Star Wars Rebels Recap: Seasons 1-3

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Get up to speed on the story of Star Wars Rebels with this recap of the series from seasons 1-3.

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Lucia Simone
Evviva Star Wars Rebels
This made the show look more epic than it really is.

Way too much Filler.
...I used to beOut for myself and alone...
Matthew Camacho
Ezra and Sabine better be a Couple for this season it needs to happen!!
Alex Otto
Also, great view of Thrawn's Blockade on Lothal! 4:29-4:33
Alex Otto
Ahsoka TanoFR
Mon petit retour tranquille 😉Come To back
Aelex Hiew
I think the reason why Ezra stopped his dark side tirade is because Kanan took the sixth holocron away from him. It was affecting him and turning him to the dark side. Without it, he no longer was subconsciously influenced
In my opinion Thrawn is the best thing about this show, not to say I hate everything else but Thrawn just has such a cool character and an amazing voice actor!
ElVigilanteFriki. -UFGM.
¡Thank you very much man!
It's every day bro with The Jedi knight flow Slaughtered all the younglings in the church never done before Passed all the competition by Killing all my friends And we got the Death Star too and We coming with the crew This is the 501st rebels what you Gonna do
I just wanna see some major character deaths
Wombo Jumbo
Brando P
Season 4
I really hope this season delivers. So far Rebels is a major disappointment.
Patrick Smiff
Anyone else notice that weird audio cut at 0:05
Dino Lmao
Is this show good I might watch it
Mohammed Asif Haji
Gutted that they won't be showing this in the UK until the 28th.
Sam Ingleson
Did anyone see big Ezra at 0:20-0:21
My Undead Dragons
Phillip McConnochie
i wish they made this a little more mature more like the animated series
LinkinBEAR Gaming!!!
Ezra is what holds the series back... he's in just about every episode giving banter.... meh if the series was about asokah it would be great! Season 4 should have been when asokah and vader clash after a build up or whatever Not smack dab in season 2 (ezra ruins that fight btw) oh and loose the chewy wanna be he sucks
Agent Ghost
Darth Vader better be in season 4.
Wobbly Yapper
0:20-0:21anyone else see that?
S H I V E R S!!! Season four cannot come soon enough
Farhie Al Azhari
RIP Stormtrooper
gun butt
Who still wishes clone wars was still on instead of this
Loris Bauer
They missed the most important scene from season 3!!

The first bathroom in canon Star Wars
Grace Choo
4:45 Star Wars Rebels The Final Season :(
Gabens Diciple
why does it have to be on monday, I'll be asleep when it comes out
alpha man
Bring star wars clone wars back!!!!!!!!!! Disney
Kaleesh Matriarch
Glad that Rebels is honorably ending with Season 4. It was such a great show and the last season is going to be a Fall treat! 😀🤘🌠📚🍊🍁🍂
Eli Bessen
When's Star Wars Rebels coming out on Netflix, I really want too watch it!
Ananya Bailey
George Suarez
This is very powerful and emotional for me because I will miss Star Wars Rebels soo much!!! When it first premiered back in October 2014 i didn't really watch the pilot or next episode i just glanced at it until the 3rd episode came out that's when i really got hooked on it. I'm looking forward to Ahsoka Tano returning but I'm soo sad that it's ending, this is and will always be the best Star Wars animated series of all. I know Clone Wars fans weren't happy when Rebels came out because of it's cancellation but i wish they would have given it a chance. Before we had Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3P0 and R2D2 we had this band of Rebels fighting the Galactic Empire. May the Force be with the Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron your contribution to the Star Wars trilogy will never be forgotten!!! George
smoothie gamer
Who else is hoping that Ezra kills his whole team
Alexandra Ehlers
Amazing I can't wait to see season 4 😆
Somehow the bland-ish characters and stereotypical plot of this show still maintains my interest and happens to be almost comforting. Love it. Can’t wait.
I love Star Wars Rebels Thrawn time
Ahsoka, please.
Original Content
Could Dave Filoni's next project be an animated series of the Old Republic after Rebels has ended?
That season finally is gonna be a tear jerker
Kenneth Wang
Man the rebel fighters are all burning...
Those were X-wings that were going towards the capital of lothal!!! Thought those were missiles. At the ending I mean.
Manuel Orozco
The end of an era is drawing near. Star Wars Rebels is my favorite show tied with This Is Us
Drew Harding
Let's just hope Ezra choose the right destiny.
Isabella Aaltonen
#Bringbacktheclonewars=#Impossibleshit/#Unrealthings TBH...😑
Building that hype...
Technically Geek Gaming
I see Ahsoka, I hit like. Star Wars obsession is too much.
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