From comic book character to awarded actor, good on you.
Libby Willow
He's so adorable at the end <3
Marvin Lesmana
that lip licking at 6:17 probably got some girls wet themselves
Sam and Aaron are close friends with Dakota Johnson since she directed FSOG (see the pics of them at their home ...Christmas etc...). Would LOVE to see Dakota and Aaron in a movie together ... Sam directing .... all 3 of them are extremely talented and that would make 💲truckloads of dough! Hollywood would be ecstatic about that aspect!!!! Everyone wins 🦋
Love to see him do a movie with Dakota Johnson and Sam Taylor Johnson directing ....!!!!
Vegan Peasant
HA! No wonder he wasn`t even nominated for an Oscar......the oscars don`t reward boys and girls who have slept their way into movies. Aaron has been keeping his wife sweet....and as a result has landed everything since Kickass2....and everyone of those movies since Kickass2 are Hollywood ones...Whereas before he fucked Sam the horsefaced slut, he`s been a fucking Z-listed kiddie actor. He never auditioned like the rest......Aaron was given this role by Tom Ford who is FRIENDS with Sam and for many years because Tom is a London resident who`s been brushing shoulders with the elite....like sam`s exhusband worth over $200million. lol.....dirty little slut this `Golden Globe winner`....Thank you to the oscars for smelling BS on this asswipe.
Zoya Din
This guy has come a long way from "sex god" Robbie
Dem H78
Good thing he's not nominated for the Oscar. Mahershala Ali, the coast is clear.
garko gako
his lapels are so big so peaked.
Hes very, very attractive
Yolanda Lewis
Very handsome. Nocturnal was not a good movie though.
What did he win for?
80% of his accent is London , England here.
I guess his role lingers within in him.
Christian bale is the same.
William Loyd Tooher IV
Such a charming voice.
Vincent Knight
I know it's a cliche to say but I literally didn't even see any of him in the performance. He was someone completely else, so detached... Loved it.
Emma Leto
he looks so cute looking for the reporters!!!
Brendon Urie is literally Jesus Christ
His English accent in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging was so thick and now it's like woah
Gonzalo Arvietti
those EYELASHES... I melt for him but that kid voice ruins the dream
anyway Tylor you are the new one
Lizzy Donovan
Follow Keith
Random question, but why do they do this bullshit afterwards. Like are people writing down his answers to then do what with? Like what is the point of all of this? Haha. LOVED the movie though.
Hailey M.
hes so cute and nervous here haha usually they just get shoved in and are kinda whatever to the press questions but he's so eager awe
Mila Janssens
Lake mystery formula south cost excited function shine.
Kamal Hussain
He's so handsome and incredibly talented, he could have any woman he wants and he decides to marry his mother WTF???
wtf are with those floral arrangements? jesus fuck are they ugly!
Your accent is a mess mate
Ellie Alexander
His English accent is all over the place. Love him alot though
Anyone remember him from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging? Hottie then, and still a hottie now. 😍
Ben Gay
How did he even win? Mahershala Ali completely deserved that award. As much as I liked Nocturnal Animals, his performance was nothing out of the ordinary. Michael Shannon gave the best performance out of that film and should have been nominated instead. Out of all the nominees, Dev Patel and Jeff Bridges deserved it more.

This being said, he will not even be nominated for an academy award.
Eric Ryan
Enjoy that one, because you will not win Oscar.
James Grey
the way this man adores and respects his wife is beautiful. his humility and conscienciosness is singularand gives me hope that there are truly good, decent people out there.
I love everything about this guy!!
Matthew Borba
He's awesome 👍
Brittany Mayer
Jake gyllenhaal is better
Dame International
Is he British, Australian or American? His accent is a mixture of all three!
Noche Vampírica
Felicidades Aaron, sos el mejor. Te Amo ♥ Toda tu carrera es brillante.
He's picking up an accent by living in the states.
Jeannie Panini
I remember the Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging days... still so hot
Simon Wilson
The americanisms in his accent are so annoying and it's such a shame because he's so perfect otherwise
He is English but he sounds American sometimes? am I right?
He was Fantastic in the movie.
ahhnn HaNn
At first I thought he was not able to play such a dark role. The more I was surprised how great he was. Well deserved Aaron :)
Best Masseurs
The press questions are so surface and narrative :(
His pseudo American accent is so pretentious.
Su Hugo
He's beautiful
Nd O
he portrayed the character with such ease that it made me uneasy. he was creepy af. and hot
7 Days at Sea
So deserved. He was the best in the movie and in this category.
Jules Darko
I love his accent. I really need to check out Nocturnal Animals.
Sir Sumumabitch
Wow,this is a farce.Unprecedented.Only nominated by San Diego outta 30 criticsgroups and he wins the Globe.Foster and especially Shannon not even nommed..although I love the film,his performance is alright but not awardworthy. Beating Ali,so silly...Thank God he won´t get the Oscarnom and IF he does,so will Shannon.That´s some comfort. Biggest upset in Globe-history...the opinion of its 80 voters don´t exactly hold much water but still...MAYBE it was compensation for snubbing Shannon,who knows? If so,they really screwed the pooch.
Arantza Ortiz
He's so hot 😩😩😩😩 damn his wife's damn lucky!
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