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I agree with you
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you have alot of legos
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Good film! I like lego animations. I like this film!
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Cool video i like it
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really good animation
SuperJake1 !!
That was AMAZING !!
Yumey Vasquez
gaah the cringe
Panther Gaming: Lego Armory
This is a truly amazing stop motion piece. Great job
You make the best videos!!!
Player BR
super sonic fan
hey..... a guy named Floris van Eeuwijk copied this video Alexander Studios, and he has comments disabled
Ostap Kostych
Леґо пойізд
I can believe that this guy is a cop or a detector and it's bring your son to work day
Studios André
Very cool))
Kenji The Lego Master
This is so cool.
Goodie hennies
Man I'm subscribing this was really good!!!
Chicks Bricks
Amazing! I really enjoyed watching this! Well done! 👍🏼
Robgamer03 the asame
B uhola
Cari Kincannon
3:41 best "WOAH!" I have ever heard in my life
davo lino
wow amazing
I love the part where they were running up the train
WOW AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! It can`t be better 😃😃😃😲😲👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
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het is cool en spanent
Александр Александр
Wow! It's great!
Anthony's Entertainment
Wish mine were as good as this they might be like this in atleast 30 years
yawningjackalope 1
this mission call wrong side of tracks -gta san andreas
beba marie
l. Love. You
Just wondering, is that counterfeit money the machine is making?
You need so many subs this was awesome
Mokka ja Sukulaku
Matt Hew
I have lost my keys
I wish there will be peace
Touch the screen and click
Wow there is flying pig!
I know this is a little bit crazy
But my mouth was just too lazy
To tell you I love you really
The issue was boy called Billy
It was such a big story
About love, pigs and glory
I don't wanna tell you more
Just go out through open door
You can find some cool trees
Aaah, such a nice breeze :D

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Just wow it's great
Dead In its Tracks
How did you do the smoke at 8:46?
Vinny Petru
Disliked Dad and son both should have died. Also how did he rip off the jail cell door so fucking easy? AND break through the fucking wall! THE FUCKING WALL?!?!?! Like they build those things sturdy, not just when you run it it they break!!!!!
Aaric Jacobson
Hey this is sooo cool, could you check out the one video I've done...I'm gonna come out with one Lego City Short each and every week over the summer
good job :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miz K
Awesome video!
Agustín Viola
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