Alisha Olson
play tap tap dash
Alisha Olson
I subscribed
Silly Soph
Where and you your not in your office
Oliver Carter
Dan does has friends there think noodles and thxcya there his friends
Insane Gamer
when he said build a raft I instantly thought about hulk hulgan saying build a raft brother
Larry Hopper
do more try not to laugh challenges and I'm a big fan
Bucket Planks De Los Reyes
I almost died at laughing
Step 1:Make a fidget spinner
comanco cats
dn do maor pokemon brick broze plz
Lalapearls17 Jess
Lol how much glue is 400£ 😂😂😂 also did any one notice that Dans screen was pink/purple?
Rampymandail 1
U stopped random games
Doris Winn
Dan I love you
Adan Corrilo
I don't have friends either
ShaSha WolfLover
Can I be your friend Dan 😁
Elizabeth Wright
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funnel video 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😅😅🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Wright
gamerboy fangame
i love dan xD
Epix Bilsprutz
i just realized maybe dan is copying pewds with 3 free games with pewds
Finn Jessen-Heddon
butt me
Valerie Fitzgerald
lalla scrolling scolling dada do
I will be your freind
Rodney Parson
Hi dan
Rodney Parson
Bradyn Booker
starwars plate
Nadean Baker
therse a gun on the side
Mike Antaramian
also you are awesome
Mike Antaramian
plz do more minecraft videos.
Sara Greig
it was not a cat. It was a dog
Xpert Hacker :0
Dan where are u recording from?
AlexCatKing gaming
why is Super Mega Nano Pug $0.50!?
L Steen
it was a beetle Dan it was a beetle NOT A MOTH!!!!!!!
Serpent Snake
Dawn Persky
rosaina sprinkels
hey how you doing I'm fine I lied I'm dieing inside
Jacob Ramzan
I would literally wreck everything.
BananaPie Videos
hey Dan! I broke something too! My arm...
Beautyby Kirstyxo
Dantdm play ratchet and clank
Jim Johnston
Dan I can be your helper I promise I'm really good at games I got my own iPad with minecraft and ROBLOX and sims and Octodad and magikarp jump and lots more i never dislike your vids or unsubscribe
Alijah Hernadez
one person said he's fake
Curtis Jackson III
great video
Maddy Gates
We watch the video you can see some of the please have Star Wars references
Yasha Owyang
He's wiggle
belinda manjarres
your not dan tdm
Leo Doyle
Dogs suck! They are loud, and they require too much work. Cats are awesome. They are quiet, and really lovable. Dogs SUCK!
Martyna the liger
Dan, From your attempt at Super neo-Pug....I'm scared for Ellie and Darce...XD
Faith K.
Kiss kiss fall in love!
Dana Alshawwa
I have your fidget spinner, it's so Cooooooooooooool,!!!!!!!
Swiss cheese MAN!
dan you should collab with guava juice
Eral Jones
I saw a shotgun
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