Ed Sheeran - Multiply Live in Dublin (Full Live Show)

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Full live Ed Sheeran concert filmed in Dublin on the UK and Ireland Multiply tour. Full set list in the description!

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Set List:
00:12 | You Need Me, I Don't Need You 
12:35 | Lego House
16:33 | Don't
21:32 | Little Bird
25:30 | I See Fire
32:24 | One
36:25 | Drunk
40:25 | Take It Back
46:25 | Be My Husband (Nina Simone Cover)
55:30 | Tenerife Sea
1:00:40 | Give Me Love
1:11:00 | The Parting Glass
1:16:04 | The A Team
1:21:10 | Sing

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Facundo Sanchez
Ya son 5 semanas que te vi, y cómo te extraño colorado mufa :( #EdSheeranARG
1:15:38 this is exactly how I'm listening to this. Can't imagine how it was on live stage.
oh man, that was an hour and a half. wow
Mateus Almeida
ed sheran vc toca de mais e canta bem parabens
Gary Inman
ed is the fucking king of the world whitey88
Dany Pan
he is so talented,he does not need anything than his guitar and maybe a looper
The screaming and the Phones Make me so agressiv...
Sheerio Korea
10 percent of the views are mine
Stella Hesketh
Yaeahhh... Wooo... 😌💝✌️
James Hicks
Some say they're still singing those "oh's" to this day
Mae Silapan
when God pour talent ed sheeran got it all.. love him!
lea mendoza jeri
adorable ed sheeran
Las Páginas de Alex
I saw him 5 days ago in Mexico City, he was just as magnificent. The way he constructs the music right in front of you it's just sublime.
Sudip Barua
People listen to shit like Kodak black and lil yachty lmfao ed sheeran baby you're the fucking best. Thank you for saving our entire music culture ❤️
we need a live like that of divide please
The awesome Marshmellow
today is the day i go to your concert
florencia villanueva
disfruto escucharte en cada cancion.. excelente show. sonido.y muy buena musica.
Anis Etikasari
Watching this makes me sad.. because I'm not going to his concert! T.T
The tickets were sold out in no time.
joe Chan
I'm using my dads account I'm 8 and that's wat I call real talent creating a track by himself
Vito Vincenzo
Do you can make a cover of "Wab Dab" by BibisBeautyPalace? 😍 that will be great 😂👌
Lachlan Patrick
Great music, but everyone there looked bored for most of it, i think most of his music just isnt made for this type of concert.
Amanda Burnham
Ed, i couldn't get tickets to see you perform divide. Will you please do this again?
Eric Davis
5:45 what is that lick called so i can learn it? Anyone help out?
Ben Holden
Put your phones down. You're at an Ed Sheeran concert, enjoy the moment people
Pretty good 😳 yup yup. Fucking amazing
Kathleen Kitty
I think im the only one who came here from Kodaline...
einfach unglaublich dieser mensch gleich am Anfang für so eine stimmung zu sorgen Respekt!! und seine Gitarre gehört einfach Weltklasse
Yunque Jeoffrey
Dirksón! Photography
Isabella Evelyn
Acho que esse é o melhor show dele! 👏💚
Isabel Perez Chuecos
Selena TANG
I sub
This performance on you need me I don't need you is honestly his best performance ever. He doesn't fail on a word, no voicecrack and I only heard him strangle a string once. And it's 10 minutes long, he got the crowd to go mental and this was the opening for a concert. It will take a while before I say that this isn't his best performance
the best person on the word 😍
T Plotz

Leticia S.
Ed you are a master at your craft! I❤️u!!
Katelyn Dickinson
I'm buying my own ticket to see him for my 14th birthday
I watched this 10, maybe 20 times. He's so passionate when he sing, this concert was very magic, I wish I could be there...
1:14:43 - 1:21:00 best moment <3
Valentina Salgado
7:48 - 7:55 Okay I'm madly in love with thiat moment. Wen i'm not replaying that part on the video (wich is all the damn time) i'm replaying it in my head. I just can't stop thinking about it😍
Manny Rasco
Gifted! This is a man who works at his craft... But, first and foremost, he is gifted! Blessed!!!
Manny Rasco
Jogie Glen Mait
deym! i danced to an acoustic concert. this is dope.
Ana Carolina M
He's perfect!
Happy that he is. Fills joy and love into hearts. The best concert on ytube. Great respect, especially because he emphasizes the need to work very hard in order to succeed. Truly man of the light.
Jed Lopez
still waiting for video of the divide concert with this quality
what happend at 38:00 ?
Matthew Williams
Normal: don't with my love

Eds: don't fuck with my love

I choose Eds
lulek marchewaski
A great concert
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