Best Super Bowl Commercial!

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Witness the best super bowl commercial that you've never seen... yet!?

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Professor Mudkip
Wait this was the 49ers vs ravens one right
Arshad Khalid
you are my favorite YouTube
did you know that one of ryans tags for this video is psy. another one is how i met your mother spoof.
John Sifuentes
I hate football too
D.P Argame
ashish kumar
At The Back you have Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night picture
lisha coolgirl 15
sorry guys i have to came clean I HATE FOOTBALL!!!

phew feels good to get that off my chest😊😌
Charlie Fehringer
That is so me
I'm a cactus
Ayaan Khan
that vincent van gogh picture is cool 📄
l l a m a
Ashwin Murthy
Draymond Green finished watching "Hey Lemme play football on the court!"

Like if you know what I mean
The Hyper Boy
don't be a sheep, if don't like it don't go for it.
Richard Newq
Had to take a shot at Trump?
Pablo Flores
Dear Ryan, can you subscribe to my YouTube channel.
G3t 5hr3kt Wilson
it's pronounced, platypopodes
Potato, Tomato No Dif
4:10 did anyone else notice the starry night in the bkgrnd?!
Diana Melnik
He should actually do superboal commercials
Rina Ciment
dear ryan, can u not yell when u talk thanks
roky the dog
continuity? continuity.
we have a different football here in Australia too :3
Ride At dawn
This kinda football kicks someone's balls
My head hurts after watching this
Natalie Wade
I bet 90% of the people watching this googled what continuity meant
"How I never met your mother" oml, i laughed so hard at that!
Jaydistry CR
Who's here in 2017?
PokeManiac Qolem
glassbreaking sound with kick in the nuts... ouch... I felt the pain
The artsy Girls
Roses are red
That may be true
But violets are violet
Not frickin blue
The Blazing Scepter
LETS GO 49ERS!!!!!
Jop Van Bakel
WOW Will doesn't have a beard here. I almost didn't recognize him..... damn
How I met your mother,lol
Pj Hermios
Jaslyn Matharu
Ryan that's called rugby a new Zealand sport not football XD
Indrani Ray
Kyle Ramroop
what is continuity
Jonathan Nightfire
Did you know Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas, NV in 2 or 3 years from now?
Heracross Plays
If your English, this is rugby
Ritvij Tiwari
The same thing happens with me when my friends watch cricket! XD
Anthony Nguyen
I thought it was going to say continuiTEEHEE
Katie Bang
How come it cuts at 0:07
Matthew Wu
0:23 should've kick him with a soccer ball taped to your foot
What about aussie football
Why call gonth a ngi
Adam Lárus Sigurðarson
Thinking forward to commercials. Only in Murica
Kay Kay Awesome
Save me sb!!
Topp dogg fangirl
I live his red jacket
Lynette Amirault
i just realized that ryan had starry night in the background
Blue Bakugeki
0:56 ryan failing to fit in:
Everyone: YEAH!
Straight Savage
What about AFL??
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