Game Theory: FNAF, We were WRONG about the Bite (Five Nights at Freddy's)

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All this time, I've been doing lore-based theories on FNAF, trying to piece together clues about the Purple Guy, the missing children, the Crying Child, Psychic Friend Fredbear. But today, I'm tackling the series from a different angle -- an old-school angle. Today, I'm looking at the SCIENCE of Five Nights at Freddy's, to see whether n animatronic would really have the BITING power necessary to break through bone. Could the bite we see in FNAF 4 really happen? Or is there something more sinister going on in the walls of Fredbear's Family Diner? 

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Lightning Chaser
Too many puns!
Lightning Chaser
29516 Newtons, if you're going by 3D versions of fredbear because there are only eight teeth on each side, and we're only seeing it from a 2D standpoint. I think...
mind explosion
Scott Hunter
Is really robots at chuky chese
Alyas Riggs
that bite is the 1987 one because in the first game in the custom night mode if put in 1987 it will show Golden Freddy's jump scare
Alisha Emmert
if you look at the book Scott released "The Freddy Files", theres a little part in it i noticed people missed. On the first chapter, of course it being about the first FNaF, we see a part called "Things We Learn From Phone Guy". The third point says something that made me confused. We all know that the child in the fourth game dies at the end and on the third point int the Freddy Files book it says, and i quote, 'Apparently someone had a daytime run-in with an animatronic and lost his or her frontal lobe, but survived.' focus on the word 'survived". the child in the fourth game DIES so how could he have been the victim of the bite of '87?
Connor Chicken
Did you know that Mangle is actually trying to radio the police? Her radio is broken. I watched a bunch of videos about it. Mangle says these words:
"We have a little boy..."
"Missing his frontal lobe..."
"Hes not doing so good."

Although this game is pretty old, it's just amazing what Scott included intot he game. Hints....
To get deeper and deeper into what actually happened. Why everything is the way it is. Its the absolutely amazing!
Johanna Courtney
Umm... Matt... Henry made those robots. Afton didn’t make his spinoff creations till later; Golden Freddy was a Henry animatronic, not an Afton. That means Afton is still somewhat alright in this case; he killed kids to get his son back based on other theories, sure, but that was after Henry over powered the robot and got the kid’s skull crushed. Which makes me wonder; is Henry so nice after all? He attempted to refuse to help Afton with the Funtimes, and afterwards regretted it, but he was playing with fire before Afton ever was. 😯
Spoiler alert:

