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Homemade air gun.

How to make an air gun? I will tell you how to make gun at home.
In this video clip I am going to show you my pneumatic air gun that I assembled from some different plumbing aids and appliances. 
I am pumping air into the reservoir to build pressure of approximately 7-8 bars. In place of any ammunition rounds I use the dart-shaped spikes!  
The plastic bottles pumped with some compressed air can be used as the targets. When hitting the target, I added some flour therein to do the cool wow-trick.
This is beautiful home made air gun.
My air rifle was quite powerful. I was impressed with the result. Therefore, I plan to make air shot gun. I will make this gun for you!
Watch the video and make a gun at home.
Homemade air gun or home made air rifle?

could you please more specific on Air Cylinder. with material name and measurement.
VikinG !
Original MrGear!!
Patrick van Geelen
@MrGear Could you please make a list of the items you used? Wanna build this for a school project and you could really help me out! I hope you can help me, thanks in advance!
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is on
Trop cool merci !
Arthur Viegas Pires
stealth sniper
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Gary Montgomery
Awesome gun but the stock is a little wide toward the back.
NPMBR0 Marriott
This could be good for a nail gun? Maybe?
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Can I get 10 likes for nothing
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Hassiktir MrGear Türk Çıktı :D
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nice ^^
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Ну ты и пидор. Взял спиздил видос.
Bill Renz
Why risk 5 years in federal prison go buy a shotgun .. you can pick one up for around $ 100..
It'd be nice if you actually told people how to make one.
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Tricks And Funn
Can you tell me what is the outcome of the tools they have applied Size
спиздил видео,у kulibina
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cool man!!!! very Nice !!! 🤗 😊😊
Larry Williams
I love Mr queers videos but it would have been cool if he would stop clickbaiting my ass because it shows a double barrel shot gun in the thumbnail not a ghetto box bicycle pump nail shooter I'm actually suprised it wasn't a box of matches and a sac of testies like 95% of his vid screen shots some how has to do with matches and some random article from dollar tree
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hohohooh,there is cool :D thanks bro
When you realize

you'll need power tools.
Fire something more deadly than a nail, like, a lead pellet!
Huge Andy
Here puddy cat,it's dinner time hahahahahaha
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what did you add to the air valve on the other side
where are you from
very interesting
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j'ai réussi mais c'est de la merde😂
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If someone who watch this video make this gun I kill myself
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