Dance Battle with Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron and Jimmy take turns using the dance move generator to make up random dances on the spot, like the "Tennis Pro" and the "Double Kayak."

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Dance Battle with Charlize Theron

waleed awan
omg she is so beauty i will marry her
Immanuel K.
gg 😂
She is a knockout and great actress
She so hot
TS Xtina
I love her soooo much!
keeping it real
Lesbian, lover of black lives, beautiful woman wants to be black, has black child, no blood line, wants gay marriage, looper.
Elaine Cristina
Shes fuking with abuser Sean Penn. UGH!
Brave Star2
Nicole Kidwoman and Charlize Thron is most beautiful women in world...
Lu Lima
She is so perfect
Antony Dom Camilo
This how African girls are, when they feel free. We love you Charlize
Fábio Electro
What is the name of this song 1:12?
Ramon Campos
She is freaking Hot !!!
Savira Ayu
She's Such a cool girl.
Pamela Haston
That's pretty bad.
Wow! She's hot at "High Heels" Level! 👽
Hannahbanana007 X
Charlize actually dances out these moves. Jimmy just acts.
System Reality
I am overcultured
that body..those legs...gorgeous
Artem Tolkachev
Dream woman
Mills J
She's good. really good.
Mansoor Mobin
omg ..the way she is walking
She is so beautiful!✨
Sammy Keyes
My mom's friend's roommate was friends with Charlize. Apparently, she went over to their place to watch T.V. to get rid of her accent. Lol.
Maria Edelyn Gunda
She has the best dance moves in this show! Ily Charlize!
Meldz Pilario
shes a good dancer....
RomanZZZ Nem
что за музыку? шарлиз терон
Larry Brown
Fallon's "games" are lame lately. But God thank you for Charlize Theron!
Ari Tran
04:23 His face when she smashed his hands. You're welcome!
Whats the name of the song when charlize slapped the giraffe?!!😂 thx
on the rocks with salt
Charlize laughs like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere snaps the necklace box on her fingers.
Douglas Henry
The premise of this is STOOPID, but watching Charlize Theron dancing is heels is worth it!
We are 2 professional dancers, Diana Seabra and Olsi Gjeci and we are based in NY and Lisbon.
We dance with companies like Trisha Brown Dance Company, Sublime Dance Company etc.
But, let’s get to the point: We have built a global dance platform and wanted to share with you.

It’s called UMUV!

Watch the video to learn more!!

Give us a try today and OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT!
Chele Coniglio
She seems to be such a nice person
Rohith A N
I want to skip Jimmy's parts. He's just fake
Mommy Dearest
Is she 6 feet tall?
Jap Toyos
I hated her cuz of F8 of the Furious lmao
She's amazing!!!!! 💜👏👏👏👏🔝
marialima lima
I love her❤
one foxy mama!
Roy Staggers
I would make Rabbit Ears out of those long legs
Shan S.
how can you not love her!
Holy shit she spun on one leg with stilettos?? O.o jesus
2 trannies having fun
Turrondealmendra Sinapellido
I dont like her.
She’s so graceful! It’s mind blowing.
Ano Nym
Why do they steal German 80s Songs? 🤔
María Marín
This woman looks in her 20-30's I want her secret! She's adorable!
Hebrew Seven
Looks like she always has headache.....matter of fact my damn head hurts when I look at her.....😩😩😩😩
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