Totally Clear iPhone X Mod!

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Super Cool See-Through iPhone X! Totally Clear iPhone X! Is Making Your iPhone X Rear Glass Transparent a Good Idea?

Glowing Apple Logo Mod:
Jet Black Housing Mod:

Transparent Wallpaper DL:

looks cool, but not my cup of tea!
it looks very cheap
Israel Gutierrez
what rabbits are there by the camera to remove it
Brady Gagnon
Could you just buy a glass back
Anton Babiy
You could probably just use paint stripper to get the black off and any film behind it without damaging the logo. Can find the stuff at any hardware store for $15/L
I could see his face to the reflection of the phone
That is so fucking ugly Jesus Christ lol
Jiji Raji
Ok so 10 is the Roman numeral of X
Assuming like other phones that yellow film is a UV/anti glare reflective film coating that can buy separately in strips for repair
I'm not even mad that is fantastic.
Pete is Pete
Why in the fucking world would u do that
Josh Downard
If anyone wants to actually do this watch JerryRigEverything's videos where he did this to the Galaxy S8, LG G6 etc, he was a lot more careful and less retarded while doing it
Benjamin Lafever
*Not totally clear
Nice thumbnail click bait
That piece of glass cost 500$ to fix by apple lol ripping of people
Cylis Costa
Hey let me get one man please
I feel like some company will make clear backs for them so we can do this much easier
Techno Games
JerryRigs EveryThingApple pro
Arindram Hatibaruah
I did with my old iPhone 4s .It is looking very cool .
Zonrox Bleach
Do a giveaway
Daniel Sandberg
if somebody do this, you're a fucking retarded fucking fuck
Mohit Kunjir
I did it it worked xD
Please let me win the iPhone X.
Dead Ass
Someone hit me with a link to his tool kit
Aj The Anbu
By interesting I meen difficult and no one will probably 😆
Soe Poe
First of all the phones u were holding was not an iPhone 10
Arian Armendariz
Bro i did this and it worked yo you are the best
That could burn you if you use that iPhone X with the see through mod
Vanessa Love
Useless waste of internet
Sharky Lord 101
Will it work on the 7?
Jasmine Bonilla
Does it work on the iPhone 7 Plus?
Captain Cooper
I can’t do that!
It look so hurt!
Why do i watch this.. I don't even own a iphone ten
Why do i watch this...
Beatbox Nation
This shit is so pointless and then the end result is not even worth it
Gaming Legend
Wow... ruined a £1000 pound phone it see some metal and wireless charging...(wow)
Сергей Нестеров
No this is piece of shit
Would like to see a water test with your mod! How good is your work???
Typowy Waper
badly look
king raider
You made the phone even more uglier.
Stanley Choi
I don't know man, I think it's very ugly. I hope I am not offended anybody.
Instructions unclear.....

Dick became clear and invisible.
Vlogs & Co.
So painful to watch lol
Raptor Swire
wanna stand ouf of the crowd? don't buy iPhone, dumbass... by the way that see-through glass looks bad since you can't see any components anyway
Vincent Chan
Do you offer services?
Sedoi TV
Что за набор инструментов в чехле, подскажите или ссылку дайте плиз...? Врем 01.38
Muthana Bokhary
Its look better
Viktor Jörgensen
Can you do it on iPhone 5
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