Golfing Prodigy Takes Outstanding Swing
Kid Fails To Hit Golfball
Guy Does Gymnastic Stunts on Chairs
Guy Tries to Do Handstand on Stool
Girl Performs Amazing Lyrical Dance
Ballerina Slips On Wood Floor During Practice

FailArmy Presents: People Are Awesome! Wins vs. Fails #2

Downhiller 128
Back to reality, OUUU! There goes Gravity!!!!
Sara Paoli
Msp páūliñà
Faul :'(
clas of clan lover
Anakin Skywalker
3:16 the kid is better XDXDXD
DrPepper Green
"Oh, I'm sorry, my daughter just fell."
Tim Lane
Did anybody else see something coming out of the bushes at 1:37
LUSI for fun11
First clip was sexy and awesome
Fuzbear productions 2
Go away guin stafani
Alex Neil
Hot chicks and hoola hoops me likey
figure or riot
2:03 Akward silence
figure or riot
1:50 I'm sorry my daughter just fell
Queen Of Drawing
R u gud bro?
Nyx Calibrate
I actually love this video!! It's super awesome
gamerboy 2
That's how you throw a bicycle 3:13
Chaima Darai
Mr. Stricke
I like this video. The tricks are matched up well. Most of these fails are still pretty skillful.
3:08 like a boss😎
Cool kid 43
I like failarmy
Echo Shark
2:13 she is laughing in her mind but trying not to embarrass youtube or her friends
2:04 I believe I can fly !!!
Makailah XD
pause at 00:22

*your welcome
Wiren Foster
Mommy I didn't fall, I just hugged the ground.
Katrina Love
I love how the music just stopped for 2:03 😂
Jaiden Nathaniel Mauia
Xem Gì Trên Youtube ?
I think : Failure doesn't mean that you can't do anything, but simply that you can learn one more thing !
Thank you
Orlando Rener Cuadra
hey for the golf part I feel as if both were wins
Ufuk yılmaz
Beautiful! Wonderful! Very funny.. i like it
Aussie Gymnast Mads
haha love these videos! 💗
Olufemi Ajala
I like the wins part
hey Failarmy why so many Bips in your videos for a little " f*ck " or " bia**ch" or " sh*t " ????? you could simply put a music and no more bips please :)
Jeremiah Gilmour
That one at 2:17 was me it's called speed ride
sudha nyalakonda
Till 2:07 till 2:10 she is so sexy
BillyDaBoss IsCool
Lol 2:03 try not to laugh
Laila Amazing
This is cool bc you don't know which is the fail or win first
Mohid The Dishwasher
I see someone do something amazing and I'm like "yeah I can do that" but then I see someone fail and I'm like oh shit no I can't
chi chi funtime and Friends
the wins were really impressive wish I knew how to do it 😉
Chazz Ermine
The wins are richer then the fails
Ultimate Raider
They should have called it expectations vs reality
Angielo Laurente
ataya kayata ah !!!!!!
Der Führer
Can someone explain me why is landing on the water by back is bad?
the emermald master l
whats the song call?
Abdoulie's kanal
2:17 look fun
Leo Betancourt
Good videos just sucks how I have to mute them
Mohamed Ahmed
I think the people who failed watched the people who won and said "hey i can do that"
Mandy Diaz
Kinga Szylko
Its more like expectation vs reality
Gabriella Gera
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