When times where simpler
1,000 subs without videos
please help me get to 1k subs!
Alex Birch
I dint really know about or like PewDiePie but this completely changes my mind
Jax Steves
0:26 is so cute
I am ABout to cry It is so sad
Monald Frump
The real song meaning,
His Love With Edgar... <3
Jax Steves
I'm crying it's so cute
Margaret Krauss
that was the BEST SONG I've ever heard I LOVE MAYA!!!
(don't get me wrong I also love Edgar ) :)
Jax Steves
Awwwwwwww so cute awwwwwwwww
One Like = One respect for the old pewdiepie
M.R Mewz
Citedel Gaming
This should be on the billboards top 10 hits
John Hoppe
when is next pax east?
1:09 YES
i miss these days man
there is nice hidden stuff in the description
anybody know that pugga was a pirate
Tara Penn
I'm gonna be sad when she dies
Nenea Pikachu
soooooo cool pewds! xD
Livia Bernat
ahh the old pewds
nagisa mitsuki
oh this is the old video of pewds i miss the old pewds
Daniel Gamer
I like Jabba the hut but I hate pewds
MLG_ Pikachu
still good
cookie monstah
Clorox Bleach 2.0
The old pewdiepie ;-;.. He was so loved.. Until he did not try to be funny anymore... I MISS THE OLD PEWDS T^T
xXSama nthaXx
Jabba The Hutt if you replace the "H" in Hutt with a "B" what could it be :o
Thành Trân
fuck pewdipie
is it weird that I still listen to this after 4 years
Kenneth reyson Malicdem
Darlene 18
When Pewds still made sense...
I like this game :D
Noelito Caya
Ha..... gold old days skate bob and maya and edgar and marzia and FRIDAY WITH PEWDIEPIE AND amnesia
mitch momo
I want to thank PewDiePie for being part of the reason 2013 was one of my favorite years of my life. I miss ya old pewds...but don't force yourself to go back to greatness....
Stevie-lee Wookey
can I have your dog
En Harry
song good'
Pizzalover542 1
Who remember listening to this in the mad murderer game on roblox around 2014?
Annaliese Eseilanna
aaaaaa looking back at my 13 year old self's fav youtubers :'( .. nearly 18 now
Kurt Caiban
that dog sounds better than Justin Bieber
Xzavier Carter
give me fat ass crack
because it is good to eat
Mobile Rock's
Its one eyed
DJ Gaming
This is the Most Beautiful Song in the World
idk why but for some reason I teared up.
why do i know every single word to this
Pewds first vid with a million likes
jaiveer Singh rekhi
Better than its everyday bro
ChadPlayz YT
make a song about marzia please!
like if you agree!
Madden Bowman
Fucking amazing
1:09 Damn... that beard wipe tho
Squeaky Mouse
😢 when pewdiepie use to be my idol I listened to this all the time
Flash Gaming
I found out about this song on Thursday and this is the 27th time listening to it
Blue Ghoul demon posessed
What is the lets play at 1:11 ???
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