Guys Review Women’s Perfume

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“Smells like an orange’s asshole.”

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Julia L
Hilarious guys
Hedesa Hoveidy
i love la vie est belle
Ride Share Chi
Lol that Tom Ford bottle is definitely at least marketed toward men.
Lol !
Mikyla G
Omg Daisy is my favorite but it's so expensive! I'm sure my bf would hate me if I tried to buy that perfume
Bora Xu
"Make a shadoobs"💀💀💀
$5 perfume vs $500 perfume pls
Elaine Wang
hayley brooks
"Jewish girl from New york," I should wear that perfume more often
Butterfly Simmer
Well now we know Zach and Curley will never be
Grace Engleman
"it smells like a churro died"
darren spohn
vanilla musk. my favorite.
Wafa Dhaouadi
put Zach on thumbnail and I'll play that video even if it's showing my worst nightmare like spiders... he is freaking cute
eliane amend
I wear daisy and zach likes it... 🙈🙈🙈😍😍
Nicole Go
Curly would wear the Tom Ford while others despised it hahahah 💕 Miga, We still love & accept you hun!!! Hahah
smells like you would clean with this, hahahahahaha
Jason Haven
Zack isn't single
Phanic! At the Twenty One Victuri-ous Discos
Okay so I wear la vie est belle... I feel awkward now...
Adithra Ranggawuni
cause of this video, i bought La Vie Est Belle and smell really nice! i love it
Chrysta-Bel Jackson
How Zach pronounced 'la vie est belle' 😂😂😂
Don't worry Zach, I can't afford Tom Ford.
Andrea Reyes
LMBO! you guys are all hilarious. my personal favorite perfumes are Gucci guilty and sensuous EL
Sera Curran
HAHAHAH Daisy is my go to scent. That and Black Opium.
What? Oops never wearing Tom Ford Black Orchid again
Starberry Sweetee
Just when I was looking for perfume!
Hilana Pieterse
I am going to smell that TF tomorrow!!! I wear daisy and la vie est belle :-)
Annika Rosales
"UGH, it smells like a churro died!!!" Love it 😂😂
kelly li
Towby agreed
steve wenger
my favorite perfumes on girls are tom Ford black orchide,creed love in white,and versace eros
Rose Hope
I wear the Daisy one and I am happy that Zach likes it 😂😂
Rose Hope
I wear the Daisy one and I am happy that Zach likes it 😂😂
Ize Belle
I wear La Vie Est Belle... one of my favourites 😉 "I got you, Zach"
Jillian B
"jewish girl from new york" rachel berry
Meh LifeSux
Who IS that blue haired guy? I know the names of almost all BuzzFeed employees but who is that????
Priyaa Ten
So Zach Evans is single :D
"I can see a Kardashian wearing that...but not Kim"
i love you Zach ^^
Barbulesc Vlad
Im a guy and I wear black orchid and I was so hyped when I saw it there and by the end of the video I was like:wtf is wrong with you guys😂😂
Michaela B
Prada Candy and Calvin Klein Reveal <3
OG Anarchy
men hate women's perfume
Lmao!I would hate all of these all perfumes smell the same to me!
But I'm allergic to certain Colognes
So my boyfriend can't wear cologne!XD
Chloe Ing
"if you love taking nyquil; this is the perfume for you"
Pierreluc Tremblay
Please ladies avoid all those super sugary cakery trampy perfumes like ANGEL. We hâte that! If you think we guys dont talk about the girls scent you are WRONG. It happens too many times that à girl have passed by my and gave me a headheache because her perfume was too sweet. Anyway teenagers loves super Bakery perfumes. A real woman will wear à woman perfume like CHANCE CHANEL, NO5 or AQUA DI GIOA from ARMANI.
prada candy is my signature scent
Brooke Cottom
aww they posted this today exactly a year ago!
Please make a 2017 Version of This.
Lily Rossetti
Uhh guys, the 'Daisy' sample you're smelling is actually the Eau So Fresh which is relatively different from the original Daisy. Also, the bottle shown for La Vie Est Belle is the Intense Eau De Parfum version, which is again different than the regular Eau De Parfum, which one are you testing? I don't mean to sound snooty here, just pointing it out since the smells differ quite a bit from one another
Ivy m
some of their insights are so ridiculous and funny
Jowanna Lasengera
i doubt the list...I mean, there's nothing from #Chanel or even the no.5!!!???
alisse castro
I get so many compliments on "La Vie Est Belle", I love it.
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