Ed Sheeran - Multiply Live in Dublin (Full Live Show)

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Full live Ed Sheeran concert filmed in Dublin on the UK and Ireland Multiply tour. Full set list in the description!

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Go behind the scenes: http://bit.ly/EdMultiplyUKTour

Set List:
00:12 | You Need Me, I Don't Need You 
12:35 | Lego House
16:33 | Don't
21:32 | Little Bird
25:30 | I See Fire
32:24 | One
36:25 | Drunk
40:25 | Take It Back
46:25 | Be My Husband (Nina Simone Cover)
55:30 | Tenerife Sea
1:00:40 | Give Me Love
1:11:00 | The Parting Glass
1:16:04 | The A Team
1:21:10 | Sing

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juan pablo diaz alba
Can somebody tell me what song is this? 1:19:07
Andrea Preuss
pete ows me a lot
ella stevens
Want to see him live more then anything. I've watched this 3 times in 2 days
45:45 ,Best line.
what are the crowd chanting at 11:40????
Gabriel Dan
35:02 is the most beautiful moment în the video 😍😍
Noah Body
OKAY...I just stopped this video after hearing the very first song for 11 minutes. How in the hell can he top or better that first song? !!! I don't know much about this guy except for his commercial hits, but that was an artist in his purest form right there. If he sounded that good and was that professional live, how good must his albums sound with all the studio electronics behind them? I can't wait to stop typing and hit the play button again.
For the record, I'm 57 but I think I just found an artist that might move Mellisa Etheridge from the number 1 CD tray into the number 2 slot.
SparkZ Music
Why did he call security at like 39:30?
Daragh Breen Music
where was the concert
Andrea Caruso
I was there!!!
Jeremy titus
it's amazing how he makes such awesome music live. That's why he's the best.
Christian Paulo Guiao
Just Amazing!
Terry Wap
The man knows how to put on a show!
Kevilly Key
Joseph Opoku
2017: my year of becoming a Sheerio
Pedro Luz
'They say I'm up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator' is by far the smoothest lyric ever written.
im studying while having this in the background but i keep opening the youtube tab because i want to see him rip french grade
DoctorWhovian XD
Does anyone know what kind of guitar he's using??
The album after divide is gonna be called minus. Heard it here first
it's still all live, confirmed 5:16
Ece Alaca
what is this song at 17.20 ?
Андрей Черкашин
Ensure okay supporter rest analyze oh enormous civilian recording shock.
Ilona Hoppe
Schiit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robyn Little
going to one of Ed's concerts is top of my bucket list
Sofiane Rousseau
Pals where truly sounds strorgly coopflat :‑)
Sean Turner
mobile phone generation!
Margarete Christian
Captain Cubecraft
I had the luck to be hear him live :)
Devon Schuurman
No big intro to hype the crowd, no special effects or those crap, just casually walking on stage, plugging his guitar in and goes start the first song. Just a guitar and Ed himself. That's why I love Ed. :)
Pasquale Mennella
somebody knows when new album will come?
Mark Koudstaal
Does he always play without in ear monitors?
(1:06:26) Playing give me love with a broken string and still sound good, nice
Karol Krzywoń
did anybody heard Eric Clapton's ,,Layla" after 5.43?
Alice Campana (Alis)
He's the best teraphy to a shitty day
erin baily
Ed is amazing
i love his songs his personality his feeling and emotion behind his songs
they have really helped me and whenever i am feeling down i put his songs on and they make me feel better
i am so glad that he is realising new music on FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
CaP Vlogging
can't wait for new album on the 6th
Noah Kaplan
I love ed. Can't wait for his new album!
Anyone here pumped for 'Divide' on Friday????
Alexandru West
42:59 Guitar fell down xD
lm-11 ouat
He´s in the top 10 of YouTubers in the UK.
Hawk Eye
Cant wait for the newest album!!! Dayum!!! Is it divide or minus? Or both? Lol
what was the crowd singing @12:00
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