10 Kids Cartoon Characters Reimagined As ADULTS

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This is how your favorite Disney cartoon characters would look like if they would grow up! Amazing to say the least!
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Cartoon characters are some of the funniest characters you see on television. They always go on crazy adventures, they’re funny, goofy, and sometimes just a little bit reckless. Ever wondered how they would look like as adults? We found amazing illustrations of 10 kids cartoon characters reimagined as adults - and we think Dora the Explorer might just be our favorite one!

If you’re a 90s kid, you’re probably familiar with Dexter’s Laboratory. Even as a child, Dexter was always creative, doing work in his secret laboratory under his house. But as an adult, he looks even more intelligent. We bet he’s a scientist! And Dee Dee? Check out our video to find out what Dee Dee is doing as an adult!

And who can forget about the sarcastic and dark-humored 1-year-old who wanted to take over the world? Stewie Griffin and his teddy bear sidekick always gave us a good laugh - but the adult Stewie Griffin looks like he actually is a ruler of the world. And he still carries around his cute teddy bear!

If you’re looking to see how Arnold from “Hey Arnold” looks like, make sure you check out the second part of our video! However, this artist illustrated an adult version of Helga, and she has definitely matured over the years. We do wonder if she still has an obsession with Arnold. What do you think? 

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Dora is sexy af
(kid one)
proskills gamer
Starlight Awesome
I already know what lilo will look like cause there a was an episode.
I.Am. WEIRD!!!
That is how Dora looks in the new series
Samantha Torres
"We wonder if she still has hee Togepi."

Jeanicia & Allison
Russell definitely has a boyfriend.
Naudia Games
I like how dora looks as en adult
Naudia Games
Lilo is beautiful and looks like her mom
Its Greninja
panic!at the twenty-one crybabies lows
Dora was 7?????I thought that bitch was like 4
Amanda Cooley
my favorite pokemon is Charizard
Phanic! At the 21pity pilots
Lilo almost made me cry that movie is my childhood
nooo stewie is dressed as dr.Evil from austin powers
Aransanzu Ruiz Pacheco
9:00 She looks like Nanee (or however you spell it)
now were gaming
SimplyNiamh X
My favourite Pokemon is Squirtle xx
Charmian Ernest
I Love Daxter Now That their Grown ups .
zion douglas
dora looks like laura croft
Luke DeLeon
Whenever I think of the Rugrats as adults, I just see their baby heads on adult bodies as seen in that strange episode.... forgot which one it was
Russell looks like a teenager not an adult.
Burhan Mirza
This video is so like blue _ray like this comment if you agree👍
Kevin Chesley
Belle is my favorite princess and my favorite Pokemon is pekachu and poneta.
Ashley Wooledge
Vesicant Throne
1. Adult Dora looks like tomb raider
2. Adult Stewie is the Austin powers villain
Noel Ahouissou
sans commentaire
Noel Ahouissou
sans commentaire
With russell from up i would add another sash of badges
You talk too much
agm net
I love picathu
Paintbrush AJ
ambitous gaming
When it asks if the beauty and the beats antiques would still be in the castle, in the New movie they turn into humans so they probably wouldn't
Rainbow Dash
OMG I was shocked to see pokemon team
bru misty lost her togeppy in ep 270 300 ish
Annie Lim
I See That Dora is a Teen now!
Bryan Ewing
what about TMNT? or Power Puff Girls?
ginger and dawn
I also like dede she was my favorite character
ginger and dawn
I like lilo the best she looks sixteen tho
B.I.G Luke
ash is still 10 3:47
Education NVNAH
Little Leaf
Used to watch Dora the explorer but now I watch the older Cartoon Network Era
Alexavier Stratton
Jigglypuff is the Pokemon I like.
Joshua Rivera
Brent Hanshaw
Pikachu Power
Demyia Garrison
Belle did not look like that in the desandents movie
Stewie is a dictator with a short temper and probably rules the world
Kitty Cuteness , cat 12 months old
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