Emma Watson Clears Up 'La La Land' Casting Rumors | Entertainment Weekly

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Was Emma Watson really originally cast in Emma Stone's Oscar-winning role? The "Beauty and the Beast" star clears up the rumors surrounding her attachment to Damien Chazelle's "La La Land."
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Emma Watson Clears Up 'La La Land' Casting Rumors | Entertainment Weekly

Akash Suryawanshi
what a load of bullshit ....... just admit it you didn't want to do La La Land and chose more safe Disney movie
Tawnee Gunderson
I haven't seen Beauty and the Beast. But Emma Stone did a great job in La La Land...
George Tanner
so... no... no clearing up...
Pinshaun Lin
She's answer is really good.
Emma Stone was perfect for La La Land and is a huge part of the reason it's such a perfect movie, i'm glad Emma Watson was already committed to Beauty and the Beast.
Cereal Lover
I don't know what everyone is complaining about. Emma Stone is perfect in her role in La La Land, and Emma Watson is perfect as Belle in Beauty and the Beast! It all works out fine!😄
Seleina Bellamy
set in STONE
so originally it's suppose to be ryan + emma watson for BATB
and script for la la land originally written for mike tiles + emma watson right?
but since emma watson had time conflict and focus on batb and mike couldnt do it either, they casted ryan
and when ryan being asked for batb he couldnt do it cos he already focus on la la land
confused LOL but it's something like that
stephen moran
I think Emma Watson should do the musical play on Broadway 😃I say she would be delighted with that
Khue Lor
Watson would have been a fine Mia but Stone slayed that role
Battle Born
I swear this woman could be reading the Bible and I'd still be interested lol
She can't sing and act , Emma Stone was perfect for it
Valpas Kankaristo
0:40 HA!
Jake G 2187
Can everyone just stop with the La La Land backlash?!?!?? You didn't like it, fine. But just because YOU found it boring or don't like musicals, that doesn't means it's a bad film. "Bad" and "didn't like it" are 2 ENTIRELY different things. The world doesn't revolve around you!!!! Quit being a narcissistic prick and thinking your opinion is fact! It's getting old!
Jake G 2187
No disrespect to Watson, but the film would've been a disaster if she was the lead. Stone was perfect for the role, and has amazing chemistry with Ryan Gosling. The role wasn't right for Watson.
I could watch her talking all night long
Emma> Emma
Mara Louise Caña
I love Emma and Emma. I love the fact that Stone played as Mia in La La Land and Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. its a win win for me haha tho there's still a chance for Emma Watson to get that Oscar at the right moment ;)
Artemis A
Emma Watson was offered the role in La La Land but turned it down for Beauty and the Beast
Ryan Gosling was offered the role in Beauty and the Beast but turned it down for La La Land

I'm upset, they could've been such an iconic pair. But their movies were incredible nonetheless. 😄
Lol she got dropped from the project once Miles Teller left. She would've never looked good against Gosling. Stone as the best choice.
best joker
Bit of a dick question.
waleed A
emma stone is perfect for la la land as she is qowrki selliy and the chemistry with ryan gosling they are the perfect movie couple
while watson is elegant polite rightous and inucent witch is perfect for a princess role...so its a win win situation...why cant we love them both...and stone deserves that oscar ....sorry for my english
Mohammed Ali Fazal
So, that means she didn't get the part.
so basically what she is saying is that damien did want her for the role but she couldn't take it due to scheduling conflicts? cause that's sure what is sounds like.
Aaron Rossi
Win an oscar or be a Dinsey Princess. I think she made the right choice.
Blah blah Land is so overrated anyway. I mean I'm sure it was good but I think it was overrated for multiple reasons and I was happy to see Watson not in it and it lose the Oscar for best picture. The academy did something right.
Hamil Fever
I'd say she was considered but wasn't officially offered La La Land. The way she responded makes it seem like she didn't really reject the part but wouldn't have been able to do it even if she was offered due to scheduling conflicts.
Why the fuck is there so much La La Land hate ?
This casting rumor doesn't make sense, I mean, she (Emma Watson) don't need the money nor the popularity, that La La Land could have given her. Then, she just made a decision (which will she like to work with) and she decided work with Disney. In addition, she doesn't need more "fame".
Pablo Alex
Watson > Stone
Miss X
Thank god she wasn't in La La Land
Andrea Ac
Emma Watson > Emma stone.
Sotia Omrd
what can one say about a rejected role which later led to an Oscar? she gave a typical british answer, literally saying nothing specific....anyone in her place would be wondering 'what if I got the Oscar?', but she supported her current film decently...however, I think it was a fair share of roles at the end...an american girl chasing the Holywood dream in La La Land, and a british, posh looking who connected her name to fantasy films, for one of the greatest Disney fairytales of all times....
Athaya Arya
well in the end im glad emma watson stayed in beauty and the beast and emma stone took the role of mia, and ryan gosling stayed in la la land and dan stevens took the role of beast.
Blahblah Blah
I absolutely loved Beauty and The Beast. La La Land was dragging and boring in my opinion and only began to be interesting towards the end. The ending was realistic. That's all I felt for the movie. But I'm just a kid so haha
0:42 SET IN STONE get it emma stone
Emma Watson is so amazing
Henrique Murta
"hm hm"
Valeria Talavera
badass ❤️👏🏻
PIM's a Whovian
Emma Stone was perfect in La La Land, and if Watson had stayed on, then she wouldn't have gotten to be Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Overall, she ended up saving two movies by choosing to do the latter one, cause she's perfect as Belle.
Alice Abercrombie
"Set in stone" haha sly pun
Leila Mulia
she didnt really clear up LOL still..
George Walser
Nice nipples honey
Thank you for clearing that up haha
Slime Clouds
La La Land was wonderful. And Beauty and the Beast was too!
Maddie Shukla
Just saw beauty and the beast and oh my gosh it was amazing, completely perfecttttt
Greg The Slim Jim Genie
I think it's good that she didn't star in La La Land, Emma Stone is perfect for the role and she killed it, and if Emma Watson would have gotten the role in La La Land she wouldn't have participated in Beauty and the Beast, which Watson was perfect for that role, in my opinion she was.
Jordan Jonah Sparks
Hahaha "When nothing is really set in STONE" ... Literally :P
wow shes very well spoken, very good politician. She totally avoided directly answering the question. LOL
I love emma watson but I'm so glad emma stone did la la land, she's just the best
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