Infinite Lists
Get your very own fidget spinner in the description!😊 check them out!
Jesus Morales
Jeremy Diaz
I got that dragon fidget spinner but it break the part it spins πŸ˜”
joshua herrera
i subscibe
Duane Marable
This is the first top channel in the world
lel m8 fan
I have a dragon eye spinner
I have dat dragon eye
Gregorio Palacios
I subscribe oh yes
Lee Lisemby
me want 1 we all want 1
gamemania 101
The "$500" fidget spinner is actually 3 dollars on Amazon
Tyler Trenary
Subscribed and liked
YT24/7 Youtube
Thank you <333
Jaclyn Ang
I subscibe I am notified where is my figet spinner I want dragon figet spinner
Guava Camren
team extream
Jeanelle Gregory
can i pls have a spinner pls
Jaclyn Ang
all of your figet spinners are awsome I wish you were with me by the way great video
Jaclyn Ang
you are awsome
Tasos Gallant
Ernie Micky
thank u
Dman 1424
I subscribed
Sarbani Guhamajumdar
i subscribed
I subscribed
Laraine Leung
I have a rainbow dragon eye fidget spinner
Meghaj Universe
I subbed
Oscar Nordin
the fighet spinner holder is a fighet stickπŸ˜‚
Jenn Shorthouse
That fidget spinner is a fidget stick I love your channel:)
Big baller Henry
the black stick is a fidget stick.You hit it and then it does flips and crap
Aimee Moore
I subscribed
Jekie Kim
I have the oil spill version of the dragon spinner! 😁😁
Faisal O'BRIEN
who else laughed out loud when it said I like big butts
i pay 6dolars in the dragon spinner
Eden Harris
i want a gold spinner
The Fire Master 100
I subscribed
Molly MountainField
I HATE that sad music!!! It always makes me feel so sad!
cazz crowder
I did it
Peppe Morello
Please give me a fidget spinner
Peppe Morello
Can I have the black and gold fidget spinner that's smooth
Peppe Morello
And liked
Peppe Morello
Infinite lists I subscribed
Gabriela Escalante
I subscribed!
cosmic fighter
i dunno if you keep on stacking them youl break ☝ of them
cosmic fighter
i realy want the gear figdet spinner
cosmic fighter
i did what you always said to win a fidget spinner
Awesomeskill - ROBLOX Gameplay
I am ashamed to own a dragon wing fidget spinner now that Infinite Lists has one. .______.
Santiago Oliver
Brady Hirschey
I love your videos my favorite videos are the fidget spinner ones left you 611 likes love Brady Christopher Hirschey
izic pirela
what happened to your face
Alexis Rivas
i am subscrided
david nhaila
Why did you say I am a idiot no you not
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