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How about this crazy weather amiright? The sun's been in the sky for HOURS! First impressions are very important, but you can't make a bad first impression, if you never make a first impression. 


Something Else YT ➤

TimTom ➤

Wind sound effect that I used at the beginning of the video ➤

(Tommy Wiseau) What are you doing on computer ➤ 

Ukulele song that everyone hates ➤

Merch ➤

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Silvermoon Wolf 0w0'
You just triggered a lot of 8 year olds
Kawaii Star
I told my mom that my favorite candy bar was truffles.. she slapped me.... the I told my dad and he just laughed... oh and speaking of smarties, my friend in school have some crushed them up, and tried to snort them.. I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sparkly Purple
James Jenkins
Bee Movie
Zombie_G4mer I زومبي قيمر
No. One
Hack Crazy - roblox hacks and more!
my favorite candy bar:
Blue Archer Gamer/More
mine is mm cuz i have an mm toy thingy and i ate a mm
Ronin Aji
Is faviroute is a marz bar how do those people do the Lenny face
m&m can be a candy bar
Gaming Chandelure
You just ranted over candy bars...
Smiley Face
a guy saying he likes your videos is one of the videos is one of the worst mails you have ever got?

Luke05 15
Rae Tan
What if its raining or its midnight or your in space
Brody Clifford
What's your favorite not bar candy
my least favourite candy bar are anti-depressants
mary madigan
There is actually a m&m bar
Mal Pixelated
this is true
M. Cheezit
My favorite icebreakers
-I like your shirt
-what's your favorite thing to eat?
-I wish they taught us more about Vikings
i melted some m&m's into a candy bar
got your back james
Luke Bowman
you are wiud.
Ella Pomeroy
Michaela Lane
its wirred
Michaela Lane
i hate elevaters and eletrick toliet and one day i got stuck in a eletrick toliet it was the scary moment i ever had i thought i was going to die cuz the smell in there was really bad and elevaters i just mmm i always think that its going to fall and me die or i feel like i whould get stuck
Michaela Lane
i never start the convensasion or what ever it is called i never start the talking im very shy i remamber at my birthday i dident talk until someone asked me something also i get bulled so i never talk about wirred this i do like once at school i got deared to kiss the dirt and i did and when i kissed the dirt i snezzed so it went up my nose and the bell rang and my face was so dirty i had to clean it so fast O_O i was scared that my teacher was going to tell me off my teacher was evil she lied and that thing she lied about was so mean i everyone wanted to do it evil teacher
Adam De Krijger
I'm not 8 I'm 7 ok
Liam MacDonald
M&M's are mini candy bars
Holly Schulz
....... nope
mariculous fan
I'm actually an Extrovert

Well what'd you knowM
in australia we have m&m candy bars...
milxy way is the best
vespidnickel 258 aka best friend of eric
what are u doing on computer go outside it bbbuuuuetiiifle ahhhhhg
Randuff Vlogs
fudge bar
Dragon Slayz
In Canada smarties are rockets lol
DentalWorm331 :D
Congrats on 100 videos!
Jacob Marcus Gapinski
Larger Fall
im an extravert.....
Lilac PPG
...My favorite candy bar is...
Karen Wylie
Manems 😎
kitty x
I Saved My Fish From Drowning 😀 🐠🐠
the problem I have is that I only talk to people/strangers when I need something from them and if I talk to someone for hours they know that they are my best fren
my favourite canfy bar is apple tango... the drink
batspider beta
comments ()10% about pokemon 20%about the video 30% about freakin candy bars 40% normol comments
batspider beta
i like mnms too
Rockenangel73 AM
I only love eating M&M's omg they are truly perfect
They I start a conversation is by talking to them in a different accent and let them ask "is that your real accent" or "where you from" and I'll be like "No it's fake and I'm really from Texas" 😈😈😈
Matthew Moncea
I like Skittles
javier goon
fav candy kit kat
Introverts - Goldfishing magic decks forever
izzy daze
Anyone wanna join me in the Invert room
ItZZGavinZ Z
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