Zayed Ahmed
Make a time machine
I just love how you guys have a big sense of hemor and tonight is gonna storm and i live in Kansas usually when it storms theres a tornado or twister witch reminds me do a box fort tornado challenge
lmao that girl judge was always rating 9
Aditya Bhagwati
Name of the song during the cool moves showoff challenge ??
P1xelate 10
Jake has grown so much lol
doge army twinky jetships
Does jake even show up
LN Rampage
I wish they are couples 😆
gamer boy
Ayman Hassim
No Box tort
Akd Das
what is the name of the song
papa jake do a transformers from box :)
slime and more
Lucky u got to meet Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey 😐
Minecraft nutty Gaming MLG 0531
Lisa Graziano
Did you like my singing
Lisa Graziano
Shout out me
Lisa Graziano
Papa J gets the best batter in anyone in the world now we can get ceramic cousin just so good so good night and have the best match for realtor so glad matter and anybody better now anybody better than anybody better than anybody is the best one in the world now on even care because she's just a World for world yeah oh no no no every time it just makes me cry every time it just makes me cry every every every time just makes me cry I make me cry papa Jake is just so be OK
Lisa Graziano
Past the monkeys are not going to get away because they're just not a little leaven am on her just like I am on my weather they're leaving tonight that's not even a talk in there just please contact no no now I can fill Foxburg I can for you when my skin Papa Jack is the best realtor in the world that was ASCII monkeys cat get so many real where is it no no no no no no no no get away can't get away LDL jail jail
Lisa Graziano
I can sing me a lifetime
Lisa Graziano
The five in every single part of your house for 24 hours
Lisa Graziano
By shame for 24 hours
Lisa Graziano
I fare you to build a big big big big big big prison but it's there going to be smarter than your house and I farewell again to be a prisoner again for your help how about you
Lisa Graziano
Papa did please please build a giant Normas castle or can you time of course I dare you to tame a horse
Santino Resendes
Make a Alcatraz fort in the pool
Samarth Singh
Plz tell me the name of the song playing in video
Amber Byrnes
Amber Byrnes
Papa Jake you are so savage i'm going to subscribe to you right know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harun Kiliç
2:00 song?
Lil Trill
Make a McDonald's boxs fort
C.J. Crenshaw
The Mad Gabriella Show
Papa Jake theres another jake out there thats fakejust look up your name and keep scrolling down and you will see it
Ismael Cruz
The Revolution
You should team up morejstu
Nicholas Antaky
so cool
Abdul Choudhry
I hate you
Colony Campbell
on the lak boxfort you went in that ilind you sod go to ther
Javier Quispe
muertos hp
baap Ji
Rounda should be fucked by conor
Beth Phoenix
Imagine Brauuuun Music Hit and he destroys everyone and say ; I'm Not Finished With You
Jay Severgnini
How about make a floating box fort and stay in it for 2 hole days box fort god
build the great wall of boxes or box fort
Golden Gaming114
I love u papajake
Paulo Henrique
Cala boca
mustafa ayyad
Rondas moves were so lame lmfao. She hit the dummy with its own arm. Looks just like a normal street fight with a bit of drugs involved.
Shaliyah's World
Can I please get a cloud with you
Heribeto Quiroz
? 6:21
Heribeto Quiroz
Did he just said kickass!
Heribeto Quiroz
Make an arcade box fort
Short Batman
Is that papa jake?
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