alex mccourt
and he is so much bigger than rocky.
Joseph Al
love you Rocky
Rampage Clover
That's right Leo...get the fuck of Sly and Carl's stage
They gave each other their careers, LOL, ;-D
Carl looks much taller than Sly in comparison what he looked in Rocky and Rocky II, 🤔
What's a reach match?
Chas Gregg
"He doesn't know it's a damn show. He thinks it's a damn fight!"
yo for a grate jam dat will brighten ur day check out the song on my channel "sylvester stallone is a homosexual"
gonz velaz
In the movie Rocky ,II,III, IV, I see Balboa and Apollo, more or less the same height, now Carl Weathers looks taller than Rocky, maybe three or four inches more the difference between both.... With all respect Sylvester maybe he's shrinking or was a camera trick at that time...., who knows?.
Robert Mission
Both look great after 40 Years! Though I knew which film won just after they showed clip off entries! I saw it and it was good but nothing memorable when done! Here we have PC judges making damn sure they don't offend anyone, though the narrative structure of this film came from Chinese director Hsiao-Hsien Hou's film Three Times! So typical Hollywood takes someone else's great story and just changes the character to a Black Man and wins a Golden Globe for Best Picture!
Wheeler Farley
Rocky😍 Apollo😍 together😍 both up there ...looking amazing ..should have received a standing ovation, smh.
YO ROCKY, YO APOLLO, you both are the Greatest.
Harvey Dent
Wonder if Sly will cast Carl in Expendables 4?
Where did they dig Carl Weathers up from?
steve buch
I wish these people wouldn't televise the awards they give each other, you know, they could just do their own thing.
joe doe
joe doe
These dudes are GAY they were each others underwear for the rocky movie 4
joe doe
Why did he not have Adrian show up I know because Stallone is. A FAGET COCKSUCKER
Dillon you son of a bitch!
Action Jackson is the best movie of all time,
Golden Globe robbed carl in the 80s
Carl Weathers should do the arm-wrestle handshake with each person as they come up onto the stage...."What's the matter, Hollywood got you pushing too many pencils?"
Andrew Carroll
Action Jackson fucked Weather's career. He was on a role before that.
Richard Upton
hang on. im pretty sure ivan drago killed apollo in rocky 4.
Carl Weathers needs to be in the next Expendables movie with Sly.
sly Stallone looked like million dollars!!!
you are such a inspiration for us/ me when I hit bottom.... God bless you, Rocky!
my god these award shows are the most disgustingly fake and superficial abomination on tv...
01:54 Jamie Lannister found his hand.
❤️ watching rocky 2 as I comment this. Man they both look good for their ages! I hope they make a creed 2. Heard they were
Iceman LeDouche
Mr.&Mrs. Villamizar
apollo, dylan and chubs. weathers is the man
John Martinez
Was that Leonardo DiCaprio at the beginning??
Antoinette Hatchett
Sylvester Stallone where do you live
A Penandroll
love them both.
You know me Stallion....always think of somethin' else.
That horrible fake hair on Stallone though.
Eric Stenzel
Black is back.
Eric Stenzel
Black is back.
Lee Daniels, please cast Carl Weather in EMPIRE. Make him mean like Lucius. CW is my hero!
Giovanni Messina
Dimitrios F
Can someone make a video on this clip and have random cuts of Drago saying, " If he dies, he DIES!" and run back to that clip multiple times please lol
So this is the "racism" that the coloreds are calling out Stallone for on Twitter?
Jesus Fucking Christ KILL YOURSELF.

Great speech, he kept it simple, no politic bullishit, black lives matter bullshit, police shootings bullshit. That's how award speeches should be conducted. Thank your God, your family, your co-stars, the director and the people who have supported the movie, and walk off the stage. As a black man I am beginning to get tired of these race bating speeches at these award shows.
Scott Davidson
should have won an Oscar or something for playing Apollo Creed
iconic moment
mike gager
people are saying stallone is racist because of the way he handed the envelope to carl. people are idiots
These two still look like they can jump into an empty Gym ring and go toe to toe and see if one second really does matter or not. DING DING.
once again Hollywood proved they are so racist Birth of a nation was one of the best movie so far this year
Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky Rockyyyyy.......
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