Dude Perfect Christmas Special | FACE OFF

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Dude Perfect puts their gingerbread house making skills to the ULTIMATE test! 

COMMENT with YOUR winner!

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Mia Salvo
Beach boys won
MeGa GaMeZ
there someone in the background check 8:35-38
D Punch
Do DudePerfect Vape tricks?? If you can Do it!!
King Gamer
did you see the guy at 8:35
steven boss
why was there a wwe belt 😂😂😂!!!
Dabzian Cameraman
Did any of you see a santa 🎅 in the background at 2:06?
Winged Toaster14
Tomiko Suhara
Beach boys
Slim Jay
Holy Cats
The Beach Boys STOMPED the twins
Mary Willey
Beach boys
Wayne Busbee
Beach boys
Batman Beans
Carter Revelle
Carter Revelle
I'm a ginger so you made me proud
Drew Scialdone
Was everything edible
Kristin Cuccia
Brandon Vo
landen melendez
Kid clutch Trick shots
Hahaha omg did no one else see Cody stick his head through the window
Santi Vasquez
I think ty,cody,coby, win
Isabela Alanis
2:04 in the back lol
Jim Vogrin
Beach boys
Shelley Dyson
Riley Keen
I`m 10 and I did amazing
liam jardiolin
beach boys wins
Tyler and Cody rule
Lincoln Wickstrom
Who saw the santa in the background?
Damian alvarez
Who's that guy at 8:37 lol
Reid Arseneau
nise try cory and coby
Skyler Royston
Tyler and Cody how did you make your gingerbread house so cool.
Darren Perry
Beach boys
Razia Khan
Jeff Jones
tyler is the best man ever
Did anyone else see the man walking in the back round😂
I saw chad
Danny Barton
Beach boys
Amani Brown
His name is Chris tingle because he pees to much
Ronya Edwards
I subbed
CrazyGamer ELITE
#beach boys
CrazyGamer ELITE
at 2:05 there was a person in a santa hat behind the door with windows
Evan Guilloz
Anyone notice Cody in the background at 2:06?
How To: Anything
8:39 look at the background
Chaitanya Goyal
Beach boys obviously
2:06 look out the window
Seth ross
Seth ross
What the heck his micro phone changed from a snow man to a tree
Los Barajas
I sub
Muhammed Janjua
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