Injustice 2 - Introducing Joker!

Though killed by Superman, the Joker continues to haunt the lives of all those touched by his madness. By destroying Metropolis, he set the events in motion which made enemies of Superman and Batman. If he were alive to see the chaos he’d created, he would surely be smiling.

Coming May 16th, 2017. Pre-order:

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Jay G
Where's Mark Hamill when you need him..
George Aguero
George Aguero
George Aguero
George Aguero
sumantra sinha
worst joker ever
The Elderly Knight Whose Name Is Unknown
if dis dewd was kild by suporman, why he still in injustease?
I don't even know they put him in the game nobody uses him an he isn't very good they should've at least changed his move set
They should make a marvel version of this not vs capcom
Cesar Razo
Its the hair that make him look lile shit...looks like a emo kid thats gonna dhoot a school up. The leto version wouldve looked awesome for the game.
That "let's pretend the joker is badass" just makes him look more stupid and ridiculous...
Double A
The Trickster will be a perfect premier skin for him
Koyomi Araragi
Wanna hear a funny joke?
There are more people complaining about people complaining about the new Joker design than there are people actually complaining about the design in the comments section.
Nietzsche's Heir
And this game was rated "T"?!
Troy london
he's pathetic you're contactable
مشاهير العرب
الي عربي لايك I'm Arabk
Persona Blade
Joker : Oh Robin, I don't fight with you.Summon your owner
Robin : I'm not a dog.Do you want taste my sword ?
Joker : Hey Harley,Are your hyenas hungry ? hahahahahhaah
Keyser Söze
he looks even more gay than the jared leto version
Ian M
I really like the new Joker look. He looks like a clown-themed assassin who actually knows how to fight as opposed to the last game where he just looked like an old man in a purple suit and makeup. Hope they keep it.
Tengku Aslahuddin Ja'afar Tengku Azlan
Joker is funny 😄
MaximumProductions - Games Legos And More!
I'm not even happy about the Joker's voice actor...
this joker looks like someone tried to re create him in skate2 but couldn't find the right hair
Jordan Kingi
Pagin min anybody??
WilliamsProduction Industrial
This Joker has a mixture of
The Dark Knights Joker
Suicide Squads Joker
Mark Hamill Joker
N I like it
Stephanaccio Duwang
The most pointless character of this game : still got the most of the views than on his launch trailer.
Madaji Visoso
why you dont maik man bat
Anonymus 112
The new joker is just
Pagan Min + joker..
For those who dont know Pagan Min is the villain of thr game Far cry 4...Well atleast they created a good combination...
i dont like the new look, this joker looks looks like a clown verson of some anime anti-hero, they should use suicide squad joker or bring back mark hammle joker
PDF09 Show
Come on! I'm still thinking this was a BAD idea... All for what we fight for in Injustice: God among us is stupid now... From all the characters death in the first game... HIM?

Personally I prefered Lex... If you think about it... It will be the same nonsense...
I was really hoping this incarnation's Joker would be one of the Robin's
joker was more fun to play in MKvsDC thats just me
Zaahir Hussein
is it me or is injustice 2 graphics n the game look a million times better than the first injustice
Zaahir Hussein
is it me or is all star joker the the most madest version of joker ever made in the history of jokers
Okay no homo, but for some reason I find this Joker hot.
Story wise
Joker should have been a dlc character
Tommy Valencia
If you want Owlman Hellboy Dr Manhattan and Spawn to come out at Injustice 2. Please donate a like to this comment.
RAVEN RAVEN RAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin Alvarado
i guest joker is going to the killing joke area
First I was meh, then I bought the game and Joker is actually awesome!
Ricardo Ramirez
I'm no Jason Todd

on an unrelated note redhood will be joining the injustice world.
Kouya Sakurada
Horrible design.
Ms Alexis Reigns
Idk why ppl are complaining, he looks so much sexier😍
Peq Pit
Judd Nelson
Aggressive Attitude Era
Looking and reading all these comments about how the Joker should and shouldn't look.....comparing his look to Leto and Ledger and I'm thinking

Jackson Zeng
Ok it would be an awesome game if it is more violent. I picture Joker as a pretty violent person and I don't see much blood in this.
Jacket W
Why this game can't be ported to pc Like it's predecessor
Landen Yazzie
Joker is back
I dont understand why joker has a laugh button
Fancy apple gameing !
He looks like a teen
Vergil weathermyer
Joker looks like half-nut from guardians of the galaxy vol 2
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