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Hamsters are great because they teach you about death at a young age. Man all this talk about hamsters makes me want to get some more. Thanks for watching, I'll miss you Bro-dents! 

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mine play with mine like a toy was sad
The three amigos didn't work out because for some reason dwarf hamsters, when in trios, don't work out and fight ALOT. The lady at the store was right and it is easier for sibling dwarf hamsters to bond but only in pairs.
Matt Addy
I sat on my hamster by accident
Aimer Coal
I'm I the only one with no hamsters and only fish?
My hamster choked on lettuce
I stopped watching Jaiden animations to watch you. SORRY JAIDEN!!
Kendall Williams
I Had 2 Hamsters I Loved One Of Them But They Were my Sisters And We Had A Dog Or 2 I Don't Remember btw one was like ginger and one was white! I Don't know the Ginger One But The White One Was Snow or Snowflake We always Put The ginger one in the hamster ball I was so sad when they died 😫😭😭😭
Meow Animations
My dad took pictures of my cat eating my hamster and laughed while showing me the pictures
Nicolas Samchkuashvili
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Nicolas Samchkuashvili
I had 3 hamsters... 1 Hamster got in a ball and broke free but i found him but suddenly my mom saw he was laying on the bedding not blinking or moving my brother touched him he did not move his name was cookie by the way. Second hamster died from her age her name was rose. Last but not least hamstey Once i was feeding him food and refiling his water and uhhmmm...... i forgot to lock his cage :| then we was missing him for 3 days then suddenly we found him in the pipe in the wall peaking out we put him back in the cage and he MUNCH MUNCH*MUNCH* On that food and he already ate all of it then he drank a quarter of the water. i guess he wasn't that thirsty but then suddenly we couldn't find him everything was secure, but when we searched through the bedding. he was there just sat there laying in the bedding. we thought he was sleeping but when we picked him up he didn't move nether opened his eyes so he was dead... plz dont call peta on meh
[GD] Frosty
This is bork the hamster>🐹 if you scroll down he will get eaten by gave the dog☁️ he's a big ball of fluffy stuff
One time my mum came home with this adorable ginger, fluffy hamster! She was like "I was just walking home and I noticed something ginger beside me!? So I picked him up!" This badass little hamster was just chillin on the street, a free rodent. We decided to put him in a box and try keep him until we could find the owners. As he was badass, we gave him the nickname Sparta.
Welp, next day, he's just laying on the floor dead, our cats didn't get to him. He just either jumped or fell. I like to think he jumped thinking "Nuh uh, either I'm free or I'm dead. Fuck these giant dumb two legged freaks... This was, Spaaartaaaaaa...!"
Scorpio Rekt Productions
mine does that too. late at night she would jump in her food bowl then shake it off on her wheel then she would run on it. :) her name is hamburger
colton kenney
brother killed mine
my pet... It ran away idk how i'm still thinking how up to now. My pet never made a single noise but why does home seem so quiet with out it ;(.?
Jessica Nixon
don't have hamsters in NZ just mice and rats but they're cuter to me
just an opinion
Edgar Vasquez
my hamster got murdered by another hamster
Rita Tran
wait. Georgie is 5 years older than me
Sugar_bear 44
My dog Ellie is an American bulldog.and my dog Louie is a wiener dog. They had to be separated because they hated EACHOTHER so one day we were sleeping and I went to go let Louie outside but Ellie was already outside so Ellie brutally murdered Louie and that was the first time I saw my dad cry.after that we gave Ellie away
AZBlazer_ 75
I'm here cause my dog passed away on Tuesday so I know I'm not alone :(
dang lilt
like: for luck
sub:you will find $100 tomorrow
ignore:bad luck
Special Kitty
Georgie has a lot of commons with me...

1. My middle name is Georgie
2. My birthday is in November and
3. I was born 2004..... XDD
Deino 142
I was born on november 15th 2004
Amanda Staley
My dog knocked over the cage after they had babbies and ate all of them!!!
ChrisMan 9000
My hamsters were named Phineaus and Ferb. Phineaus ate Ferb, and then we gave him away.
Luna Bishop
I've had like 40 pets and a hamster ain't one of them (I think). My guinea pig got mauled to death in her old age though.
Retard asouras
i have a pitbull and am planning on getting a hamster . . . would that be a good idea
I thought I could make my hamster and cat friends like my cat and dog were.... it did not go as disney told me it would.
I had a hamster called Humpherey. He died of old age but he bit me loads of times. I still cried for a week.
I have a hamster called Coco, or Hot Chocolate. He has never bit me but according to my doggo Coco is scary.
Genevieve Neirink

