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Fans of Star Trek™ can now play Mr. Spock's Vulcan harp on their iPad! Replicating the alien instrument from the classic Star Trek™ series, the app is fully functional and features multi‐level sounds, cool effects, and the iconic design of the original harp. Use the sleekly styled co to compose spacey music or play fascinating songs. 

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Oliver Berner
''Why isn't the transporter used in conjunction with the ''holodeck computer research simulator'' to advance scietific *scientific progress and render update alterations on crew in realtime (verfication/confirmation mutations, advanced culture, not stagnant embrassing/embracing embarressing, diversity, individuality, freedom of choice (better is suppose to be a choice). . .with a continuos scan like the one on standby anyway. . ./, to alter and filter infection and disease, never get a sneeze, ''no pon farr here mister vulcan'', change brain chemistry ''on clone'' (active/passive instantaneous scan/locator. . .)''khitomer treaty'' of '' ceti alpha ''centauri'' 4 ''. . .''ban against augments'' racist starfleet, not even good''1000 upon thousands'' of ''weaklings. . .''khan'' doesn't seem so ''smart'' in ''the old movies'' but still ''iconic. . .''is it the same bugs used to controll ''the admirals'' in that episode ''cliffhanger''. . .''
Daniel Baugh
Paul Herring
Great app but how can I play actual songs with it?
Cary Groneveldt
Holy shit, I had ZERO idea that this even existed!!!
Ana Raquel Viana Siqueira
Rand Paul
Pretty cool :)
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