Spicer calls leaks from the White House 'dangerous' (audio only)

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer says intentional leaks are extremely troubling and dangerous.

Trump had no problem with leaks when it was in his benefit. What's going on now is not endangering anyone, it's just exposing trump
jerry anthony
Lol. It's dangerous alright to crooked Donald
Trump fully supports Wikileaks, as evidenced by the campaign debates etc.
Visteo Bman
All of these leaks are dangerous ...dangerous for the Orange headed buffoon.
American get dumber than ever before.And the Russians love it
Need Three Feet of Space
if leaks are dangerous, then shut donald ducks mouth from quacking leaks
kg kb
Fake news fake news
maga bitches!
Marie Therese
Fake news
McMaster your next!
Someone should plug the leak on Spicer's face.
leaks are good when they benefit the republicans.
But not when it exposes them.
Trump can leak classified info though. That's not dangerous at all. flipping hypocrites!
Patricia Handy
All news outlets need to be boycotted until they can learn how to get correct information on theirs stories before reporting them. The stories they are telling are coming from anyone, without evidence.
The best way to control the leaks coming from the Traitor-in-Chief's WH would be to muzzle Trump. The latest news story is they had to crank up the volume of the tv just to drown out Trump's yelling temper tantrum. And the biggest leak that came out just recently was Trump's own doing, inviting Putin's Russian media to document their complicity, while barring American media. Because of that Russian media, it is the only reason we know Trump met with the spy guy ambassador along with the foreign minister
el jay
Is this the closest Spicer is willing to admit its that Trump is the fucking White House leaker..."ya know it, I know it, everybody knows it"....D.J.T
el jay
Is this the closest Spicer is willing to admit its that Trump is the fucking White House leaker..."ya know it, I know it, everybody knows it"....D.J.T
Granny Loca
why does the media hate America? loose lips sink ships, n get members of seal team 6 killed not to mention a Pakistani doctor who helped us with bin laden intelligence. smh
richie s
trumps administration is a embarrassment to the nation
Hmm... Seems like the truth to me, leaking. It would be great to find out exactly who's doing it. Great!
Robert None
And spicy you do you, just love this shitshow.
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