Awwww, David and Thomas are butt-hurt by the big bad lifeguard. He's so mean. Hope these snowflakes don't melt in the hot sun.
Elaine Hogg
This kid has a great future as a Dick! Another punk with no respect for authority or adults or anything else that crosses his path. A simple yes sir in the beginning would have been appropriate and so easy do do.
Well, you are both wrong. You show some respect if you want respect in return. But the Life Guard assaulting you is wrong as well.

p.s. look up the definition of assault if you don't think this was assault.
Greg Ibara
The kid is sassy, but let's take a moment to remember the lifeguards job. At that moment there is no one looking out at the water for help, someone could have easily drowned and died without supervision.
Thorvald Ripley
Meanwhile, three kids are drowning.
daniel schuch
The lifeguard told the kid "I suggest you never come back here." The lifeguard for one should never have said such a thing, but more importantly he has no authority to make such a statement. The guy is a grown bully on a power trip. He should have no contact with the citizens of the South Bay.
Sisibcrazy !
I have a 15 year old that looks like he is a lot older, 18/20 and we've had an incident happen in front of us bc of this where we had to tell an older man to stand down bc he is talking to a teen. The man was drunken & thought my son laughed at him. I feel for this boy bc of my boys. The lifeguard went too far. I'd hope my son would react more respectfully but honestly (and my son is a sweet boy who never has caused any problems), I don't know how he'd react to a so called "authoritative" figure getting in his face. He may have not been as nice as this boy. No matter how old you are you need to respect others to be respected. I'd be so angry as a Mom but you can't be on top of your kids 24/7. They are going to have to deal with these situations where older jerky males want to feel powerful with young boys that are becoming men.
Big Mike
This is not the Redondo Beach I grew up in. What a sad day.
Let's get this fuckhead fired boys
Cara G
Wait, it's my understanding that Thomas complied with the lifeguard's request right away. If this is the case, then this lifeguard needs to be fired, or at the very least, suspended without pay and ordered to take some type of sensitivity training. THE LIFEGUARD escalated this situation by being aggressive & bullying this teenager. Kudos to Thomas for not backing down in the face of a power hungry man-baby trying to intimidate him and run him off.
Henry Cagle
These life guards think that the public is on their beach. They are public servants who need to serve and protect, ordering him to remove the board is one thing but the over shadowing him and talking down to a kid like that is not professional at all.
The lifeguard is drunk. You can hear it.
All of this pointless, tho lifeguard had it out for him. The kid mouth off like you do to your parents "Is it a crime to put my board there" anyways just okay sorry and move on. Nothing to see here just two ppl bickering at each other.
Sovereign Fox
MMMMMMMM Feel the freedom!
Harley Lawrence
I dunno if it was intentional but I love that you put your watermark right in the middle of the screen. Rather than have a hundred vloggers and news sites use your footage and not credit you as they do.
Sam Raycraft
Lifeguard peeked in high school
Carl S
both of them are acting like fucking retards..the kid for mouthing off in the first place like a little cunty smart ass and the guard for being all power trippy.
That kid filming has absolutely no balls
Rules are rules.
Surfer is an entitled asshole.
Lifeguard is an arrogant asshole.

