xnefon whistleblower
TRUMP 2024
Dennis Kalashnik
America First
Mick Passenger
trump should commit suicide and take his family with him
I'm european...merkel destroyed europe and my country italy. Is in crisis thank to germans economic policies, this woman is a nazi dangerous and evil...thank trump
surya fukuro
I can't tell if he was joking and people laughed at him, or he told the truth and everybody laughed at him
This guy is a genius for this.
Are all you liberals so retarded that you've forgotten that Merkel was wiretapped by Obama? Even if Trump's claims about himself getting wiretapped is bullshit, it's still good strategic propaganda. Are you all too fucking stupid to see that?
Crap that was embarrassing, and then he blames fox again, ugh...
Axel xXx
Brian Kerby
Like a Boss
Love it. "At least we have something in common..(Perhaps)" Awesome underhanded dig...and she deserves all of it and more.
she Looks so tired
Johan N
Well done chancellor Merkel 👍👍👍
Jamie McNeill
what a moron
and people still think this guy is not firing on all cylinders..the timing of that delivery is pure gold. He controls the narrative, to the disgust and disdain of the so called fair and balanced media and fighting him with daily negative press is not going to change it for the better.
The God Emperor Trump is an awesome troll!
SAYING things that need to be said, making things that need to be felt FELT!
Mike Dole
Fucking burn!!!! All you trump haters are gonna lose your minds because trump is always right!!!
Liar in chief!
I don't care what side of the aisle you lean.... This is some funny shit!
Joe Starkey
President Trump says things in real life that other people wish they had said in hindsight. And his Pro-American agenda is really resonating.
Come on....We all know Obama spies. AP in 2013, Rose, just to name two.
Destroy Deep State
What Trump is doing is - for months the Democratic, opposition press was running around citing various reports about a Trump-Russia conspiracy which had numerous references of WIRE-TAPING of Trump team. So he called them on it and NOW they can't bring up these reports anymore without embarrassing themselves. They don't know what to do, except now turn on a dime and call those same reports b.s. and unsubstantiated. This is what Spicer keeps throwing back in their face. It's glorious.
Van Vo
Are we gonna ignore the fact that Trump just blame the entire wiretapping claim on Fox News? "You shouldn't be talking to me, you should be talking to Fox"
info warrior
Trump STILL pushing the "wires-tapping" lie? I suppose he knows that he can say anything and his followers will believe him.
Everyone from "pantload" Hillary to most news media fakes and putrescent pundits said Trump hadn't paid federal income taxes for 20 years. They all made that claim with absolutely no evidence to go on.

Then idiot Rachel Maddow releases a purloined copy of Trump's 2005 income tax return showing all the previous hacks to be full of shit. Does anyone apologize to Trump? Of course not. You gotta have a soul and a conscience for that.

It's all crap. Nothing the Trump opposition promotes is true. He's made them all look like nincompoops.

Don't bet against Trump. If he has evidence of wiretapping, he's got it. Trump is THE ONLY man in Washington DC who can tell the truth!
Alex DSL
Richard Stark
Hahaha!!.... Merkel is looking at him, thinking, "please keep that sick shit inside your head till I'm outta town."
Müük Posti
can they remove trump from white house?
John Duncan
Love ya Trump! Spicy!
Bacons Strip
Good lord this man is an embarrassment to our country.
Obama hacked Merkels phone for many, many years...
After that he came with te same false excuse as now.
BaraBoi Stevens
Observe the dipshits in the comments section thinking this is cute. Trump is a trainwreck.
wow only 1 cuck watched this video
Frank Stein
FACT: Wikileaks just revealed that the CIA is listening to EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY AT ALL TIMES...and you think that President Trump wasn't being listened to???? Of course he was.
we "have something in common" can someone explain this joke? sorry I don't know much about German politics
Again Trump humiliates the USA before the entire global world. Every SANE PERSON in the US govt has told Trump repeatedly there "have never been any wiretaps on Donald Trump's telephones". Stop slandering & libeling Pres Obama. But Trump doesn't care about the law, the truth or even common decency. He knows Pres Obama will not file suit against him(but he should). Even Repubs in congress hv warned Trump they will subpeona him personally & force him to either present PROOF of wiretaps, admit he has been maliciously lying to the American people, or he can commit perjury b4 Congress & be impeached. Just do us ALL A FAVOR & invoke the 25th amendment. Trump is a delusional, pathological liar incapable of distinguishing reality from his fantasies & SHOULD be removed immediately from office.
Grande Babbo
hell yes.
BOOM! (mic drop)
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