Nicki Minaj "NO FRAUD" Live Performance LIP SYNCING was Boring Meek Mill Dissed Too

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►Nicki Minaj Performs No Fraud Live. Remy Ma's Response diss song a little bit Live on Drake's stage in Paris at the boy meets world tour in Bercy 2017

►Nicki Minaj also diss Meek Mill and shows love to Drake but Lil Wayne was absent

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The Querulist
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Ellen Tube
Whats Gud Remy?????
Jacob Gunn
they hate Nicki cuz of Remy
George Rosario
Drea mcThiney
her team needs to be fired. she ruining her own brand
Tiara's Life
Queen Nic 🙌🏾👑 Been running for the last decade and she still
Ciana Lee
Why was it boring?
Power Respect
🚨🚨🚨Bullshit video. She didn't perform No Frauds.

She did slay her performance tho. At least she knew the words. Unlike Sheneneh who couldn't rap a damn line of her 7 min gossip column. 😂
Patches Smith
doesn't look boring to me ..
Simon Inchrist
i don't think so if it ain't real i can't deal LMBO
Gavin Jones
Yuno Gasai And Nicki Minaj Fan Boy
Hating ass bum bitches.
Krystal Anderson
well her performance was boring
Sandy brown
Too much weave! Run Nicki... run far away anything you were born with! Black american and the obsession with wearing everyone else's hair. It really chaps my ass and the bitch swinging it like its superior. What about your own hair huh?Now little girls will that stupid ass extra long weave too. Dumb ass coon bitch.
Cynthia Hill
sex with you people
Bashiyra Atiya
Blac Monroe snow
always doing nothing
King Leo
What Remy said about Nicki's was a lie 😂😂
Jamaican Princess
Remy a mf BEAST....They should rap against each other face to face. I bet Remy would destroy her cause she's the Queen of rap. Nikki a pop star/singer, And she's great at that. I like them both but they on two different levels.
when no frauds came on literally it went silent.
Vayne Rizzo
Damarco Brown
Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper of all times!😇😘🔥
Ammie Cakes
She's high as hell
Wright Way
She like a Kmart version of the 90's Kim....OH wait aint Kmart the place that dropped her clothes...😱
C j
lmao she stole another line
JusJia !
Didn't she need a man? Safaree
Eva LA'Royal
To be honest y'all Remy and NickI are both great. I Do feel like they both supporting each other on the low & I will like to think this beef they portrait is false because they both great in the lane they're in. Neither(shTher) one can play each other part. I mean Nicki tried but like y'all said it just not as hardcore as Remy. she's not wack just not as Good as Remy. They both Amazing and they should just stop the competition but then again most people love more beef than veggies.
Diana A
Love her but it could have been cool to see her more hype or something
Hippie Feelings
Guess they blew the budget on them wack ass diss tracks
diamond diva
she is shit
Mark Bouie
remy is a that shezus christ video old shit barz 4 real
Tan Bee
she seems to be covering up more nowadays
I was
Deya Luv
Nicki can't perform the song live if she wanted to. She needs auto-tune because she can't sing and can't rap either.
Xavier Randolph
more fans in that stadium than remy could ever have.
Xavier Randolph
nicki is the queen
niesha davis
This is crazy. Listen, Nicki got sales and style. She's everywhere. But it's not just about money and popularity. Do You have talent is what should really matter. Nicki and Remy are both good at what they do. Respect that💯. Remy got hard ass bars and she's cool and knows where she comes from. Nicki got her money, she's well known and she repping young money. Just chill. Women stay breaking each other down but we really shouldn't. 💯
sugar hunter
imagine being so pressed, and so furious at someone who will never know you that you actually write a title like this video's title.
Music Genius
You know Nicki popping when not only females hate on her but men too. Damn nicki is literally the GOAT, if everybody loves you, you aren't the greatest that's just how it goes
Isaiah Guzman
There's a lot of things that nicki has that remy don't step 1. is nicki can sing step 2. Nicki is dumb rich and got more fam then her Step 3. Nicki is better then that black fucking hoe 👌💯
Jacob Chenoweth
Views From the Lean Cup
It's kinda sad how quick these posers are to switch up on Nicki. These bandwagoners are pathetic lmao. You see, I've never repped her name, therefore I can say this, She's one of the most boring performers I've ever fucking witnessed.
Keturah Rocks!
Everyone want to switch it up and hate on the Queen. She will never be fucking bothered !
This is the worst performance and singer I have every seen. No talent or no meaning.
kenny baxter
This shit was DEAD AIR
Safina Bano
Atleast Drake and Lil wayne supports Nicki, And I do too , NICKI SLAYS <3
Rahim Shakur
This is so lame, yeah she isnt gonna ask Remy shit.
Famous Broke
"Moment for life" was a dope song...that's for sure. What happened her songs like that?
Tyrese Maraj
She was never fucking lip syncing!
Suin Doe
Nicky is terrified of Remy
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