Our Hamsters

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Hamsters are great because they teach you about death at a young age. Man all this talk about hamsters makes me want to get some more. Thanks for watching, I'll miss you Bro-dents! 

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My first hamster was brutally disected by my sisters cat :I
My dog eats bunnys
I live in Az
Aydin Scratch Tv
My dog likes our hamser
Isiah Balino
M.M.S 2005
My Cousin had two dwarf hamsters, the fatter one was called “furry” the skinner one was called “candy”. Uhhh.... furry squished candy, and furry had something like cancer and died a few weeks after candy died. Yeah.
My cousin's hamsters ate each other...
Then my other cousin brought his hamsters into my grandpa's and the cage got wet so my grandpa put the cage outside in the sun so it could get dry... but didnt notice he didnt remove 2or 3 of the smaller hamsters... which resulted in death for those 2 or 3 in the cage...
My hamster was brutally raped by a giant rat
My neighbor's dog bit off the head of one of the chickens they had. It lived without a head for a day before dying.
my sisters hamster got killed by the cat
ashton igo
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Lancelot Owens
My hamster Oscar was murdered by a cat
Amber Jackson
My hamster died because my cousin let it out of its cage and it got eaten by the dog only lived for a week
Gorgie is 84 in dog years fyi its x7
Dennie's Story
No, but I did stick my hand in a fish bowl and kill my beta fish. I was five. I didn't know any better. I got a second one after that. Same result. Mom and Dad didn't find out how they died until two years ago.
NL_ BaBy rage
His fucking dog is nuts dude I love it XD
Joe Woodmancy
Well kid now I'll teach you about death
Georgie Porgie
I've never heard my name said so many times in the space of 8 minutes
Please sing the National Anthem in a huge public place
My hamster did the wheel thing too. It was annoying as hell, but I still loved it.
My first hamster was murdered by my father who put it in a sealed mason jar
Bubblegum Badger Productions
Man i want a hamster and ill name it marshmallow if it white and if its brown ill ill name it mocha
inky flames
I don’t have a hamster yet but my dog would accidentally kill it by trying to be it’s friend
00 Owen
Solid Sombra Skull at 3:50
Colm Murphy
my uncle Jim was brutally murdered by my dog
Mega Umbreon Da3
My cat murdered my pet rabbit.
Jazzy Montano
7:05 my ringtone from now on😂😂😂
Jettlyn Wiese
I have a hamster he’s cute and yeah
Kimberly Smith
We had a ferret that was brutaly mudered by 2 of our dogs.
blue fudge
My mom got me duplos which I was really thankful because it taught me to be good at legos now I’m super good at them.
Aahh I remember chompers..he always bit me after I pet him..I miss u little buddy 🙁
Meve's Collections
I had duplo
llama Leonardo
I got a duplo train and underwear
Jane Sparks
"Oh yeah, this is what you like to do to hamsters.."Me: *eyes widen in horror "Oh gawd."
Venesdemilo Venusdemilo
Georgie is penny wise now because he killed the hamsters
Shocking Plasma
Georgie is a little kid from it
Turtle Dude
I've had two hamsters brutally killed by my dog.two lived a decent life,one being named wrestler,because he hated everyone and life,so he just died.my family made a joke that my farts killed him..I believed that for a while,and felt horrible.the other was sweet,and we released it for some random reason.the two taken by my dog..i'll spare the details..NAHHH,its eye was dangling from its socket,and it was all chewed up and drenched with blood,so I was traumatized.the two devoured by my dog are buried in my yard,and i haven't thought about it since.one like,one prayer for each dead pet
Atomic Joker
I had a hamster and one day I came home and well only a Skeleton was left
smallwood penny
I never had a hamster but my dog killed a butterfly!......does that count?
Myrna Alonzo
Shut up
Alejandro Bautista
Everyone check your pockets!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mia Robertson
Well when I had my hamster she escaped and we never found her. And my first hedgehog was killed by my dog
Gustavo Andrés John Beltran
Oh, my god!!! I just noticed you've got a Westie xD I´ve got one too
coolkitty gamer
Georgie George bush or the kid from it
Røćkét Føx
Fenrir The Unbound
killer is the best lol
Ian Wehrmeister
One time are hamster ran out of its cage and murdered are cats kittens
Caroline Playzz
RIP in peace “Rest In Peace-In Peace” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crab Apple
I had a hamster when I was 10 years old, he was a white long haired hamster and his name was pipsqueak. I put him in a show where he would be judged and he won almost every gold medal except for a reserved 1st place. One of the judges was his breeder so I think there was some bias during the competition.
Cambry Henline
i have a nocturnal hedgehog but she is loud at night
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