SUPER GROSS Gelli Baff Toy Challenge - Smurfs The Lost Village Movie Toys #Ad

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Hi friends:)
Me Summer and Isla was in Town and we saw the Smurfs characters,we had fun with them and played some super cool games,my dad's idea to do the Blue Gelli Baff Challenge was awesome idea:)

Guys, don’t forget to check out Smurfs: The Lost Village. If you’re as excited as me, you can watch it first March 25 & 26. Then it’s at all Cinemas March 31. Check out the Sony Pictures YouTube channel for some more funny Smurfs videos -
This video was sponsored by Smurfs: The Lost Village.

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Riah Collier
Tiana and Ila was a good sport
Riah Collier
Summer you don't have to brag about winning the last round
Kiah Carter
Clumsy smurf was picking her nose OMG!😱😱😱 oow comment below if she eats her gross green burgers if she does tell her she is so Discusting I still I still like her being my friend to but not if she eats it I'm not saying I don't like her buy🦄🦄🦄
A almasri
A almasri
I Love you
A almasri
You are The Best👻😘
Dustin Gutierrez
I watcссhed Smurfs: Тheeеe Loost Village full moooovieeеe hееerе
Georgia Ambridge-richardson
summer you look like smurfete
Cathy Dukes
Jose A. Torres Ortiz
Sooo cool 😎 do a new video of that
أحله شباب
جا كات
A Ha
A Ha
Hannahgrace Victo
ihate TIANA i love SUMMER
T Beara
I love you shows that the best jobs in and I decided to have a kitty and prisoners are a bunch in the lip I didn't put
Britny Warlington
All you are crazey
You know it said Smurf willow that is my name
Nicole Taft
No did not😂
Tara Hilling
summer cheated on the 2 last and last round she pot her hand down before eany body did
fadi Al-Otaibi
it is so easy
Nejanz Maligalig
its not beutyfull shows
thug life
Yооu cаn watсh Smurfs: Тhе Lоst Villаgе hеrе
Kelly Bolt
No Smurf clumsy did not take her burgers
David Melendez
she was not picking her nose
Melany Mtz
que feaslas 3 jajajaja
Melany Mtz
i wish my dad was with me
Djina Kaludjerovic
blue is my favourite colour
Rick Danielson
Bintu Mujtabah
tana is a cheater
shelley may
she was scratching her nose
Wayne Lewis
Your amazing girls keep making the best videos
raquel hernandez
***3 sister's forever** *
i bet u girls had some fun!!😃😃
دلع ماجد
في أحد عربي هنا؟
Rihanna Merritt
your the best
Ivan Ayala
Celia Enciso
Ustedes son unas piches y una gorda tontas
Muznah Abrar
On March 31st is my birthday
Ja gram play
Kimberly Caughran
That must of been so fun
Mika Rahman
my dad left me at home waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
teofilo garcia
yes she is i saw her;]
teofilo garcia
shes piking her nose:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:];]
Katie Bermingham
Marina Bledsaw
she was picking her nose i dont know but it looks like it so yeah
Tuianna Reeves
summer cheated
Vanessa Orellana
Me gustan tus videos tania
cutie gamer
description makes zero sence
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