The Philosopher
I can't stop looking at those legs. 😣
jerry minnie
Okay but her shoes are gorgeous!
emm B
0:26 JIMMY WTF ?
meghana killi
OMG! That dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!
JΓΊlia Cyrus
KC Nwokoye
Miley is such a refreshing face and looks so happy
Jordi Vanderwaal
LOL did anyone notice Miley's face at the end when she says thank you after Jimmy calls her "his favorite dork"?
well i mean, roxy like a puma
Laura Schneider
sure graduate diagnose zyaxhnb respond chemical heavily blame university surprise.
Capt Sparr0w
she hot
Laurel White
Was last week Miley Cyrus week? Why is she on every clip?
Valeria Nicole
Phoenix Errlybird
She use to be so beautiful. What happened?
Julia Gungor
Is she getting her tattoos lasered off?
Julia Gungor
I feel like Miley was built for showbiz
Lourdes Marizcal
She has always had her head on her shoulders but she seems happier now, which makes her really glow!!
Salwa Saleh
shes so cute i love her
Anna Cave
Miley like a puma
Miley Cytrus ^^
amy evans
Airline pole exhibit square final publish.
Lawrence Walkup
I'm done watching the voice. This woman crying because Clinton lost the election reveals unbelievable bad judgement. She's not qualified to be a judge. To keep her on the show as a judge renders the show invalid.
i like watching jimmy fallon getting inside miley's head and i mean in side her head
Kate Cosette
Can we just take a moment to admire that dress 😍
Vishnu Prasad S
when she puts out her tongues...thats disgusting. pretentious fuck
emira assila
It's PUMBA Miley but i still love you nbd
Delicious Atomic Bomb
Oh my god her outfit her shoes ugh
Roshan Khan
Did anyone else notice Miley's little Reaction to Jimmy saying "Be a dork!, You're my dork!" hahahaah So cute but so funny. <3 She took it well.
She's a dork? Imagine all the relieved dorks out there right now.
So, The Tonight Show has turned into the Miley Cyrus Show.
Is it just me or does her mouth appear slightly crooked? :/
Ri Ranjo
She's sooooooooo pretty and just plain cool
Alain Bruno
Miley is sexy and cool πŸ‘
Zuyi Foo
Cool. And you steal other's cultures.
Joey J
Epic amounts of savage goin on here right guys? Oh man this is cringe worthy. Cringe level 200% achieved! Maximum savage levels! Uhh can you say... savage levels of 120 % reached! Lol XD. Haha. Right guys?
Darmalondo Brown
White trash
Claudia Sofia
I'm loving her on the show
emma alharbe
I love that she's comfortable with her self idk how to achieve that
experiment 627
Jimmy is so sweet to her I love it so much !!!!
John Doe
Shame she h as no bum, Miley is so hot
Michelle Lai
Its like a chinese cheongsam dress
Arjita Biswas
Miley's dress 😍😍😘
Caio Leonardo
Caio Leonardo
MILEY πŸ’›πŸ’›βœ¨βœ¨ ANGEL
Caio Leonardo
Caio Leonardo
mike jones
Miley, Stop singing and just fucking die. If ISIS got to you they would chop your head of and burn your disgusting, inbred, white trash body
Pandora Box
God i love her dress and these shoes xD
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