Our Hamsters

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Hamsters are great because they teach you about death at a young age. Man all this talk about hamsters makes me want to get some more. Thanks for watching, I'll miss you Bro-dents! 

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Amanda Brazytis
I like killer he look cute
oruspu cocugu
What is this for a story
Angel Bird
I used to have a hamster named "Princess Baby" XD
I had a hamster that my dog smashed it's paw on and the hamster's eyes popped out and my dog ate them
3:45 that's sombra's logo😲
Red Grapes
3:45 sombra online
Beatriz Giffoni
I've had two hamsters. Both died but they had very different lives. The first one was named Squeaky. He lived a happy 2 year life until he died on a rainy summer day (cue sad music). This Christmas, we got another hamster. Her name was Tails (I know it's kind of a weird name). A few days after we got her, my brother left her cage open and she got out and fell off the railing of the stairs (like 8-9 feet). We thought she had died, cause she wasn't moving, but she had just fainted and then woke up and was ok. Another time, she jumped off desk ad as still fine. But now. a few days ago, she died an was only 9 months old. I cried a lot but she's probably in a better place now.
what up #musicislife
yo same with the duplicate too
gamingninja 96789
rip hamyy ham ham hamseters
the three amigos
we're coming for you
Theabandoned AJ
My hamster has a tumor
JuJu and Fam
Crazy Shorts
My dad and my sister killed my hamsters the same night i got them, they fed them to death, apparently hamsters don´t stop eating if you don´t stop giving them food, never got hamsters again, i have 6 dogs now.
Puree The Epic
Reserved Ink
I had a hampster when I was really young named Luigi. He lived a good long life...until one of our cats got to him
Outer Tale
idk how my first hamster died but when we found him there was blood EVERYWHERE so. . .
Deana Aguilera Arroyo
No but my uncles stupid girlfriend took my longest living hamster I've ever had and now in dead I was crying so much
Lps FireWorks
Dude you think bowling a hamster is bad! My brother strait up played volleyball with my hamster in the ball.
The Diamond Prototype Sammie's YouTube Channel
Did anybody notice just two died. There where Squeaks II And Buddy. Ok
My hamster had a normal life
Vertebrates families rock
Everyone is telling stories in the comments about the hamsters killing each other they do realize all but one species of ham ester will kill each other and are not supposed to be in the same cage or they will kill each other I mean do research
Umm... no... none of my hamsters have been brutally killed by my dog...
Kyle Plays Roblox YT Gamer
I have no dogs \('-')/
Xavier Mendoza
uuhm James fun fact hamsters are escape artist so if you were to trap it it would still be gone also the others too
Mac Truck
nunchuck papi
i have 12 hamsters buried in my garden......mainly because i forget they exist after 3 months but 4 or them were murdered by my dog
Bianca Reyes
Your dog is older than most of your fanbase.
Iornboy 2005
My hamster fly's with my bird .My bird grabbed him with his claws
.And my dog merdered my hamster and my lizered to I was like 😮😮😮 wtf
rat studios
my dog nearly killed my rats
kendall lopez
My hamster died sadly but I got a new one the dead one was Scarlett and my new is bae. Bae or bee bee
The skull he used is from OverWatch
Nicky ' BEYBLADE Rotondi
Oh wait I have a hamster............. oh crap
Nicky ' BEYBLADE Rotondi
SOPH gue
Georgie is 84 in human years. (For years I put words for some reason)
Dog years:x7 years every year
human years:x1 every year
Professor Porky
dwarf hamster+dwarf hamster=fight.

I have been there before.
Lidija Celic
I was born in November 2004...
firefinn rookie
i had a rat
Jasmine Lilly
Andre Williams
dislike this comment
Smiling Ballon
the amazing world of gumball
Xx ItsMePolly xX
not lying..Goergie is older than me..I was born in Aug 2007..yup...
I had duplo and me and my brother made a giant rocket out of it it was amazing
meenakshi bhalla
At 3:17 he says ecsaped instead of escaped
Tiny Whiskers
and every month we buy a new hamster.
Fiveten GM
My hamster ate alcoholic chocolate and died and threw him into the trash
Mcdonald Family
We are not alloud to have hamsters in australia
I obsess over everything
one of my pet hamsters was brutally murder by my cat
Memes I like memes
My hamster died of cancer
Pancake Sam
Im only 3 days older than your dog
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