Hanne Lambert
frequent spouse command well depend explosion continent store Palestinian.
Franz Farmer
Mahmoud El Arch
made me hung ree !
Charlotte Philippe
Holy select architecture camera carpet move love laser knee.
Nour Imam
seems more like substitute for cocaine if you ask me
Solarat 1701
Ah! I love living in a state where marijuana is legal
Shigemi Notoge
Two questions: Why are you calling Rockets "Smarties" and why are they so big?

Come on America...
hooray for puns!
Zoe Kirk
I think I'd probably just lick up the powder instead of snorting it
I hate the red light from the camera which you can see in his glasses !!!
Ved Walker
Wow, the comment section is so nice here! So long as nobody brings up - you know, he who must not be named, it feels like snortable chocolate. By which I mean it's legal fun until the government comes back into focus.
Leon Deveraux
When the host loses his composure over candy. Stephen needs some Coco Loco! #ColbertNation
Robert Few
Talk about a gateway drug
Mur Mur
I really dislike John. He brings nothing to the show and just randomly yells out things that Stephen already has said.
Varun Gadre
Michael Scott did this first...
Elizabeth Encalada
I liked how Colbert was using all the candies in his skit. That was really creative. It was hilarious when he accidentally messed up & cursed at his mistake. Lol! :) He is so talented and hilarious! Keep up the good work! :)
Lorrainevrais Vrai
I will pay to see film in theatre .For Idris Elba!!
reminds me of starkids batman musical with all the candy talk
Herb Welch
more teen secrets pls
Dan Medenilla
So thats where Matthew Santoro went, selling cocoloco rather than making videos..
Thomas H
that guy with the band who jumps up at the beginning of the video... how can he possibly believe that Nikes look good with a suit? Especially those colors. Obnoxious.
Ryan Kelley
Damn whoever thought of that candy bit your a genius.
Emma SpAce
the european chocolate they are snorting wasn't made by this guy, somehow I feel more concerned about his
Jackie 371
That is such a dumb thing that people do with chocolate.
Super Heart
what a great ad for Coco loko...🙃
LOL This is so funny.
Oh Stephen, you brighten all my days. roflmao @ all your jokes. <3
Klijnsmit Guitars
I`m Dutch, never heard of this shit.
Felix Choi
I'm thinking about getting an elf ear. Who did yours?
Connor Nolan
Mr E
Natalee Steele
Natalee Steele
when is Russia week??
aditi raman
funniest part, it's actually called coco lobo... every time Stephen said coco loco I cringed so hard my face died. 😂
Song 2. Nice.
David K.
Sprees <3
Sean Rosen
Gaaaaaah...his jokes are so corny!
I don't even feel redbull is safe why would anyone take this!
Wait, are Rockets called Smarties in the US?
Annie Kate Walsh
my aesthetic: stephen saying "f**k" after making a mistake in a candy-themed dad joke bit
hot candy bit
Joe Smith
I get the feeling parents and religious conservatives will see Coco Loco as the gateway to cocaine.
Mike Klement
those aren't the Smarties I know !??
Okay Colbert, this is one area where I'm going to have to tell you to shut up. The last thing we need is chocolate added to schedule 1 like Kratom Tea now is.
Jenny B
isn't that candy bit in holy musical B@man?? G8 bit.
There are a lot of food products with additives on the market which have no redeeming value, but yet FDA refuses to ban them.. soooooo..
kinn grimm
Taurin to my knowledge is refined from Cow/Bull musclefibers and there are studies out there in europe suggesting a variate of negative sideeffects.
Melly Julia
- made my day
ALL Survivor
Anyone else think of the Holy Musical B@man scene with the candy bit?
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