John Oliver - New Zealand's Eminem Trial

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joshua mclean
Run it straight
damn it John! Im in new zealand right now and can't get the way you pronounce eminem in NZ accent out of my head!
Sebastian Franklin Shaw
National's lawyer seems like an idiot. The snippet captured shows him saying stuff that's more evidence for Eminem's side than National's.
pope resign
Jesus wanted to be like Eminem when he grew up. I made New Zealand Prime Minister John Key resign with an earthquake he had to go tour publicly before resigning. Writing "June 15, 1896" before March 11, 2011 describes the costliest natural disaster ever world wide in great detail and by epicenter with the fewest characters. That specifically is when the costliest natural disaster ever world wide occurred at the same epicenter as "June 15, 1896" in the same ocean as "June 15, 1896" with the same magnitude as "June 15, 1896" starting the same size tsunami as "June 15, 1896" striking the same shores of the same cities on the same island with the same thing exactly as last occurred on "June 15, 1896" killing the same number of dirty japs "Celebrating Shinto" instead of me. Christianity.,cd_max:3/9/2011
Fatima Guilford
When you pronounce eminem's name to prove his wrong but you sound exactly like that. smh😂😂😂
New Zealand's media....oh gosh. I would watch CNN all day over the cringey excuse for news New Zealand produces on a daily basis
ephemeral Bitch
our birds literally will tear your car apart. they will steal your food.
they will mock you. they are after your belongings to rip apart. they may be flightless but kiwi have sword beaks. the kia may be a large land lubber but it can can make you say bye bye to your cars tyres. the revolution of the devil kiwis and kias are coming.
morgan nicholls
They're "silent and motionless" because 'iminim' absolutely sucks, as in bland, boring, toneless and banal - could only attract and hold the attention of intellectually challenged baboons.
This WAS the greatest thing I have ever seen! I laughed so much!!
2:02 -> I was hoping for AT LEAST ONE head bop once the rap started. You let me down, New Zealand. You let me down :(
Eva Martin
participant complain perceive boat pet.
Taelah Hapeta
shut up John Oliver new zealand is better than we're your living don't ever talk about a kiwi like that again people in New Zealand are probably offended
Craig Wagstaff
John Oliver is a fuckwit! He's not a comedian, he's a left wing liberal political commentator. Comedians are funny.
Tara Llama
Am I the only one who recognises that 99% of the "I'm offended" comments by kiwis aren't actually serious? I'm pretty sure we're generally not that easily offended, especially since John Oliver himself is only taking the piss xD
New Zealand is hilarious
Bwahahahaha !!
Liam Hansen
i love my country
His palms are sweaty
The Real Mihai
Kiwis are not completely worthless. They are cute
Jack Taylor
this loser is getting nz and Austria mixed up
Jordan Walker
you've got to love JO's take on back that asse up. while a student at Cooper U during the early 1970s we'd ask
do you partake upon the peculiar pleasure of consuming carefully cultivated cannabis ?
Reading these comments I have not been able to tell if this is collective trolling or if the worthless term also extends to kiwis themselves who are apparently easily triggered by a joke on a late night talk show.
Charles Green
Nikki Stewart
Musically, it is way too similar and it was the Nats way of trying to attract the young voter. And hey, don't diss the kiwi. One of our many taonga. Show some mana. I can take a joke and have the mickey taken out of our country like the next man, but some things, yeah nah.

I am the chosen one
2:55 Basically all my English essays :D
Fabian_ Hainsworth
its funny when John Oliver talks about us kiwis
Sachin Spencer
This section is just full of worthless, delusional people, no point scrolling down
This half rat half human looks like Austin Powers after an extreme make over. When he talks it sounds like a vagina farting.
JCR Taylor
John Oliver is just a wanker if wanking was an Olympic sport he'd have a gold medial fuck you john Oliver
Jakub Ziółkowski
I love how New Zealand makes 'the best things John Oliver has ever seen'.
The accent he puts on sounds more south african
ImPrettyFunny 1.0
being a kiwi I lost my shit when John Oliver reckons...... eem....min...eem totes thought of all the white kiwi lads n ladies spamming this in cafe convos on a Sunday afternoon
Forced Gender Reassignment
I've lived in New Zealand all my life and I've never heard a single person pronounce Eminem as Iminem.
Samantha Reilly
Racist idiot
isabella Egan
Our bird is adorable!!! Why do u think we named ourselves after them? I am a proud kiwi!!!
Hamsa Xariir
f you idiot
I whole-heartedly apolagise on behalf of my nation
J Willoughby
Why is this even an issue when it is crystal clear that Eminem ripped off The Clash's Straight To Hell for this song?
I want to go to NZ. Not sure why.
Trying to figure out the "worthless bird" comment. Is John really saying you can only value a living thing based on its practical utility? If so, has he considered a job with Breitbart? Of course, he would be wrong even on his own impoverished measure. Kiwis serve the valuable economic purpose of pleasing visiting tourists, who are willing to pay to see them (and rightly so - they're cute, weird creatures).
F U John Oliver I'm a New Zealander and I take offence kiwis are amazing and ur not
native berxerkka
this stupid party makes us look fucking retarded
Scott Hadland
I'm a kiwi and I love my country but fuck is this funny haha
Alberto MZCS
1UANiTO ALexander M
That Guys EyE BaLLs Can Hit The LOTTERY FrOm There tO 👀
Michaela Perkins
sorry about nz news, it is as biased as the yanky ones
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