Ed Sheeran - Multiply Live in Dublin (Full Live Show)

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Full live Ed Sheeran concert filmed in Dublin on the UK and Ireland Multiply tour. Full set list in the description!

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Set List:
00:12 | You Need Me, I Don't Need You 
12:35 | Lego House
16:33 | Don't
21:32 | Little Bird
25:30 | I See Fire
32:24 | One
36:25 | Drunk
40:25 | Take It Back
46:25 | Be My Husband (Nina Simone Cover)
55:30 | Tenerife Sea
1:00:40 | Give Me Love
1:11:00 | The Parting Glass
1:16:04 | The A Team
1:21:10 | Sing

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Matthew Rudd
who tried to get 2017 tickets and sold out in 2 minutes
JoHn SiAn Pi
if i was famous , I'd make a a reaction video to this video haha..
Klaus Mana
That Loop Pedal is like THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN HIS HANDS (Well, feet technically) , and he uses it LIKE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND
Didem Zorer
please come turkey
Still favourite
Maicky Boekelmans
what a f*cking legend is he! i'm from holland and lissin it al the time al day
David Kindness
The inflection at 1:14:15 is awesome!
Rodrigo Braga
Alguém do Brasil assistindo novamente em 2017?
Jorge Bustamante
1:15:37 She was the best of the concert!
Lily Rose
Yes it's 2017 and yes I am watching this and crying and yes I am in love with his performance <3 I can watch this until I die <3
아레이 Can
does ed sheeran still give concerts like this one? Just him, his guitar and his loop pedal? Bc if so, i would like to go to his concert someday, this shit is insane! He is so talented
WhoIs Next
2:01 sh*t school?
Mia Harrison
I love his music so much <3
Giovana Lencina
mds eu amo vc ed ♥♥♥
Quezia Alves
Que show lindo ❤
Giovana Lencina
Giovana Lencina
Chloe Lennard
Why is ed so hot since he was a little kid and now
Jon Bollenbach
This is incredible
Rebecca Chester
I love the layering of the guitar in I See Fire. So clever.
Maravilhoso!!! Adoro!!!
Mary :3
Imagine the sadness when the concert is over...
Mary :3
Is it weird that I watch it everyday?
Noi The Brickage Dog
I'ma grown ass 22 year old man , I like to look at boobs, I like to shoot shit, Yada Yada ed makes me cry I'm not ashamed Fam 🖕😎
Great! I watch this for the first time. I'm amazed.
Arun Doyle
Maria Goli
1O de Junio 2O17🇲🇽 Ya quiero verte en México➗💙
Andri Hasani
I wish I cud go to his concert in April in Dublin!!! That wud be so awesome!!!
Sania Singh
The thing that surprises me the most, is how good the crowd sings.
Mix Fix
I see fire is amazing
Slobodan Dzikoski
Such a sou healing this concert
7 bee
Could someone write subtitles of what Ed said about 1:26:00 ?
Tomasz Ondycz
is Big talent E.Sh like very much ✌😀
Paulette Bourgoin
your granny looks great, wish I will look like that at 90. Enjoyed the concert immensely. He Engages the crowd as well as Freddy Mercury,
Prime Products
I love you ED
Gena Durant
I think this is one of Ed's best concert's.
American Boy
how the hell does he hold that note out in One... good God man
Diana Aquino
One word: PERFECT
16/03/2017 in Turin, just 39 days and I'll see you... I can't even believe it, I love you so fucking much Ed
Ireland Thompsom
1:24:18 I love that little break he takes after he says "something to drink, and maybe something to smoke" 😍😍😍
I couldn't get tickets for his new Europe tour ... so here I am
Susanne Grüttner
Jimena Galindo
It broke my heart how almost nobody knew the words to "Little Bird". I would literally give anything to listen that song live 😭😭
Sabrina Salazar
Ed needs to come to San Antonio,Tx I'd love to see him in concert but he only went to Houston and Dallas and I can't make it that far😔
onsese joo
He should have a decent band live as well. These versions do not compare to studio versions at all. On the other hand he does not have to pay to band members and gathers all the attention for sure.
Jamila Coleman
So incredible!!!!!
Otto Halldin
I love the gitar on 4.55
Holly McCormack
I can't get ed Sheeran tickets and I'm crying so hard
Instant Crush
20.03.2017 i'll finally see him.
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