Antoboolin -
A small YouTuber
Kodak was better back then like if you agree
mike jordan cryface
its weird seeing kodak sober lol
Nigga at 00:35 look like a big dread head carti
Jake Chase
this is fucking trash
Claude Akel
not used to seeing kodak black bald
Heat Finder
if only he was still like this
Kyle schultz
All of a sudden he is skinny again!!πŸ˜‚
Now he ass
Cody Torres
Why can't he rap like this now
This song make me respect Kodak 10 times more then before I heard this song.
Zeke Frago
his dad is fucking his god daughter what
sports talk
kodak needs to keep rapping like this
Jesus Barrera
this shit wack
Zion Waaka
fuk this song is so true to us in the ghetto
pancakes XDD
puberty hit him like a truck
Blackboi Henry
how is this niqqa 14 in 2016 if he 20 in 2017?
Tiffany Troumbly
OMG he is so young & so fucking cuteπŸ’›
J s
How you gone be better at 14... not a kodak fan at all, but this is dope
Anyone miss this Kodak?
Bobby Suarez
this nigga actually can talk now his as mumble
maine ez
this shit hard
Joe Reynolds
Back when people could understand him πŸ˜‚
yo how he look the same until a couple months ago
АлСксСй Ёлкипалки
2:05 that guy at the left litteraly wearing pants on his knees.
Cj Up
He was real with it to say he was only 14 yoo
I bet all the rappers these days are geniuses affected by drugs
When I saw his face a said "nnnoooo fucking way" haha
He's dope but I know there's an OG writing his lyrics
The Unknown Yes
This goes hard, if he just didn't sell out
mayowa ogun
Does this show that without grills he can actually sepak
Flazzy Fire
all y'all saying why don't he rap like this anymore. HE DOES, those songs just not as popular as the hype ones. NOW STFU
tamir mohamed
this is a underrated Kodak single bro this shit is fire on so many levels
skrr skrr beatz - Free Beats
young nigga kodak better than now tf
Joe Garcia
trash af
Tripp Aka TStyles
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Fernando Bracamonte
I still let this shit slap.
god damn this song is deep as hell and good as hell πŸ’―
I'm 13 and can rapp like this
Kobe Martinez
Good video
Grizzly Bear
Voice like a girl
Shameless Hillary
Yo stay on it boi. Dam.
Jose Arroyo
Same beat from his "should've could've" some similar lyrics as well πŸ”₯
They gon hate me for my ambitions
jalen prince
cussing this young
Peter Tran
This look like its voice dub and shii 😳
huey Black
Yo kodat!!
bruh this shit bangn
Jean Matos
Why tf is his voice so squeaky he was 14 it should've been deeper
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