nothing to see here, just some wannabe alphas who flex their irrelevant muscles and some wanna be beta trying to get internet fame points out of it. Y'all the cancer of today's society.
Jorge Miguel
Report the little snowflake old man lifeguard. He is 100% wrong and should get a write up. did you get his name I will call!
paul L
Think the life guard got a knock back from his hand this morning. What a tool he just needs a shiney badge and he would definitely be the closest thing to a cunt a bigger ass hole
Jack Wurm
Incorrectly titled bullshit. Let me re-title this properly for you. Douchebag kid is asked to do something and decides to give the lifeguard attitude so he can be cool in front of his friends.
"I'm gonna let you go back to your little special snowflake world" as he power trips to a kid as a lifeguard. That's about the least amount of authoritative power you can actually have.
serafina king
I'm so tired of reading the comments of people saying "he probably wanted to be a cop or a firefighter but didn't make the cut". 1) if you're physically fit enough to become a lifeguard you are definitely fit enough to be either of those (it's a highly physically demanding job and the training to become a LACO guard is extremely difficult). 2) Los Angeles guards make great pay and it's actually a highly respected job to have because guarding in LA is taken very seriously. 3) Los Angeles guards are actually part of a section of the Los Angeles fire department so it's actually easier to become a firefighter once you're in the system because you're already an employee. Now I'm not condoning his behavior in this video but I'm just tired of people bashing him because of his profession. Lifeguards have a high intensity and physically demanding job and literally save people's lives everyday and that's something people need to respect rather than saying Lifeguarding is something you do if you don't make the cut for some other government job. Most people choose Lifeguarding as a profession because they love the beach and love helping people. He obviously shouldn't have wasted his time talking to that kid but you have to take into account what he might have been dealing with before this incident happened
Creeper Tegan
Way to represent Stephen Sleeis!!!!!!
Josh Gosh
I don't know about wherever this video was taken, but where I live, that kind of harassment is a crime.
Not only could you get a lifeguard fired for that, you could take legal action and leave them with a criminal record that prevents them from being hired as a carer, security guard, or police officer indefinitely.
Dennis Breshears
I was forwarded the information from our public comments
site, and multiple social media sites which shared a video regarding an
incident that occurred on Topaz Jetty in Redondo Beach. Let me first please apologize on behalf of our
Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby and the members of our Department for the negative interaction
depicted in the video. While there could
be many reasons for what was experienced, I sadly have no explanation at this
time, and will offer no excuses whatsoever for an indisputable fact: what was witnessed
has clearly caused many concerns. We take these matters very seriously. The Department is currently working to get
the facts into the events and conducting an internal investigation with all
involved parties. Battalion Chief Dennis
Breshears, Professional Performance Section County of Los Angeles Fire Department
john Cast
Locals need to regulate this bitch kid.
That kid did a good job. Dude was power trippen. The kid made him shut up. Beach is public, he could come back and they can't do shit because the kid didn't do shit.
Gman Gilbert
Little bitch beach brah should have had his head slapped and sent off crying like the disrespectful punk he is. This is the future, no one cares about rules or respect, good luck young generations, you're screwed!!
Carlos Rios
get all your friends at school to go and out their body board on that same can when hes working. do it everyday he works rotating friends every 10 minutes. each one of them removing it when he asks, and saying "i didnt know it was a crime to put my body board there"... hahaha

lifeguard is wasting time and energy. shouldnt he be worried and watching swimmers who could be drowning?!?!
Anthony Howard
I see trillions of grains of sand surrounding him just looking for some eyes to be kicked up in "accidentally"
Sorry, can't help you're so close in my face. My leg twitched and now you have sand in your eye
Mary Jane
Kid should have kicked that loser in the teeth
Grant Z Price
everybody skipped arm day
"You could just walk away and make yourself useful somewhere else. Find something to do...."
"Like what? Like what?"
* distant muffled screams of drowning toddlers *
Ben Kaufman
Am i the only one who would have socked the lifeguard. In my opinion had it been me the lifeguard was intimidating and i would have defended myself
salty coffee
A jerk and a little bitch
Patrick Debellefeuille
This guy prob wanted to be a cop and thank god this douche dailed for what ever reason!!!
Ibrahim Al-Khalaf
he went from bravado to agreeable. I hate when people power-trip.
Kenyon Lenard
Lifeguards are useless they sit around all day do nothing and make money their lives are so miserable and they hate them selves so much they have to make everybody else's miserable
Lol. This lifeguard coming over thinking he can piss off a surfer. He just got out of the water. He's on a high like no other--trust me, I've been there. You can't sour someone's mood who just came off the water. When he says, "I'm going to go home and not remember this," he's not exaggerating. So what, some guy gave him some lip. What's the point in scolding him when he's emotionally invulnerable?
Emily Meyer
Can we get this asshole fired? Look at his petty ass fighting with a 17 year old. You're there to look after beach goers and make sure everyone is safe, not have a dick measuring contest with a boogie boarding kid.
Claudio 33389
This guy woulda got dropped in a second lol
Bubba Hotep
Report the rat bastard LifeTARD to his organization and to Law Enforcement for harassment .....
Doogie H
Fire the fucker!
just because the knob-head lifeguard had an aditude, doesn't mean you should instigate him over such a small issue. one thing is for sure in this video though, the kid and the lifeguard need to grow up. keep your whining to yourself kid, he bitched at you because americans would honestly dump their trash on the ground if they found a surf board blocking their efforts lol just the sane as when that lifeguard comes uppon a mess of a child that acts out to him, getting him charged with assult trying to act as the kids parent, so keep to yourself and try not to be the hero, theres always someone else lower than you that can afford the fall.
Lol that kid should have threw down like 30 seconds in...what a pussy, but I knew that since he don't like sand in his vag.
som én
profiling doesn't work when you have an attitude. The life guard is way to serious. This is not how you earn respect from someone and foster respect for your workplace.
Adam D
The lifeguard taking it way to far here. You should submit this to the city because I bet you're not the only one who has had a run in with this guy. Lifeguards have 0 authority but a guy like this shouldn't be working in such a public job with the illusion of authority.
Nick Tish
Wanna be cop could only pass lifeguard academy lol
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