First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke

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James Corden's White House tour takes an unthinkable turn when First Lady Michelle Obama joins him for a drive around the grounds singing Stevie Wonder and Beyonce. Surprise guest Missy Elliott drops in to sing "This Is For My Girls."  Download "This Is For My Girls" from iTunes: To learn more about the song and Let Girls Learn, go to and

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Romuald Rosemain
I'm not sure he's gonna do one with Melania Trump
Michelle Obama was one of the most human presidential women in the history of The United States.
Time2 WakeUp
I'm blessed I'm not american
steven rankine
What a beautiful sprite this lady has ! All in dogzz .
Rab w
ask her how many girls have died by her husbands hands...there a joke these people
Inanna Jacque Kay
I miss her. Come back, Michelle!!!!!!
Caprice Gonzalez
The best FLOTUS America will ever know.
Juliane Danielly
The best first lady ever! I'm so jealous... We don't have a first lady in Brazil like her 😢
Kim R F Keller
Very Cool. I miss Michelle!
Tina Claybrook
now we're whither Donald dumb
Sofia Sofi Thaqi
Pierdolony pederasta udający kobietę.
Anna Grace
Miss the Obamas. :(
Mike Blarney
guarantee there is a ss agent in that far back seat with a machine gun.ready for james.incase he goes postal
She's just so cool 😎❤️
Tony Jennings
Coolest First Lady EVER!!!!!
Yvonne Davis
get your freak on was and still is my shit lol i get turnt up when i hear that don't let me be in the car lol it's a rap
Joel Armani Hart
And I miss Michelle
Joel Armani Hart
You are lucky
Ulrike 1978
she's awsome. what a kind Person she is.
Wiktoria Wiśniewska
I have never noticed that she is so beautiful ♥️
clair hills
good riddance to manchelle ..The phony along with her is a twat.
Amber Madridy
shes super cool my gosh
Niiajia Williams
I'm sooooo sad. I miss them so so so so soooo much!
I am Canadian and I absolutely love her. She is so down to earth and has to be one of if not the best first lady thus far and will be for a long time..Just a great person over all!
When they joke about the president resorting to Snapchat for political issues - how funny that seemed at the time and look at it now.
Mounir Jatim
Morocco is in the building
Allie MsBlondie
I've always wondered where they go during these drives. Like do they drive around the area or actually drive to work but take a lot of detours.
Caleb M
lol secret service, didn't realize she was this cool
Tau Kim
I'm not pretty sure but if it can, Michelle have to be the next U.S president. I mean she has to be nominated 2020!!
Naomi Azulay
Anyone else noticed that they just drove round and round - aka not the usual Carpool Karaoke! xD
hate this fat turd
was that a real SS agent?
Deepak Prasad
did anyone else notice the car of guards behind
ersain nb
Президенттің əйелі болса да қарапайым екен. Ұнатып қалдым.
Karajai Wedderburn
did you guys relize that the body gard is following them
maybebrainless, notheartless
will there ever be a cooler first lady. Obama and Michelle were the best
Joni Danzy
Even as they circle around the white house there is a Secret service car following them
Romy Pfaff
Fabulusdiva 4mga
Meg Fujiwara
She's literally shining! Beautiful!
Those dudes can sing!
politics out of the way i enjoyed this a lot ... nice to see...
Hyper Pron
Anybody else notice the car following them?
Messiah ThomaZ
Dear god please send me a woman like Michelle Obama 🙌🏾👏🏾 beautiful black queen
Juanita Aganon
The first lady will be missed. She is so down to earth and love how she dresses
dan j
Michelle is cute
kayla _so cool
kayla _so cool
do stephen curry
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