Sean Spicer Returns to do Press Conferences gets CONFRONTED with Comey Trump tape leaks 5/14/2017

Sean SpicerReturnstodoPressConferencesgetsCONFRONTEDwithJames ComeyTrumptape leaks5/14/2017

Tarik S
"what he do to grow jobs"

is this what he has been doing?
Moses Pharaoh
president splicer
Nikki Price
Our president is the worst kind of coward and the most horrible human being to come near the oval. All of you who continue to defend him, need your heads examined. Voting for him is forgivable considering the various bi-partisan issues but sticking to your guns over this devil-clown, makes you look as insane as he obviously is. That includes the likes of Sean Spicer!!!
Pragm Aticamente
Trump is playing them again. The liberals can't understand the game he's playing with them and it's hilarious.
Arturo Garza
Putin is laughing his ass off at the stupidity of the liberal media. There are absolutely no ties between Trump and Russia. This is really getting silly.
Donna F
These briefings are ridiculous Trump changes his mind every two minutes. I think he has short term memory loss. Dementia!!! I think Spicer tries but you can't keep up with Trump the lunatic. The whole WH is full of shit. White house staff and the President are a disgrace!!!
Sn Z
If FBI don't have any evidence that Trump campaign has any relation to Russia, what's the hack the investigation can even be started, just because president Obama want it?
You probably found the first good president in decades, see how much debts you owe already, you only pay politicians to get more debts. Are you fool enough not questioning this?
Obama didn't grow any economy, you can just give the money of the amount of debt added to people out of work direct, it's the same result, you don't need any government to do that.
See how much Obama screw up with middle East, what a joke is his Noble Peace Prize.
Ronnie Roberts
Why do "We the People" let these fucking politicians get away with all the lies & bullshit! Every fucking member of congress has good health insurance. If I get injured & have to go to the hospital I'm fucked. It will take me the rest of my life to pay off that bill. I will not go to the hospital unless it's really, really bad. It's a couple grand just to walk in the door. Fuck the politicians & fuck the government, I wish they would all just fucking die!
Orion RSX
Did he use the fire extinguisher yet?
Catherine Gold
Spiced is a boob!
Kolin Mademe
The capacity for RWNs to pathologically lie in the face of reality is: astounding!
rebecca rae mays
Bahaha... WH doesn't know it's arse from its elbow... Hilarious!!!
sean spicer we know your an a$$hole stop pretending to be nice LOL
John Mainiac
Busy and robust schedule.... IOW Fore.
Janet Chandler
Sean conflates 'no evidence of collusion' with 'evidence of no collusion' Clearly the two are not the same. Unless you are determined to pull the wool over people's eyes.
Lyn W
My God this Spicer guy, does anyone remember the governor from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas when he sang "Ooh I like to dance a little sidestep, now you see me now you don't".
lying spicey
spicey lol
David W.
this presidency is unravelling right before our eyes. what a huge let down to everyone that put their support behind Trump.
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