Baby Giraffe First Time Standing

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UPDATE: LEO Zoological Conservation Center has named the newborn "Sandy Hope" in honor of the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, CT. We also will be inviting the families directly affect by the shooting throughout the summer, hopefully to put some smiles on their faces. With almost 7,000 name suggestions, we'd like to thank everyone for your support and encouragement!

Greenwich, CT — In the early morning hours on March 22nd at LEO Zoological Conservation Center, Petal, a 6 year old endangered Rothschild giraffe, began the early stages of labor.  At 9.04am, after a relatively short labor, she gave birth to a healthy, female calf. Petal has bonded extremely well, was very attentive, and began nurturing her calf right away. Within 30 minutes of the birth, the calf was standing and nursing.  Our new arrival was greeted by LEOZCC's herd of giraffe who were eagerly watching the birth.

Following an average 15 month gestation period, mother giraffes give birth while standing. Her birth marks a huge milestone for the low impact conservation center. This calf is the first giraffe born at the facility and quite possibly the first in Connecticut's history. The Rothschild giraffe, found in Africa, is classified as endangered on IUCN Red List and there are fewer than 670 left in the wild. 

LEOZCC is a nonprofit, accredited conservation center and offsite breeding facility specializing in species at risk and conservation based education programs. LEOZCC is no stranger to newborns and is expecting more giraffe, tapir, kangaroo and primate births this Spring. For more information:

Video Credit: LEO Zoological Conservation Center

Tim Miller
Omg, this is just melt your face off cute!
Kidd Hepwylde
She's basically like, "What's going on, what's going on, what's going on, what's going on"... : )
Knight Bro
Me trying to pass high school.
Mel's 12valve
Who's waiting for April while they're watching this?
cat kat
awwwwww awesome and cute!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Too much camber
Amanda Axelsson
Morley Yan
Rebecca Frazier is looking forward to shooting the baby with arrows.
cody- crow
Chris Pappas
The clumsiness is cute.
Aser Lewis
They taste like honey soo soo sooooooo good yum
Jason Nathan Ethan
after leg day be like
Jason Nathan Ethan
after leg day be like
Willow Johnson
I love giraffes! Their like really tall dinosaurs with cute faces and purple tongues. Adorable.
Noah C Cornelius
Miracle of life
Carlo Canseco
when a ricer puts camber
some1 else here from iwdominate? XD
Dom, what have you done to me
Unacceptable Orange Juice With Milk In It
I love this.
Unacceptable Orange Juice With Milk In It
This is beautiful.
Tell that giraffe
linguistic geraffe
unscholarly peasants
Melina posts
awww he just needed encouragement kisses to do it <3
Ryan Miller
I wonder how Michael Jackson took care of his giraffes
Emma Synnestvedt
this shows you can always accomplish your dreams. Proud to be a part of a world this supportive and caring. God Bless
T J Amaral
I'm the short animal! Where's Cameron Giraffe?
Marc Yinug
I thought two things when I was watching this. 1) I couldn't stop thinking about Spongebob....ITS A GIRAFFE!! 2) OH MAH GOODNIS SO COOT
Did you know that if a giraffe drinks a coffee... by the time it gets down to its belly.. the coffee is cold? Do you ever think about that? No. You only think about yourself.
Samantha Hiserote
born into a cage
And it stands in the same place for months until it grows up. The End.
Giraffes have such cute dopey little faces. :3
Raise your hands! Give him your energy!
franklin butterfield
that is so cute
this is the longest username you will ever see in the history of youtube since february 14th, 2005..
i wanna choke that baby's long neck!
Iamgodof Humancollective
I love him!
giraffes are badass
Charity Blaze
I can imagine it being like "I can't do it mama" haha
apiece ofdirt
Animals are awesome
At this moment, Falcon Lover was being brought to the world. He then was crowned sweggity and got giraffe babes at 20 seconds old.
John Millthorpe
Whole time I'm like, "You can do it little guy!"
Secretly Broken
Falcon lover:)
Marlene Rendon
Its so cute
That encouragement from the older(mom?) giraffe :3
Stephen Carmickle
Giraffes are real....... that is blowing my mind right now.
How I feel after leg day.
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