Guess Who Vandalized The Walk of Fame...Ugh

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Jeremiah Jenkins
Do a video playing persona 5
Everyone knows black people are dumb. #educateblacks
Andy, are you retarded!?! The soy sauce is too runny to use. Use teriyaki sauce instead. ;P
Myna Detail
Thank Gong Bit Cracked Me Up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Adrian Mejia
Wtf this fucking show is everywhere. >:(
Lyssa Tomlin
"That's where shame begins"

You guys are crazy awesome
Cody Horman
Andy if you did lets plays id probably jiz my pants. not gonna lieπŸ˜‚
Derek Gaines
A j-rpg like Personify... like Personify.... Does not even know the title yet he loves the game.
Boalol lal
You could just as well have put a mirror next to you, Andy.
There's no difference between you guys. Same face expressions, same sense of humor.
Chuck Norris
I usually Agree with you guys but you have a very flawed argument about Tamir Rice. He was a 12 year old child with a Toy. A valid argument would be to say that He had a Toy Gun that looked real, you can't just use a blanket Statement saying that he had a gun. You participate in spreading fake news when you do this. The person who called the police on this CHILD selectively omitted the fact that the child was a minor and that the Gun was a toy
How about #YerrowRivesMatter ?
Jesse N
You know what I was wrong, this doesn't sound like something AntiFa would do.
Jesse N
You sure it was BLM and not AntiFa?
make a video on north korea
가사 μ‹œλ‚˜λ¦¬μ˜€ μž‘κ°€/ν”„λ‘œνŒ λŠ‘λŒ€ ν•˜λ‚˜λ‹˜
The Wizard
I'm really starting to like these two. Their Banter is Quality.
Cum n soy sauce
an irish potato
Rock Shoulder
Are they the real life versions of Burt and Ernie?
Jason Carto
When will black lives matter to black people?
It was Franny wasn't it?
Asher Elric
Tamara Rice committed suicide. It was never proven that anyone had anything to do with it. those people are so dumb.
Wow, BLM. That was an unexpected twist. I knew that it would be SJW's, but, wow. They're still going? And just when I had regained some faith in humanity. 😞
Feather Feather
When the #Asianbrainsmatter topic came up I almost choked on my pancakes because everything after that was hilarious-
Sarah Cascio
or ye could beam like a Batman light Asian brains matter
Ace Aardvark
I hate to say it but... this is one of the more reasonable actions that BLM has taken. At least they are not threatening to kill white people.
I know I'm late, but you need to do a video about the shopkeeper who put up a no black teenager sign after being robbed 20 times in like two weeks or something.
How is BLM still a legitimate thing? Seriously. When has enough become enough? We're at the point where the horse is now a 100 foot tree. Do civilians really have to take care of this shit? Why isn't the KKK marching around since racism is so ok. I feel like my life is a big reality show and i'm being punk'd. Can we just move ahead 10 years and get out of this illogical non consistent time we're living in. Society was getting so equal but the pendulum just couldn't stop. Now people who were oppressed in the past have to be better or racism. Makes me so angry.
To be fair, the most people on the walk of fame aren't more deserving.
Jason Kanyike
Timir rice never pointed a gun at the cops, dont be liars, there's actual video dudes. Why would you try to minimize that killing? kid did NOT point his toy at the police so why mislead your audience? Also, just because somebody put names of police victims, how does that make it blm? did they claim credit? btw, there have been a couple of white victims of the police as well guys....most recent being a teenager i believe. And a well-meaning white person could have been the one to do it too. i dont understand how every instance of violence you guys attribute it to the blm movement. could it not just have been a hoodrat? honestly.just because a black person does something stupid, does not mean its bkm guys, jesus
Young Doodle
I was dead when they were talking about Asian brains matterπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jamie Lynn
What would have been productive is to hold rallies and bring their communities together and raise money to get a nice memorial made.
Btw, you guys should do a video on the WatchCut Video channel and their "Of Race" series lol
Foxboy 614
If you do that, add in a loud, hearty "ACHING CHONG PING LING!!!" for good measure.
If that sounded racist, I'm sorry.
Hi Andy, you should do a compilation video of all of your "UGHs" just like homer Simpson did a compilation of his "DOHs"
BLM are reduced to publicity stunts! Bahahahaha!
Carlos Alberto Salazar Garcia
Greg Stewart
Got to love it when you click the bell icon to get notifications on new vids and it instead un-subscribes me from the channel. Other people try it out, so i can see if it's just my account.
Martin Van Buren
Not Sane
edgy comment
If they don't press charges, let's do the exact same thing but write "Pepe the Frog" on every star! Then they can't press charges on us without blatantly using double standards!
Anthony Alverio
Andywarski its California what did you expect?
Charlie Butterbean
00:05 he sounds totally french there. is he french? i demand to know.
Christian Ovesson
lol whyΒ΄s that "just when you think" shit so funny at the beginning? xD
knew guy
#AsianInvasion <3
Andy's fucking laugh sounds like a duckdying!!! I love it. It gives me life!!!! i could cry bitch! D,x>
j c
lol you guys are funny... no glory holes.. they must look in their eyes
How are they going to charge BLM? Who specifically is responsible? Come on.
Brad Reed
Didn't this happen awhile ago?
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