djsophie gamez
matpat i have a really interesting theory that would be cool if you could check out. i think that mike , William Afton's son, is the killer. lets give you some evidence in fnaf2 trailer if you reverse it then it says things like mike killed all and the killer is out. another piece of evidence is fnaf4 , if we use the evidence the William Afton has 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter. i think the son in the foxy mask is mike and he and his friends put the crying child's head in fredbear's mouth and he gets killed it wouldn't have happened if they didn't put his head in the there also in sister locations final cut scene mike tells his farther about what he has done. i just thought that this would be interesting there is probably evidence against this but it would be cool if you would look at it
from djsophie
Emmy Random
do more fnaf bro
XxCreepy CupcakexX
What I always wondered if in fnaf 1 kids were killed being stuffed in a suit then in fnaf 2 were their new kids that were killed??
mike orange
Hold up purple guy has a skeleton🤔😧is he sans!?!?!!
Andrew Diax
mat pat isnt it weird that theres a grandfather clock in 1 2 and 3 but 1 and 2 in a pizzaria and in 3 like a storage facillity
KS Alx
But I thought Henry no last name given was the one who created The Animatronics except for the ones in Sister Location
1craftydaisy Studios
Purple guy didn't design the animatronics, a guy by the name of Henry or something did
Black Goku
Matt you could have read the description for the book summary
Rockiwithdokken 44
I have theory: matpat can't survive without suckling on the tits of a talentless wannabe developer who's somehow managed to trick ten year olds into thinking he's a deep intellectual. But hey that's just a theory.
Adolfo Pena
Wow. They brought back the old intro.
CatfishLady 989
Every time I see one of these videos, before clicking it I try and see if it's Matpat or Matpat with a cold (I forgot his name)
Ensaf Almomani
I can practically see Scott laughing at his computer thinking HAAAHAHAH
Mohannedthe Gamer
Remember that time at home alone 1 when one of the thiefs stand on a nail
well so purple guy is not bad he did all of this for his children
Ian Moskal
this games so old and cringy and fanbase is cancer
Wickid Gaming
Purple guy made fredbear and KILLED his own son then made baby to kill his daughter so her daughter wouldn't freak out about her brother being dead then he made the toy animatronics and possessed the withered animatronics with the friends of William aftons son so they wouldn't freak out and those kids posses the phantoms the souls of the kids came out and bassicly killed William his soul passed down and that was the end
Shahin M
ok here's theory , what if thé purple Guy did not make thé suit's To kill thé son, what if they where made To kill SOMEONE ELSE!?!?someone specific, now i dont know who....but please like so mattpat can see this!
That One Cashew
somethings there something new
jaywill06 #catchthiswork
guys i just realised that the 4 children who bullyed the crying child in fnaf 4 they whore the vanilla fnaf anamtronics
Saady Maddy
hey guys ! i have just started new channel, can i get 100 subscribers? please please please :)
ok sooooo. Just came from a video on "the twisted ones" aka fnaf soooo can you plz do that PLZ
Maddie the Gamer
This is sad purple guy i feel sad for him
Ginger Wannabe
The Freddy grin made me really uncomfortable
Blue Shooter2
The fnaf sister location ennerd plan won't work

The cameras (see night4)
flop dop said u were doing a summer video on the fan timeline, I'm just wondering how much sooner this video will be because I'm soooo hyped about this. its just killing me having to watch there other theories(not saying they suck at all, some don't one single bit)but I just want to here my favorite theorist do a video on this..! cant wait t see u soon.
Flames Girl
Who's watching between june 23-26
boyz n the rosendo
the bite :(
Toy chica fan 08
poor kid
what if the compressor is in the head
oogly bubily Tubers
Dash piza
worst video ever. Stop saying words I don't know
Disney Pup
Um twisted ones came out where is that amazing video I'm wating for?
Has anyone ever noticed that withered foxy from the 2 game the one part of his head looks like it's been shot
adam cramer
but Henry was the one who made the sutes so affton is innocent in the beginning at least
leah Johnson
I was researching the issue with the frontal lobe being removed causing the dream theory not to work... but it does! He might not have lost all of his frontal lobe.According to various studies partial lobotomies can leave some of the previous characteristics, enough to have him be just scared enough to check for the animatronics but not go out to them, and even to have nightmares. Also, there have been cases where people have had frontal lobe damage and re-learn enough of the previous characteristics for it to make sense. I know I didn't explain this very well but when you really think about it it makes sense... So yes, the dream theory checks out, and I'm not even mad!
cookie ninja
fredbear bit his head so hard dat he cracked a childs skull
Thanks matpat, u ruined winnie the pooh for me.
Throws away her mug
Milomind C
hang on, I thought henry made the robots, that would explain why pruple guy killed his son.
Bendy the ink Character
One bite happens you better run away from fnaf and never return again.
But the animatronics have an endoskeleton with teeth so that could effect something
Prairie Dogs Rock!
can you send me all video names about fnaf
wild life
Gabriella Shelton
you do relize that if you listen to one of the phone messeges on fnaf 1 phone guy says that the kid survived and only lost his frontal lobe.
The Wolf pack
That's not a human it's a hobbit.
The Mystery Nerd
At this point, I believe anything you say MatPat. Even if you piece together a theory that all of the animatronics are actually magic bird strippers
Rebecca Mayhew
please pay attention to fredbear`s hat and golden freddys hat because fb is purple gf is black so golden freddy is not fredbear .also i love your video and i am a little bit a fan of you solving the theary
Zara Graves
Liam Malik
I got a conspiracy theory ad before this
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