Hi reddit!
génial aha !
Jack Roberts
Perfectly timed. Great job.
Sandra B.
wow let's not move out of the way or anything. so stupid. train was cool but people are stupid
Adventure Guy
Drift express
The Random Tube
perfect combo
Чезан АХ
да как то и не было сомнений, что оне долбоёбы, а Задорнов ни когда не врёт.
Виталий Кривов
Human stupidity is boundless.
thatwoman had no fear till the last second:D
People will do anaything for a facebook video wow
song name?
stupidi e cretini. facepalm.
серж Серж серж
тупые овцы.
W / L
What can we say, sir. Present your Johnson, we will suck it.
Mozart is that you? Don't be modest !
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