Kodak Black - Ambition "I'm 14 And Already Thinking About Death" (Throwback Music Video)

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Kodak Black "Ambition"
Directed by @BonesVision

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Brain Artistics
Kodak 14 " And i know that some people dont want to see me succeed"

Kodak 22 "They dont want to see me winnin'"

He is still the same finesse kid.
Rap God
Damn little Nigga
Ghost 1
Lmaooo nigga mad frail
he has a normal voice, wat
Clint Abernathy
This nigga didn't write this
Andrew Johnson
This nigga spoke English?? Damn
Wagner Villanova
J black lol
Helder Monteiro
Marquise Dunbar
I dont wanna be the man I going to and that shit true now
Zak Blaine
He spoke better back then lmao
Evan Herndon
Baby Kodak kinda sounds like Andy milanokis!! Sorry I don't know how to spell his last name. Lol
Jaysyn Whero
wu tang cream always rises to ha top wu sup kodak
Kennall Fostter
damn he had talent even back then
Zack Pharos
This is his best song he ever rapped. Fuck this new "hoe, drug, money" shit
Tie Dye Guy
"I am better than 2pac and biggie " ... "I was raised by the Chinese though even though I ain't Chinese though "
Alexander Lopez
He was actually better back then
Michael Mansouri
I don't get people making fun of his voice. The fuck did you sound like at 14?
Blake Vandamage
Fuckin kodak spittin hard at 14
Celyne Lino
this is so true. the entire song.
Sebastien Brown
he sounds the same but like it he inhaled a balloon full a helium
Adriel_ 00
He has to re-record this song with the voice he has now 🔥🔥
Jose Morales
Dam was still fire
kyler lovette
Is it me or does he really go deep in to his feelings
Wooooooaaah that's trippy
How did he end up retarded then? Hit too hard in the head or some shit?
Damn he wearing a kolyon shirt
Who else notice he was wearing a kolyon tee shirt now they all wearing sg shirts
4.2 babe Sweet
vinod ford
14 Year Old J Black > Kodak Black 2017 he had bars at that age but now since he's rich he's not even trying anymore hopefully on project baby 2 and maybe H.O.T.P 2 he'll get back to his roots Kodak Black respects la Capone in this song
Ben Emptage
When ur not athletic enought to be b ball player so have to be a rapper):
Noel Lee
Timmy Turner has a deeper voice than this.
why this only really blown up?
Where Kodak all I see is Bobby Shrmurda
Cilla Guap
Whoa kodak had such nice teeth
Bruh, he's better than matty b at this age.
This is one of the realist song out here
Portland Fortenberry
Wow! A rapper at a young age
Carlos Martinez
Okaii okaii
[Verse 1]
I grew up lookin' up to niggas that be on the corner
I can't stop cause if I stop then I'ma dissapoint 'em
Niggas hate but I ain't worried, no I ain't worried bout 'em
My only goal is to keep courage and to make it out the bottom
Oh I was raised by the Chinese store
Even though I ain't Chinese though
Right by there is my Y and the corner store
Diamond girls guarantee you see all the hoes

I was raised where the thug lay
Where the little niggas die but I'ma maintain
I'm okay, don't worry bout me, I'm in God's hands
I just hope that the world understand who I am
Easy to talk about money but it's harder to get it
Uh, they gon' hate me for my ambition

[Verse 2]
The only thing I worry bout is how my grandma doin'
I'm doin' good, I'm stayin' healthy, now I'm makin' music
I'm gon' strive to success and I'm gon' try my best
I'm 14 and already thinkin' about death
Damn I was raised by the dead end
Where fake ass niggas always tryna fit in
I'm young and ambitious
The dreams that I have, I'ma dream of madlib it
I can not caught no feelin's when no one else feel it
I cannot play my cards with no dealer to deal it
I'm just livin' with patience
Dedication and greatness
How can I be good when the hood so-so my validation?
I wish my grandma was still here to watch me grow up
I wish four clippers still here to watch me blow up
I guess things never go how you want it to
So I don't wanna be the man, I'm goin' to, uh
Brent Newman
Luke Moore
this shit 🔥
filipo leatigaga
this is better than almost all of kodaks newer songs
Nathan Loza
The dreams i have are dreams men are dreaming
Septic Benjamin
Da fuq his voice so hiiiigh
Pickle Rick
So what the fuck happened to Kodak did he get hit over the head there for now he can't speak correctly? I mean he clearly made more sense back when he was young now he sounds like a fucking retard
Slow Burn
Reminds me of a young Lil Snupe r.i.p what he coulda been
Fire Trends
songs lowkey still lit
Liil Madrone
Damn, this child spitting that deep shit. SO much love for KODAK J-BLACK
Troy Santiago
Idk why he started to mumble he sound lit asf
Michael Mansouri
Shit like this proves lean kills brain cells.

Kodak's flow and lyrics were better as a 14 year old than he is now
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