Our Hamsters

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Hamsters are great because they teach you about death at a young age. Man all this talk about hamsters makes me want to get some more. Thanks for watching, I'll miss you Bro-dents! 

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Talia Eddy
my hamster Nibbles and my dad left his cage door open, long story short we woke up next morning with blood on the floor and my black Labrador sleeping with blood over his mouth......I new that dog was evil
GoldenStar /Vocaloid
Beautiful singing James I must say
Jamie Rees
RIP in peace hamsters, The COOLEST hamster in my opinion was Killer.
Tyler Zigmond
I almost died of laughter
AwesomeDragonPig 27
My siblings guinea pigs were killed by my dad's cousin's dog
Logan Fraser
That skull looked like sombras ult out of overwatch coincidence, i think not
3:45 O H M Y L O R D I S T H A T W H A T I T H I N K I T I S
Julie Derrick
My hamster lived three years
Orlando Fox77
Killer is my favorite
Meredith Horton
James, can you please put your sister in a video? I'd love if you could!
Edit: (or the rest of your family like your parents)
Gaming Primarina
3:45 S O M B R A O N L I N E
BoomBashur 804
My friends guinea pig, ate a flip flop, ill spare you the details
Kwebbelkop FAN!
My Roborovski Hamster got murdered by THE CAT!
Diamond Steve's Gaming
I got a hamster 2 days ago.. I named her Koko cause she is the color of a Brownie... Shes adorable!!
I can't have hamsters since my 4 dogs are basically the best rodent hunters in the state
Shadow Voider
I still have my hamster its impressive he is still alive...
That Team Eclipse Grunt
Actually my dogs killed the neaghbors cat: )
random gamer
Wait rip in piece rest in piece in piece
CrazyPug Vids
My hamster died when my dog clawed it 😰🙏
Mika Blackstaff
when you where talking about the 3 amigos"
7:15... Opera? xd
Mika Blackstaff
nice you have now inspired me to get my own hamster by overloading me with that cute dwarf hamster photo!
I had three hamsters one was named Kevin and he killed his brother than escaped

And then got eaten by the cat
I had 2 dwarf hamsters ps ( they can live in pairs if you have 2 wheels and a big enough cage) and 1 died and when he was dead my other hamster ate his face of, you could see the bones of his mouth and face. I but him in a really fancy necklace box and burried him in my backyard. I put a rock and i painted his name on it, the other hamster that ate him watched his funeral. R.I.P Kiwi

My other hamster Walnut who ate him is still alive doe :D
I've never had a hamster, but our dogs love to chew up small rodents.
Andrea Caul
I'm sorry for you and your hamsters R.I.P.
Scarlett Bailey
My cat opened the hamster cage door. Then killed him😥
RIP in peace Spencer
colin erwin
I had a hamster when I was 11 I got h from my 19 year old sister in collage his name was fuckboy😏
༺WillØw PillØw༻
my hamster Buddy died by my cat ;-;
bluenoddlewa minecraft
i can never look at hamsters the same not after the ....hat fic
Jeremiah Gilleland
Patrick Philippot
Ok.... so I had a panda bear hamster (super cute and easy to handle) and his name was Bear. (Creative right) I had him at like 12. It was the day BEFORE my birthday, and I got a lot of people at my place to celebrate (as you do), opened gifts, played games, ate cake, all that fun stuff. Me and my two best friends at the time all had a sleepover. The next day... my dad comes downstairs after everyone else is awake to tell me... that Bear had died during the night, ON MY BIRTHDAY (happy birthday Pat, now you don't have to clean the cage. *Bleagh*) I was so heartbroken I pleaded to my mom to try anything to bring him back. I still miss him.
R.I.P Bear.

And yes I just copied this from MY own comment on jaiden's "my dogs" video, I FREAKING LOVE PETS.
The Widge
Did anyone else notice that the hamsters graves say "RIP in peace" lol good one James 👌👌
Stephanie Anne
Dwarf hamsters usually only get along in pairs because in the wild a hamster outside of the bonded pair can attract predators
Purpleslimevsgaming 1
Note to everyone never get dwarf hamsters if different sexes they will breed alot and give birth after a week and by the time my dad put them in the forest (dont do it they wont survive they are domestic) we had like 40 hamsters they went from 4 to 40 in a couple months
Birdy eggling
My too hamsters one die bye natural causes the other almost got eaten... I save him thou then he of old age
Bagel Girl


read more

Yeah I'm really dumb
Fionamay Planas
hey,there little buddy!🐹

yo wanna live at James house?

hamster:( see all the grave of the dead hamsters). 🐹💦
Raine Oliver
At the end he said rest in peace in peace
Iliana Vasquez
When I was little I had three hamsters and one of them died and the other one escape and a couple days later we found him and put him in the cage with the other one and the next day...........HE ATE THE OTHER HAMSTERS FACE OFF😱😱😧😧😭😭👎👎
Not my hamster but my sister's bird. I have a Tibetan Spaniel which hunts birds and rodents. My sister left the bird cage on her bed and somehow my dog got the cage door open and... yeah we came in to her chewing on it's head.
ChoirWolfie Mc
my dog almost killed my hamster.. And then my rats..
American Girl
Our hamster recently died. I bought everything (allowance plus babysitting money) my brother bought the hamster
Neville Longbottom
I got duplo didn't realize it was not lego until now 😢
I had 2 hamsters and i put them in the SAME cage.... the next day one of the hamsters died... yea... the other one killed her...
UF Sans's daughter Soriel
7:06 I salute to the anthem
Wayde Willson
my hamster was named thor
Wayde Willson
my hamster died in a mouse trap and chewed himself to death.
So ......
Mason Medlin
Yes but the small rodent that died was a guinea pig :(
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