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Me Boo
I like how you all bashing her over this one performance but I don't see y'all on any of her other bomb ass ones XD. This one was pretty boring but shit performers ain't gonna be perfect and have every performance be top notch.
Dalila Canales
On nicki's side I don't care If people attack me, It's my opinion you have your's .
brown chrissy
it was entertaining to me
kenny baxter
I'd say they hating on Nicki but they're just to bored to do that either.
Stefani G
Talentless porn star
leรฏla loly
tu te prend pour qui
the title triggered me so fucking much but I still clicked
Scream 2016
what did she lip sync ??
The title of this video lmfao
Andphuwar Fulton
Remy from Castle Hill I mean
Andphuwar Fulton
RemyMa still Got a picture of her and Nikki get her luxury house a supposed relationship as teenagers lol.17 18 years old lol
Andphuwar Fulton
Remy from Castle Bills New York and Nikki from Queens New York.They Diss each other 12 years ago freestlying.Nikki was fired from 12 to 20 Jobs because of her on youtube the history of both.they went after each other before they was stars. Remy Diss her in prison. RemyMa freeystly these bitches are my son.thin Nikki stole her tweet they know each other real
Andphuwar Fulton
RemyMa her first million from Rap battle Invents being undeafed. Winning 20 thounds a battle lol.then blew up with lean back video.2004.Go watch her on you tube when she was battling lady luck and won for 20 grand.She was a beast comming out the gate.Then watch Nikki freestyle dis in 2003 before she was famous talking bout Remy and dissing others.This Remy in 2009 prison interviews 1 and 2 then kick a freestly dissing niki.said she get her back for that 2003 freestyle of Jay z song.they use to be friends possible relationship as teenagers went to each other birthday party.Know ur hip hop hip hoppers. lol.all these facts I can go on youtube and it research.
Andphuwar Fulton
all these women living in luxury while yall asses still living in card board boxes that all are Queens.It's not about money. do U think Obama cares about how much Donald Trump have. Neither does RemyMa cares about Nikki state.She is Ruthless Rich Rap battling Trump you down type.and Rap with no remourse.been driving around in lexury cars since she did the ante up remix in 2000 she was 19.the lean back video in2004.
Andphuwar Fulton
The Riches female rapper is Missy Elliot she is around 250 million net worth Roxanne Shante is in the number 4 spot she got rich for rap battling big rap stars men and women From ice cube Dr dre snoop dog.she got rich without showing her ass she hold number 4 spot over Nikki she cash out at 13 years old put Utfo men rapper out of bussiness lol.Y'all sad young folks don't know shit.missy Elliott only female.sold more platinum than Nikki so how the bell she Queen of rap. RemyMa want to prison a millionare came out and made another 3 million and counting. all the way up went double platium after shether . lmao
Andphuwar Fulton
This new generation don't know rap history between RemyMa and Nikki they diis each other back in 2004 Remy became famous before Nikki wearing a crown in her video conceited in 2005 plus go watch watch lean back video of RemyMa on youtube that now has 33 million views. Proves Remy is Queen of Rap.Y'all some stupid ass mouther suckers this need started 12 years ago they age diffrent is only two years apart. lmfo
Bette Porter
Lol the title made me stop by to dislike because the uploader is clearly a hater, bye now. ๐Ÿ‘‹
Theo Wazzup
Team Nicki! Fck y'all
Me: Thanks but Im pretty sure Im no more than a rotten banana
You can tell she has gotten so cocky and arrogant she doesn't even care to put in the extra effort to be entertaining... Like in her No Frauds video at some points she looks bored with it all. Can we please get the Nicki during The Pinkprint era back...๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
SoSexyTrill Minaj
she didnt lip sing u idiot , she rap clearly All ways when performing ๐Ÿ’
Ashley G
SO Fucking wack live!!! What is she doing? She can't even sing her own song.
Angel Goaldigger
Remy wish she could have Nicki's moment for life๐Ÿ˜Œ
Simon Inchrist
Nicki Minaj is mia lol
Dawar Khan
Nicki's dress reminds me of MY QUEEN ARII
Hassan Ibn E Ali
Nocki gotta be a bit covered up to gain some respect. She has got nothing to be proud of.
Amro Waly
they preparing the world for the Antichrist
Amro Waly
the antichrist followers
Cute White Boy
She didn't want to rap no frauds because she wouldn't be able to contain herself.
Shawntavia Manley
u ment to say I
Shawntavia Manley
Nicki minaj means everything to me believe it or not I want to be a rapper like her and u pray and hope that will happen
Kiara Wilson
dis bytch clown๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ”ซ
Nabin Bohora
My queen my nicki . You are just awesome in everything .
FentyBey Minaj
First It spelled No faunds
Seconde every Artist do it
Thirt I give a fuck If she lipped
Wtf is dis sheet,I can't git jiggy wit deees shit
Simon Inchrist
lol not anymore
johnni davis
her shyt boring
johnni davis
lol, ik about ya but, when she said ya know i love ya right? if ya "SUPPORT MY BROTHER" (did the fans pause for a second to see what she was aboit to say?) drizzy drake... shyt for a minute i thought to myself i thought she was gonna say jelani...kmsl
manny rasic
niki bring Kingman on tour YouTube Kingman Live April
Mula Gang
don't waste your money
Mula Gang
boring concert
jazz dimplez
All Shenaynay fans in the comments lmfaooo. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Cheyenne DuVaro
Nicki You Lost The Battle But You Ain't Loosing The War. Fuck These Haters Make Us Coin. Team NICKI. BARBZ 4 life
galen rasendriya
Tittle this video is so annoying
Joerden Todd
She was singing with the Track like most of these musicians do. Wtf. These mfs just trying to give Nikki a bad image
Shanaya Clinton
Y'all over here commenting shit about Nicki while she's doing her own shit. She's killing everything. Why is Remy Ma even in this? The bitch isn't even irrelevant in this. The beef is probably over now. They both took the L and it's over with. Let Nicki live. Let her do her thing while Remy does her own thing. Nicki's shows is amazing. You don't have to dance at concerts at times. Ya trying to break Nicki into pieces with ya hate comments but that's actually making her more famous and making more money. Nicki is strong person and she doesn't care what others think about her body because she has the right to do whatever she wants to it. Kim Kardashian's ass is fake and does she have a lot of haters for it, no. Now shut up and let Nicki live.
Nefer Guzman
Todo estaba bien hasta q apareciรณ ese pendejo
william miller
LMAO wow she fake as fuck.
trippy hipster
Smh, almost every time nicki has the mic or see her fans in a public place she always says something inspirational and motivational but yall worried about her fucking butt, OK
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