USA: Pence calls North Korea failed missile test a 'provocation' on visit to Seoul

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The United States is mulling its response to North Korea's failed missile test.

The launch came a day after Pyongyang held a grand military parade, displaying what appeared to be new long-range ballistic missiles.

Arriving in South Korea, the US Vice President Mike Pence called the test a 'provocation' and said the tensions had put a sharp focus on the importance of the joint US-South Korean mission.

"Under President Trump's leadership, our resolve has never been stronger. Our commitment to t…

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jimmy playinghardball2
another false flag to bring in the NWO thanks to the help of governments around the flat earth within the firmament
Workstation we
Lunn Whelan
North Korea should look at it's the same neighbour, South Korea, and make conclusions why it is richer, people is smarter, and is example for some SEA countries.
Bruce Haddow
Pence is American Taliban
The 420th Disciple
Funny how the US calls itself the leader of the free world... hahahhahahaaha. The leader of evil so far i'd say. Stop killing people. Just stop cowards.
l am british , not european christian ,
usa should bomb north korea now 💀
Andy Gheorghe
He looks like the PSY guy!
what freedom? South Koreans can't even decide whether they want war or not.
Look at the way his people look at him. It's fear, not respect! That is what will bring Kim down.
Banging Beatz
Are these weapons from WW1 or WW2? state of the art? fake threat or fake news ?
B Cran
Why doesn't some one just assassinate that little $&#% ! Wipe him and all his like off the face of the planet! How can anyone live in such madness! 😡
America will lie to their own people to brainwash them to support killing and invading other countries
for fucks sake, just start the war already
MOAB... coming to a town near you.. very soon👍
Phil Arps
You Dont Like Beethoven
north korea? it's all nonsense, China could stop the whole thing if they wanted to
B Rozzy
Another failed missile test from North Korea...?Imagine if the missile had a nuke warhead on it...
Marcello Bello
So we pay for this moron Pence from our taxes to go to SK to do what? So he just gives a stupid speech and that's it? If NK wants to launch something it will regardless....what a waste of our tax money....and you know what...Pence still sharts his pants.
Sean Bruce
This is what happens when your scientists don't get enough to eat!
Ben White
Anifa parade throw a parade for thier glorious George soros. (2050) colourised.
pernell jarvis
just send all the snow flakes over get them out of this country
Manny big Burrito
Hilarious goose step
Jeremy Jordan live channel
Atticus Fredericks
How would you like to be one of the clapping, grinning morons standing next to your little fat God with a bad haircut, knowing if you clap wrong or accidentally fart, you may be shot down with artillery shells that day.
Wicket T
so what's it called having a naval task force sitting near north Korea and you keep labeling them as evil and aggressive????
Fred Best
their new Dud-dong missile?
MickRick E
if you prepare for war, don't be surprised when it happens.
MickRick E
if you prepare for war, don't be surprised when it happens.
Timothy Salais
here we go
Ricardo Chavez
Send in liberty Prime
A provocative American telling countries it is provoking not to provoke ...
Sean James
Cool, I hope a full scale war breaks out. The Army laid me off (RIF) after 12 years of faithful, honorable service, including tours in OEF and OIF, so if they start another war and try to call me back, I'll tell them to go straight to hell. If you wanted me to fight again, you should have kept me on active duty.
Luis Chabolla
lets get rid of this problem usa if u ever heard nk new leader saying death to america in english will make u feel the same
They're so insecure
Rabi Ben Lavi
What about ISIS running over children in Europe and killing seculars, atheists, and Christians all over the place? The people paying US taxes for the military and serve in the military don't count? Just foreign interests and corporations and their deranged ideas?
We Rise 2 Inc.
hi help We Rise 2 Grassroots Church Ministry Get lights and water bills paid
Jerardo Vazquez
M.O.L.B. UP. MOE. ASS 🇺🇸
Mary N
Jesus is the one and only way.... devils will fall be doomed for ever and ever..
Morty Smith
North Korea will fall, communism will fall, Democracy is the only way, Freedom for all!
impressive parade
Mark Mywords
주체 will prevail !
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