In fnaf twisted ones Charlie died from a Funtime animatronics
BeanBox 360
Yay Steven is in this episode!
Tahlia Nieves
Exotic Butters dun dun dun dun Exotic Butter dun dun dun dun
Mr Savage
What about pink guy???
um... Sins of the Father has been taken by another game... a FNaF fan game...
Bailey LaCroix
The kid cryed so it made them bite
Rachel Lopata
Exotic butters
Rachel Lopata
Lisa Bean
Free Gmail
I think foxy bit an adult's head in front of the kids so that's why he had an out of order sign in his cove
Ziad Ben-Gacem
I know this is a bit late, but is it not wierd that in bendy and the ink machine chapter one, henry talks anout the ink machine like he doesn't know what it is? Its like he's never seen it before?
Rosaura Ramos
I broke my tablet triing to bite the like button
Crystal Rabbit
Samprogamer Plz sub
The intro was funny
CuteSweetIdiot Sarah
Cameron Besser
The old school treatment!
Sebastian Pivaral
1:50 lowkey predicted Fnaf The Twisted Ones (end)
LordSFM 99
Freddy's "Hand Print" on his face is a specular illusion
Caleb Morrow
Notification squad!!!! Love your videos. Keep on going!!!!
Chandler's blogs videos
the voice in sister location:hey lets give funtime foxy a controlled shock Funtime foxy: come on daddy give me a controlled shock Night guard:NOPE NOPE NOPE NOT TODAY IM GOING TO SEE BABY Baby:you dont know what we been through night guard: IM GOING TO SEE BALLORA goes into balloras vent eh i dont know i never been in to under tale ballora WHAT DID U SAY funtime freddy HE SAID HE DIDNT LIKE UNDER TALE
Woludnt realeasing that much pressure at once break the suits
CJMINITDM minecraft
What the heck why would purple guy kill his son and his durter
Frisk Gamer
Eggs Benedict is eating a basket of Exotic butters while listening to Angsty Teen playing casual bongos! While watching this...
Adam D
Matpat don't forget the endo teeth (which are metal) and that is only the left side of Fredbear. He is biting waaaaaaay more than 14 newtons.
Pastel PhoenixX
Mat pat should become a science teacher!! Sir.Pat your new youtube science teacher!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Wolfpup
Hey. On the fnaf world website, Scott added and extra "that doesn't matter dummy. You would be lost without me. I can put myself back together"
SparkTree Spark
It seems that matpat is changing his intro every time
muara tewe
I dare u make a theorist about horizon zero dawn
This went from cringy to cancer in 0.5 seconds
Amy Laster
You play fnaf4
Why is this playlist for FNAF not in any particular order? Why does it start with a recent one and jump around? Where can I start this series? This is really frustrating.
FoxManiacTeag !!!!!!
What if the sign that says Out of Order actually means that the timeline is out of orderOr that no one will order a foxy anamatronic because it's discontinued
I got lost at science...
Breezy J
Poor matpat he will never stop doing fnaf
4:33 I am never going to chucke cheese ever again I have hated that place since I was 8
Wait wait wait, what? What if crying child DIDN'T get bitten into the head, what if he got his NECK bitten? So on the screen, it shows the child get bitten on the head, but the screen only shows the right side of Fredbear's head, not both, so since Fredbear's head has fat of course, the child has been bitten in the middle, and since the mask of Fredbear has space including the snout, as you can tell by the FNAF 2 mask inside, the child looks like his head got squashed in the mouth, but since the snout has enough space from the inside, his head DIDN'T get squashed! Since there is the mask with space, some parts of the child's head is getting COVERED, so that means the NECK has been bitten by Fredbear!
I have a theory! What if the same time the bite happened, purple guy was in the springbonnie suit and pretended to be a regular operating robot but watching the kids stuff crying child's face in Fredbear's mouth and purple guy was watching? Here's what I mean: so purple guy still alive could be in the springbonnie suit without the innards killing him and could be watching his son, or the crying child being bitten by the masked boys! And that's probably another reason why the whole FNAF universe started, because why would purple guy stuff the children when he doesn't watch them stuffing his son in the jaws of Fredbear, right? So purple guy must be watching the masked boys do it.
i am guess Fnaf 6 because it is a secret night.
you said the power of Math Scott Actually put that in the Fnaf Freddy Files. Guidebook!
Meowmeowpickle Loves cheese
Mini ballora..... mini Freddy....
Jordan Irvine
But Freddy put his hand on his face and that is about the size of Freddys hand or fredbears and why would William get the animatronic to kill its stupid he tells on his brother all the time actually what happened to his brother? As I was saying because William made its suit to kill his brother tells on him all the time so his brother thought it won't kill him William was stupid enough to not know that his brother would not kill hiss little brother
demon sans
I have a theory so he says in the cut scene "it's me Michael " and "they thought I was you "... that means since fredbear killed crying child purple guy The father purple guy... not son OK?
he started killing children to experiment or get revenge .. =Matpat will solve it i know it☺ so please like.... anyways so after they got killed by father purple guy The souls of the kids thought purple guy The son Ok? .. they thought he was murderer so they springlocked him butt the real killer is the father that's why in the cut scene says they thought I was you so the son purple guy is innocent that's why he will get revenge on his father and fix SOMEONE you know who ....... IM A 11 YEARS OLD AND IM SMART OMG PLEASE LIKE SO MATPAT SEE THIS AND SOLVE THE QUIZ OF SCOTT
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