tweet tweet bitch
@4:00 is a fake video.
Dion Francis
I would love to be an eagle...
1/2 animals. 1/2 "Click Link"
john Blair
Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Monroe, Washington and many others knew the amazing strength and beauty of the eagle. That's why the American Bald Eagle is our national symbol. Peace.
Jalal Dawod
Eagles are assholes too. Lol
Jalal Dawod
The asshole recording a cat hanging from eagles feet and just kept on recording. That was someone's pet
Matt Troutman
Just horrible quality video !
Michael Guill
killing the Eagles are the only good service the Muslims are providing for us
Michael Guill
I'd say Kill Em All I'd rather have good rabbit hunting legals are killing them all there's a reason why they went extinct
sue agius
Top symbol the Americans have the ultimate predators with half deserving what they got like the stupid humans
sue agius
Arabs what are you to expect
They are using them for hunting. Not all are natural shots. The guy probably kicked the deer to help his hunter.
Angela Farrugia
I will kill that eagle straight away with my shotgun.
Aunty Dora
uspjeh zvijezda
Hellish noise! Stupid!
uspjeh zvijezda
Whom he is talking to?
Eagle tastes really good with a little jonnys seasoning
Good video butt the frame and the constsnt subscribe subscribe is very annoying
franco giacobazzi
kulk hogan www hal
david boromei
I hate this it's making me cry 😭 because the animals are getting killed
Mamat Mamet
Seth Clayburn
Why don't you remove the banner stupid so we can see what's going on in the video
Sudsy Sutherland
what did that dog & snake have to do with killer eagle attacks?
Colin Orr
If anybody gets enjoyment out of watching this sort of video can only be sick to say the least, put them in a situation when they can't get away.
The best moment 4:44 Love it
jim S
eagles are number one head shots with those claws = dinner
Noor Malikey
Are these videos real? unbelievable. are they computer generated?
Marty Stamey
I love nature only the strong survives 💪
Bobby Swaffer
BF gcpsadsdsad. S. Added.
King David
Heard a slam noise off the house across the street looked up and witnessed a big hawk capturing a squirrel off the telephone line , leading to the pole in my yard. Flew with the prey up the drive and off into the woods. WOWEE ZOWEE
Eagle part, so fake.
Neetha Solaman
I like watching those eagle very smart I can't believe it ,
ali cordbache
loud and bad music
Maria Longoria
I love and respect all the creatures that Mother Nature has you do not know how smart they are
James Munn
Better not mess with my cat
M Gomez
Dont mess with them.
M Gomez
Is that a Golden Eagle?
alchemy philosopher's stone
Chris Gondor
Bullshit video
OU812 Sr. G
What a load of rubbish
Boopmeister johnson
That bastard needs a bullet for REAL!
Mr prepared allthetime
the videos would be fine if you didn't have stop click subscribe every 20 seconds man. Way too many commercials. That makes it really hard to get into the video you know what I'm saying?
Judith Campbell
I used to like Eagles, now I'll just respect them from a great distance
Anthony Blanchard
The circle of life... we go through it all the time maybe not so violent but, we go through it.
Anthony Blanchard
Absolutely Amazing
How can anyone enjoy that!....why was that bastard enjoying the fact that one had caught someones much loved cat! Sick.....I only click on it because of the picture...i was hoping to see revenge on the arsehole aiming the gun..thought it would be eagle getting revenge on humans.....I really think YOUTUBE should stop people putting a preview picture of something that isn't in the video whatsoever!!! Its wrong....if your video is that crap that you have to steal another picture to try and get people to watch it then don't bother and waster our time!
Hafvf Hytre
jack nicholson
No wonder America's national bird is the eagle. They dominate!
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