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Kyle Sellars
Kids react to Ozzy Ozbourne Diary of A Madman and Bark At The Moon
Higher Ground is a cover
Livia Uram Hricko
Kids react to Green day
•H҈o҈n҈e҈y҈ •
The kid in the orange pisses me off sm
jesse martinez
kids react to the killers
Luco Il Rockettaro Metallaro
Hey that kid wears a Led Zeppelin's t shirt
There's still hope :')
Caiium Gamer 56
kids react the doors
Robbo Physique Fitness
Do an Iron Maiden react video
natalie wells
Kids react to BTS please
William Marc Boquiren
Kids react to Soul Asylum
William Marc Boquiren
Kids react to Candle box
William Marc Boquiren
Kids react to Dishwalla
Flowey Dremurr
kids react to bob marely X3
I really didnt like the kid in orange
michael vanderpoel
Kids react to Alice in Chains
kids react to iron maiden
Pearl Jam
Allan Adamson
... Anthony is so great.. the first time I saw him in concert.. they had explained after an hour or so.. that this is usually when they'd finish but.. then they kept going.. song after song.. even at one point Anthony was like.. we're out of songs we've even rehearsed.. they talked.. and then they played more songs.. apparently they went on much longer than they normally would or typically ever do.. they did probably like 2 albums worth of material tbh.. and anyone familiar with a Chili Peppers concert.. this is practically unheard of.. and I remember it being really late when they finally finished.. it was strange to explain it was just as if the crowd (it was a large crowd) came to a consensus.. as if.. okay.. we'll agree to finish the concert ha.... it is psychological in a way... Flea was momentous that evening also.. anyway..
Elders react to suicideboys
Isabella Bryan
Do react to sia next
joseph smith
some of them renewed my hope in their generation.
Juan Alberto Peña
Iron Maiden
Rori Barretto
kids react to steven universe
Joseph Parker
Kids react to NSYNC , destiny's child and Innosense
Vinicius Stradioto
Avenged Sevenfold
Master Camocat09
Death angel!
Vanessa Sanchez
Kids react to poppy - computer boy Plzz
Paul Foote
Chancellor Carroll
do greenday next
chino lara
Brian Kavanagh
Bob Dylan
Zoey's Vlog
Can you let the kids react to new edition
Kids react to Cry Baby
ElectricLove Movie Lover
kids react to the killers, please!!!!!!
Kids react to Slayer
Tommy S. McFadden
kids react to queen
Kate Ruby
Kids react to Selena Quintanilla
Johnny Most
kids reacting to pearl jam
Mitchell Stout
Kids react to........ Pantera
Avery Adcock
Please react to Nintendo switch
Tyler Beebe
RHCP react to kids reacting to RHCP!!!!!!
Mlg Defender
Make the kids react to the IPhone 7
Lisa Braziel
higher ground is a Steven Wonder song it came out in 1974.
Lars Hogue
kids react to John Holm's!
Camila Cuevas
Kids react to Jojo Siwa
Estoy todo transpirado boludo
Marc Pedersen
kids react to "Billy Joel"
Oliwier Zakaszewski
Rage Against the Machine
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