Kade Lyfe
Did you know that fidget spinners were original used to calm kids with adhd
Phil's Fox Jumper
I've never touched one of those things but kids at my school have touched them to me without my permission, it was sickening. Also people have started to call them cancer even though they are obsessed with them.
Time Forest
Fidget spinners aren't toys. I really hope they get unbanned from schools, because kids get in trouble because of something they can't control :(
Sarah Callahan
he gets to talk into a fuss ball
Who else is use it there fidget spinner when watching this
Damsel Dress
i'm more interested with how fluffy the mic was lol
Vanessa Zaga
Who is spinning while watching. I hate when I'm in class and I'm moving my leg, and when in not moving my leg, my feet is like crazy.
I have a nervous habit of biting my finger, and I've noticed that ever since my brother gave me one of these my tendency to want to essentially chew on my finger for a few seconds has decreased if I'm using this. So I'd say it's helpful for me 😊
Nataliya Davis
I bought one yesterday but not so much because of the trend but I have anxiety and I think it's pretty calming and relaxing
Who was playing with a fidget spinner while watching this?
Samantha O'Neill
Seventeen Bean
My principle calls them finger fidgets
Meagan Ramos
But aren't these supposed to be for kids with like adhd or people who have trouble focusing? They're supposed to be a therapeutic thing, right? Like they're not actually a toy? I get it when people don't understand the purpose, because I don't. But I also don't have adhd. It's not for me. I really don't think these things should be marketed as toys because then they get banned and that really sucks for the kids who actually need them.
Camryn Smith
Probably should've mentioned the actual use of them
Cyrillia Louis
Adolf Hitler
Fidget spinners are cancer, and so are the Jews that use them...
Chris Mullenix
you throw it the cring
max bruner
1:59 the girl on the left is pulling out some underwear
Who is watching this while spinning
1:03 LMAOO what kind of black magic does she think this is
Emily Ross
The white girl in the white shirt sounds like Chloe from The secret life pets movie
Iyad Ayman
I've heard about it on the radio station * yup she is old ...
Angelika Holtzmann
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Erich Mose
You will find now SpinnerCube at absolutely no cost it can be shielded and so works well clk.im/fidget?New
Valerie Melendez.y
1:55 that boy dab
heather willis
Im an adult, and I can confirm they are not useless or a waste of money, as I sit in in front of a computer most of the day and its really nice to have something to fiddle with besides my phone when my hands are not on the keyboard or mouse. No matter who their target audience was when they were created, any one who is a self proclaimed "fidgeter" will probably like one of these.
Damien Mizdow
why is the microphone so hairy
Angelina _Slime
The guy in the back dabbed at 1:54 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
and here I am with two white fidget spinners holding them on top of each other spinning opposite directions
Curly Hair LaiLai Curly curly Curly
The fidget spinner helps me cause I don't have ADHD or Autism but I move way too much.
Nando Jay
"...it was in the newspaper..." I haven't read a newspaper in like 8 years lol
Rafael A
tf? i thought i was being a casual and watching buzzfeed, but appearently im watching funhaus lmao
Royal Dansk
Caribbean mom sounds so stereotypical.
alia soshan
for some reason, after watching this, I have this sudden urge to watch people do yoyo tricks.....
Ashutosh chaudhari
lol that dab at 1:55 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Shela E.
what's this buzzfeed guy's name?
Michelle Ong
"YoYo's much more fun"
Get me to 10,000 with no post Please and thank you
Anyone else fidgeting with a Fidget Spinner watching this? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fidget spinners
Dixie g
i still have a pet rock....
the guy who dabbed 1:54-1:55 lmao
Mark Got7
Who else watched this with their fidget spinners in their hands?πŸ˜‚
Stephens Yu
do they not know that 20 years old is an adult. he's 20 and he's an adult
Tomas Palfrey
Who is Watching this with a fidget spinner
Well there whas a trend of awsome Buzzfeed people, but that died of really quickly....
Devin Aughney
I'm actually so mad because spinners were created for kids with autism and ADHD and other things like that and everyone thought they were cool and treated them like a toy, basically ruining it for the kids who actually need it. My friend Ryan has adhd and needs his spinner so he can focus better in class and not call out and do things like that, but now almost everyone in our class has them and it's really making me upset that every fidget thing he's brought to school to help him FOCUS, people have asked to play with it and he never even gets to use them because everyone is taking it and playing with it, when he needs it to actually do good in school. I really wish people would stop treating fidget things like toys for everyone to play with because they're not, they're designed to help people who have trouble focusing without doing something else. Please stop it guys, seriously
Bridey Caitlin Andrews
1:55 something is dabbing
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