NEW WORLDEEZ Surprise Globes! Mystery Blind Bags - Key Charm Bracelet - Kids Toy Review

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Hi friends:)
Me and Isla opened the new super cool WORLDEEZ and we love them so much,i am so lucky to launch these great collectibles Worldeez as a world exclusive.Worldeez are available from the Entertainer Toy Store from the 29th May.

Thank you Worldeez for sponsoring this video:)

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🙋🏽 The NEW WORLDEEZ Are super duper cool:)
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The worldeez are kinda like lol dolls x
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Sou do Brasil, e Sou muito Fa Fã da Tiana ❤ Um Beijão Pra Vocês Do EUA 💜🔝🇺🇸
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Bea Mercer
Where can you get these? Please could someone tell me.
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I live in london
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hi tiana i love your vids i really want you to do hide and seal / sardines pls with you and your friends or family
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