Dude Perfect Christmas Special | FACE OFF

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Dude Perfect puts their gingerbread house making skills to the ULTIMATE test! 

COMMENT with YOUR winner!

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Jacob Schadly
Huge fan of dude perfect watch it on nick sports every time it come I watch it
cooper pyle
Who saw santa at 2:05
David pa
so many candy
Jorge Larios
,. , 1
IceDragon 222
Go to 2:04 and look out the window in the background
TheBerryKidz 101
Beach boys
Benjamin Cano
who was that guy in the background
Random fantasy1 Anthony
Hey somebody is in there sport area
Mike Freeman
Wow, Chris Tingle was one of the least annoying announcers on Face Offs!
love laci
did yll see at 2:06 man pops out from corner
jacob young
8:36 What's Captain America doin' there?
jacob young
I never really understood how they decide the players with Bingo balls.
RORO Gomes
RORO Gomes
when garret was talking to twons
RORO Gomes
look out the door
Dorothy Magee
mack7860 mack7860
Beach boys are awesome
Challenge Nation
2:06 you can see someone with a Christmas hat on
Gautham.s Shankar
at 2:01 all of a sudden a teleportation takes place
Sarah McIntosh
Beach boys
Abiel Cid-Garcia
are cody and cory brothers???
Edward ayala
team Coby🌏
Edward ayala
Dragon slayer 99
#Beach boys
Carson Calloway
I seen another person going in a room
Doesn't anyone else love the variety of microphones that Chris has
nhon nguyen
I like the team beach boys
Doge_ Gaming
King Dylan
Gloria Magbanua
Dude perfect can you play basketball 2 on 2 one is the referee
Damian Auguste
Agustin Grillo
I liked Tyler and Cody
tanya williams
Cory and cody
Vito Taravella
I love you dude perfect
Vito Taravella
I feel bad for Cory and coby because they never made a gingerbread house.
Dane Emanuele
Hman Productions
Johanna Abarca
wwe championship
John Smith
it wasnt fair because cory and coby never made a gingerbread house before
master of gaming bob
Caper Boy789
At a time in vid the time is 201 a guy by the door looked in the door with a Santa hat on
Kirsten Zhou
Chris is garret
Rodney Anderson
why is there a fire on the beach
Thunder Gecko
Did anyone see the person peeking in the window at 2:04
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