'Fantastic Beasts' of the TSA w/ Eddie Redmayne

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Eddie Redmayne finds himself in a stressful moment at the airport when an overzealous TSA agent wants to go through his suitcase hiding some very Fantastic Beasts.

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Sandra Koster
its verry funny . 😋😋
Dextoryer iruna
omg i love eddie 💞
Samantha Dynamite296
I saw the words "Eddie Redmayne" and was like,



Ehm ... does anybody happen to know what jacket Eddie Redmayne is wearing ?
what in the world did I just watch
Criaturita del Señor
omg is great 😭😭😭😂💓
Please Japanese subtitlesT_T
qazi zaahirah
Except that it would most probably be a person of color getting his bag checked
ไก่เช้าชอบเด้า ไก่เมาชอบเซ
you look like guard of united airline hahahahaha olo O
Lorna Dizon
newt is with biggie
Tilda Nyström
Eddie would be perfect for the Doctor, damn
AFK Anthony
I actually did watch this movie on a plane so slightly ironic.
keanne salas
eddie redmayne is a good actor....
I loved the movie😍
Gandalf The Pink
Eddie is the perfect combination of Sexy and geeky. Like he's shy but then his smirk. hMmmMmm
I love Eddie sooooooo much
damion Brown
hey guy remember in the movie when Eddie did that dance when the rink thing was in for a mating season that was so funny I watch the movie every day of my life I wanna married him he also looks like Louie Tomlinson from one direction I love one direction
WTF & Compagnie Momo
I'm fucking dead of laugh xD
Aylin Sadixova
God, James SHUT UP!
Vicki Pilgrim
i died when he said "if you back me into a corner i will whistle my way out of it " hahaha
Wait, James had the bottle of mouthwash in his pocket the whole time ?? Now that's REAL magic !! :p :p :p :p
MarchHedgehog MSP
Who knew Eddie saves endangered furries
Daphne Dapper
Eddie is so adorable gfgerghhgggff2
Anyone else notice the guy in the suit case is Owen Wilson
Linh Nguyễn
wow, he looks awkward and sexy at the same time!
That American Witch
This is great! But I wish they had somehow worked Katherine Waterston into it as well because she is SO funny
Apple America
James ur lucky
Night Hunter
Newt will will always be my crush forever.. 😍😍 who else agrees? 🙋
Kenzie Marie
Eddie is always soo cute <3
Alyssa Mincey
Eddie's so adorkable.
Naomi squishy land
this is funny
lina gomez
who ever know what is the song in the intro?? help me
Creative Gabs
OMG that was amazing or should I say 'fantastic' lol i love Eddie redmayne
MarchHedgehog MSP
nawal sharif
what's the name of the music at the beginning? please tell me I'm trying to find it for ages😔
Saint Mikhaiella William
Fancy Prongs
Omg that was just adorable!
Lauren Is epick
How many times do i have to tell you, DON'T BRING THE MOUTHWASH! YOU DON'T EVEN USE THE MOUTHWASH!
Knn B
the lion sounds like Owen Wilson
this is how Fantastic Beasts should have been 😂😂
Ebony Unique Hernandez
T S Motha Fuckin A
Who don't love these too?! 💖
Leila Mulia
Eddie‘s face hahhaa
He's so hot I can't even
what was the song at the very beginning of the video???
Cmc Cmc
He is soooo hot!!!
I love him!!!?
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