I've never owned hamster but I want one ;-; I feel sad cause all my friends get unlimited hamsters and they don't know how to take care of them! THEY DIE BECAUSE THEY "FORGOT TO FEED THEM" like, why do you even get a hamster? If you want a pet, YOU HAVE TO COMMIT TO IT. That hamster could have lived a great life with James but instead it was put into YOUR UNGRATEFUL HANDS. And when the hamster dies they shrug and laugh it off as if they didn't just torture and make the last few months of you hamsters life ACTUAL HELL. YOU MADE THAT HAMSTER SUFFER. If someone forgot to feed a human baby, then they would be on the news and hated by the entire world. But when an ungrateful 12 year old doesn't properly take care of a hamster, they laugh, like its no big deal. Wow.. you're still with me? sorry.....I get ranty about a lot of things... But actually though; COMMIT TO YOUR FRICKING PET AND LET IT LIVE A GOOD LIFE JUST LIKE SQUEAKS.
Blue the velociraptor
i had a hamster i got for free (he got in a fight so the owners gace him for free) and my mom bought a cage with plastic gates to open and as the weeks gone by i saw my hamster RIPPING IT TO PIECES then it was about time HE ESCAPED turns out he was under my bed so i put him in a fish tank yet i can see scratches and bite marks on it
Stephen Doroha
gumball's alive
_Lucster 4080
In Australia Hamsters are considered 'Pests' So it's illegal to have them as pets (Need to Fact Check this) But instead we have guinea pigs
Reecebuster 2007
I wish I new why hamsters always tried to kill each other before I got two of them and put them in the same cage....... rip spider man and the other hamster
Holy Atheist
My hamster was brutally murdered by my mom, who was holding him and squeezed when he tried to escape. I was 7.
Belinda Sam Lazarov
there all still dead.... :| I killed him.. waah I didn't say anything THE DIG DID!!! =D
SevplayZ GT
All of my hamsters got murderes by a snake
SevplayZ GT
they all got murdered by a snake
Sophia Foster
I had some frogs, but they fried themselves on the water filter. My mom tried to save him but he had a sad death
Kieran Amer
Your hamsters would go to hibernation when It would be cold
Danielle Cornelison
Max Adams
Shut up
lapis lazuli
georgie is 12..... by dog died at 12, some of my friend's dog died at 14... i'll spare u the details
P!ATD is my brother he just doesn't know it yet
I want a hamster or a Guinea pig soooo bad but with my big bros allergies and my dog (she's a crazy bitch no pun intended) I can't :(
Tessa Thomas
Every Month We Get A Hamster...
Hello There, I'm Axolotl, Esquire
I had quite a few pets as a kid.

My first one was a hermit crab named Sandy. I remember taking him for show and tell and being so proud of him. He died in the middle of the night while he was trying to move shells.

My second pet was a cat named Smokey. We had her before i was born, so she ended up dying of old age. She was a REALLY old cat too. I think I remember trying to ride her like a horse when I was young, and she slashed my leg. Good memories.

Another pet we had before I was born was a Lab Cross named Nova. He was a really big dog. He actually escaped for a couple of days, until he eventually came back. We ended up giving him away to a farm because we knew he would be better off there. He's probably dead now though... RIP.

I also had a hamster whose name I forgot. He was a white and brown spotted hamster. He ended up suffocating himself to death because he did this weird thing that involved pushing the soft flooring of his cage down the little pipes he would climb up and down. Well, the end of the pipe got clogged and he tried to climb down. Some stuffing from the top of the pipe fell on top of him and he ended up trapped.

We also had a parrot named Pedro. That bird was an ASS. He never liked anyone except my stepdad. He would bite everybody else. We would also wheel his cage into a dark room and close the door because he would never shut up. I ended up cutting my foot on a bag of broken glass trying to get his cage out of there. We ended up giving him away.

Then we got 2 dogs a couple of months apart. Their names are Yoshi and Kato, and they're still alive today! Yoshi looks like a little potbellied pig, we call him the attention hog because he LOVES getting pets. Kato is the opposite. He's grumpy, but not mean like Pedro. He tries to act tough too, but he's a big scaredy cat. He's also got a newfound fear of thunder for whatever reason.

I also had a hamster named Surskit. He was a small grey hamster that would run in his squeaky hamster wheel at night. Yoshi ended up getting to him. Yoshi got a taste of squirrel blood when he was younger, so he goes BALLISTIC whenever he sees a small rodent of any kind. We even had him hunt and kill a mouse that was living in my bedroom vent! But he's a ridiculously smart dog, to the point that he managed to open the hatch on surskit's hamster ball and kill him, but i'm fairly certain he just snapped his neck because there wasn't any blood or anything. I weeped HARD when he died.

My mom also told me about another cat we had at the same time as smokey, named Pumpkin, but I can't remember anything about it so I couldn't tell you anything else.
da bomb kyrie
Who else saw Sombras symbol
wolfy Mora
no but mine lived for 4 years, i cried because i love the little guy (rip spike)
Gregg Thompson
It's Simple Math
wing ding gaster
my hamster tore my finger nail out
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