Tara Sketchley
I almost died of happiness when this app first hit the AppStore 😍
Oliver Berner
''Why isn't the transporter used in conjunction with the ''holodeck computer research simulator'' to advance scietific *scientific progress and render update alterations on crew in realtime (verfication/confirmation mutations, advanced culture, not stagnant embrassing/embracing embarressing, diversity, individuality, freedom of choice (better is suppose to be a choice). . .with a continuos scan like the one on standby anyway. . ./, to alter and filter infection and disease, never get a sneeze, ''no pon farr here mister vulcan'', change brain chemistry ''on clone'' (active/passive instantaneous scan/locator. . .)''khitomer treaty'' of '' ceti alpha ''centauri'' 4 ''. . .''ban against augments'' racist starfleet, not even good''1000 upon thousands'' of ''weaklings. . .''khan'' doesn't seem so ''smart'' in ''the old movies'' but still ''iconic. . .''is it the same bugs used to controll ''the admirals'' in that episode ''cliffhanger''. . .''
Daniel Baugh
Paul Herring
Great app but how can I play actual songs with it?
Cary Groneveldt
Holy shit, I had ZERO idea that this even existed!!!
Ana Raquel Viana Siqueira
Rand Paul
Pretty cool :)
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